Listen! Listen! Listen!

Listen! Listen! Listen!

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Listen! Listen! Everyone likes to talk. You have to be different. Try Listening. You will find something more than normal. Listening connects you with the life at the moment. Not only people, rather everything is trying to talk to you.

You have to develop the ability to listen, not only to people but life as a whole. Life is all energy. When you open yourself to life, you connect with the energies around you. When you try to understand life in the form of energy your perspective changes towards life. You experience life beyond your mind.

The point here is, are you listening?

Our mind is so engrossed with its own thought patterns, that it hardly finds time to listen to something else. Even when you are communicating with someone you are more interested in what you want to say, rather trying to listen what others are trying to say.

When you learn the art of listening, you open yourself to a new life. Listening connects you to the life at the moment. It requires your awareness at the moment. You remain present when you listen.

The mind likes to wander into the past and the future, but the life is always happening in the moment. The art of listening connects you to the moment.

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 When you listen, your whole energy gathers in the moment. You become part of this moment. Listening is a powerful tool to stand apart. Everyone around you likes to talk and when you try to listen, you pick more out of the moment. The listening ability allows to stand different from the crowd.

The art of listening allows you to understand the people and the situation with absolute clarity.

The art of listening allows you to drop pre-conceived notions of life and you experience life first hand. Most of the time, we perceive life out of our beliefs. Life never appears to us as it is, rather we only perceive what exists in our mind. To experience life first hand, it’s necessary to drop the things of the mind, and look into the life in its natural form.

 Make conscious effort to grow your listening skills. Consciously try to listen others. Be more aware throughout the conversation. Just don’t speak. Silently listen to others and you will have the most fulfilling conversation of your life.

When you are all present in the moment and try to listen others, you also give other person the chance to speak the truth. The truth or lie of the other person depends on your ability to listen to others.

When you consciously listen, you allow the life around you to speak to you. The process of learning is associated with the process of listening. The more you listen, the more you learn.

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You must have heard the word called “Intuition”. Intuition is very well connected with your ability to listen. Listening doesn’t happen only outside, but it also happens inside.

How often you sit silently, and listen to your mind and heart, and your aspirations?

Life talks to you, if you choose to listen. You know when the child grows, the only ability that helps him to grasp the things around him is his ability to see and listen.

Your mind remains open when you listen. When you speak, you repeat, what already exists in the mind, but when you listen, you open yourself to the new world. The mind comes with many possibilities.

Conscious listening allows you to respond to life. With the response you can change the direction of life. Reaction comes out of impulsive nature, rather response comes out of peaceful mind.

When you respond you create. You can give direction to the life at hand. The reaction always comes out of your past life.

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To create you need to listen to life. To know your calling you need to listen to life. Listening is not limited to people, rather listening is to stay attentive in the moment. The inspiration can strike at any moment.

There is a magic in attention. When you give your attention to others; even the other person opens to you. If you want other person to speak the truth, just listen. Don’t interrupt but listen.

All the creative ideas pour in, when you silence your mind and simply stay present to life. The habit of listening keeps your mind to the moment. You stay aware in the moment when you listen.

Listen from your awareness and not from your chattering mind. When you observe life in silence, you will notice that you are more than your individual identity. You are awareness in the moment. You can experience life at the moment, directly from your awareness field.

 Stay present in life. Don’t push the things rather allow the life to unfold. There is a magic in nature’s unfolding. Your role is to stay aware and observe the unfoldment of life.

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When you listen, you not only pick up the words, but you can also observe the energy behind it. The words may lie, but the energy won’t. The attention in the moment, allows you to experience life not only at the physical level, but also at a metaphysical level.

Listening should happen without interruption. Your thoughts should not be imposed on others. Listening happens, when you allow others to speak their minds.

You will notice that, when you listen others more, they will listen to you with more attention and awareness. Life reciprocates around you. If you don’t allow others to speak, it’s hard to speak your mind in front of them.

The understanding of the present situation comes with the ability to listen. When your mind is already prepared of what to speak, you always misjudge the situation, but if you have all ears to the moment, the solution pops up instantly in the moment.

The solution already exists in the conversation. All it requires is your complete attention in the moment. Life is all about expanding your senses, and with it expanding your experiences of life.

By developing the ability to listen, you expand one of your senses. This allows you to expand your perspective towards life, which enhances your experiences of life in the moment.

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