Listen to your Body

Listen to your body

This post was most recently updated on September 5th, 2020

The thought came when I was about to go for exercise. My body said lets meditate.

Do I exercise or meditate first thing in the morning?

Listen to your body. It knows well. There are very few who are deeply connected to their bodies. Some feel body should be pushed to its limits. No matter how much you push your body, it always knows how to get back to the normal mode at the cost of your pain and suffering.

I like to listen my body. Some days it asks me to exercise. Other days it asks me to meditate. Some days it wants me to work extensively. Some days it wants me to leave everything behind and simply enjoy life.

Listen to your body and mind. It knows the response in the moment.


How to Tune In to the Inner Guidance of Your Body and Trust Yourself

Many times I feel sleepy in the afternoon. Just like a nerd, I think it’s not the right thing to do. As you have lots of work to do. Slowly I started making the connection with the body and started listening to it. When it says I need a rest that means the body need a rest. If the mind says it needs meditation that means you have to switch off everything and practice meditation.

How to listen to your body?

Stay aware. Connect with the inner life. Consciously connect with the inner mechanism of your body and mind. Learn to practice meditation. Try to understand the inner mechanism of your body and befriend with it.

How much you should eat, and what time you should eat and how many times you should eat, all your body knows it very well. Eat when you are hungry. Just be with your body. It knows when the stomach is full.

The life comes with the sense of fear. This fear is nothing but disconnecting from life. The life has its core. It has the center point. If you move away from the core, there arise the fear, pain and suffering. If you become one with life, fear disappears, peace comes in, happiness flows and you enjoy the very process of life.

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Everyday either you can be joyful or feel sorrow depends on your understanding of the self. If you are deeply connected at your root level, you will experience the peace and bliss in life. But if you are far away from the truth, the fear, disappointment, sadness creeps in.

 You have to consciously make effort to know inner life. It’s the inner life that founds its expression in the outside world.

Life exists in your body and mind. Your inner life knows very well if everything is fine or there is something wrong inside. You have to stay connected to your body and mind. Your attention has to be inward.

You have to understand that, you are different and your body and mind is different. You are into your body and mind. If you notice some problem within your body or mind, it needs your attention. You just can’t ignore the problem and carry on with your outside life.

You can only make best use of your body and mind if the body and mind are into its peak health.

The outside life exists only because of this body and mind. If you don’t have the body, this outside life means nothing to you. It’s over for you. Once you die, no matter what you have achieved or what you have left behind, matters absolutely nothing to you.

The only thing matters is how you have experienced life while you were alive. This is possible only when you are connected with the self. Practicing meditation can help you do that.


Hear Your Body Whisper

You don’t exist to build wealth for others to enjoy. You exist to experience life with your healthy body and sound mind. This is only possible when you listen to your body and mind. When you practice meditation, your mind talks to you. It gives you the tips on almost every topic.

To listen to your body, you have to consciously connect with your inner world. You are not only born with your mind, but you have the whole body to experience life.

Look at your body. Your forehead, your chest, your stomach, your feet. Do you experience life with your whole body or you experience life only with your mind?

The mind wants to run. The mind wants to achieve ignoring the wellbeing of your body and the mind itself.

If you ask your mind, it has a long list of desires. On top of that, it wants to fulfill all its desires all at once, in a very short period of time. Although this list has been grown over the time, the mind wants to fulfill all the desires as early as possible.

If you sit in the moment, and ask yourself what you really want in life?

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You will realize you need nothing. On the contrary you have so many things already exists that you can contribute to life. All you need is a shift in your perspective. It’s all about how you perceive the world.

Your daily life should come out of understanding. We have sabotage ourselves to the point where we have forgot to live life. We simply repeat the same process. Our lives have been lost in the repetitive cycle of eat, sleep and work. somehow, we don’t know any other way to experience life.

We have emotions but we forgot to express them. We have different experiences of life but somehow we follow the same repetitions. Most importantly we have people around us to show love, but we carry certain kind of hatred for them. There are so many things exists to cheer for, but somehow we find faults in day to day life. There are so many things to live for and lot many things to literally die for.

When you are truly happy from within, you experience life in the moment. When you are chasing your desires, you are either in the past or into the future. Life is meant to be lived in the moment. Life is meant to be lived with the healthy body and mind.

On the last day of our life, all the desires, and all the success and failures meant nothing. The only thing which matters is how well we have experienced life. Have we followed our hearts, or we have lost ourselves following the voice of others?

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