Live by Choice and not by Chance


Somebody asked me, does hard work matters, or we have to allow our life to follow the destiny?

Out of my personal experience, what I have observed over the time is, more you live by chance and follow the destiny, more you call yourself for trouble. Live your life by choice and not by chance.

Fanatically prepare yourself in advance. It’s your preparation that allows you to avoid future problems and prepares you to face any adverse situation coming your way in the moment.

Life is uncertain, but that uncertainty can be avoided, by preparing yourself well in advance. Life may not unfold your way, still, when you prepare yourself in advance, you have all the chances to avoid the trouble of the future.

Preparation gives you clarity in life. When you are well aware of the things that are happening in your life, you receive the time, to contemplate and evaluate your life. It’s only your awareness in the moment that can help you to free yourself from all the troubles of life.

No problems or adverse situation comes all of a sudden, rather everything builds up slowly into your life. Whether its a good time or bad times, it’s you who build up slowly by making different choices with your life. It’s your daily choice’s that creates your present as well as future life.

You can over-ride your past life, by making fresh choices and decisions in the moment.

Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work

Always be pro-active in life. Life is all about actions. You create your life out of actions. It’s just that your actions should come out of sound and peaceful mind. Only then you can justify your work in hand.

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All our choices and decisions in everyday life are no less than actions. It’s always our choice’s and decisions that give direction to our lives. When you make a choice and pro-actively act on that choice, you bring that idea or thought into a reality.

In a way, life is magical. But before you experience the magic of life, it’s important that you understand the ways of life. Life follows its process of manifestation. In the universe, nothing happens by fluke or chance, rather everything comes out of a process.

Take one step at a time, and you will understand the process of life. When you simply run after your desire you miss observing the process of life. Life has a certain way to unfold. When you take one step at a time, you observe more of the things around you. You don’t simply run after your desire’s, rather you enjoy the process of life that is happening moment by moment.

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Life is all about your awareness in the moment. How well you can see in the moment. With life what works is your act of seeing and not thinking. It’s only when you see more in the moment, you receive clarity in life. When your mind thinks, it disconnects itself from the present reality. The act of seeing connects you with the present reality.

The life is happening at the moment. When you are present in the moment, all your choice and decisions lead you in a right direction. When you only follow the ways of the mind, you simply repeat the process that you have already lived in the past.

To achieve more in your life, it’s important to follow daily schedule and rituals. It’s your daily habits that prepare you for the bigger challenges of life. What you do on a daily basis, becomes your destiny. Destiny is not something that is well written in advance, rather destiny is something that you create over the time, by living on a daily basis. Your life doesn’t come out of, what you do once in a while. Rather your life comes out of, what you do on a daily basis.

Your daily rituals keep you upbeat with the daily process of life. Life is happening moment by moment. Sometimes, we are so engrossed in our mind, that we miss seeing the life that is happening at this moment. Our daily schedule keeps us connected with the life that is happening here and now.

The life in the moment moves without noise. Everything happens on its own, in the moment. As a human, we are so engrossed in our mind that we miss seeing the life that is happening at the moment. The life of the moment is all about action. You move swiftly in the moment. When you discuss things, it doesn’t lead to result. It’s only when you actually take actions out of your discussion, brings result into your life.

The habit of more action and less discussion can help you achieve more, in a short span of time.

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It’s the actions that breed results. Unless you learn to act and make it your daily habit, its difficult to create something big in your life. The real transformation comes with the action. When you act, things begin to change inside of you, and once things start to change inside, you also notice the changes around you.

All the changes of life happen inside and root cause of all the change is action.

Action!: Nothing Happens Until Something Moves

The shift with life happens slowly. Life makes you aware at every stage, provided you stay aware at the moment. Before you experience the shift in your life, you start noticing the sign of it. Life is not divided at any point, rather all the division exists in our mind.

To serve the life as a whole, you have to drop all the divisions of the mind, and serve everything that comes your way. Take care of every aspect of life, as every aspect of life is interconnected. One thing leads to another. It all depends on, how well you serve the moment. If you do justice to this moment, your next moment will come out of this moment.

All the chaos and confusion’s of life can be removed by connecting to this moment. It’s our mind that adds confusion’s to our life, but at the same time, when we experience life of the moment and connect to the moment, we free ourselves from all the chaos of life and connect with the eternal process of life that is happening in this moment.

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