Lift the Spirit of the World.


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The world has a spirit. Every human has a spirit. The worlds spirit is the culmination of all the human spirits. To uplift the spirit of the world, every human has to uplift his or her own spirit.

The spirit is made up of energy, mind and heart. The spirit of the human is free. Everyone has a choice to direct his mind, energy and heart into the direction of his intent. The sensation into the body is part of the spirit.

To uplift the spirit within you, its necessary to uplift your mind, heart and energy. You can make a choice with your directions of life. Either you can take your spirit higher, no matter what you face in your life, or you allow your spirit to slip away, by giving up into the different situations and circumstances of life.

When you lift yourself up, you lift the spirit of the world. Jesus Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Muhammad Ali and many more are the fine examples of the spirits that lifted the spirit of the world.

You are not only the physical appearance, that you observe in the mirror, but when you reflect in your inner world, you come across your spirit. You have to awaken the spirit within you. To awaken the spirit means to awaken your mind heart, and, energy.

How can you awaken the inner energy?

The energy is directly connected to your physical body, and when you make your physical body move, you awaken the energy within you. Next thing to awaken the spirit is to connect to your heart. Feel your feelings and emotions into the heart. Bring your feelings and emotions into the air. Don’t hold it back. When you become more expressive with what’s going on inside of you, you allow the presence of spirit into your world.

Remember your spirit has all the different ways to express itself. All your feelings and emotions are equally important, to nourish your spirit. Don’t resist any of your feelings. Allow it to come outside. It’s not necessary that you express all the feelings in a similar way.

Yes its important to bring all your feelings into the expressions, but the way you express different feelings has to have a different expression, as per your understanding.

When you share love with others, it grows and when you throw your anger towards someone, it too grows. You have to be careful with your expressions. There are two types of emotions, positive and negative. Both the emotions should be expressed outside. After a point of time, love within your heart stink too. You cannot hold anything within yourself.

You have to empty yourself from all the positive and negative emotions, to let lose your spirit to rise high. The positive emotions can be shared with others, as it allows others to be more expressive about themselves, but with negative emotions, you don’t need anyone else.

You are enough.There are many ways to express yourself. When you practice any sports, or athletes prepare themselves for the game, do they look for anyone else. No they fight their own fights. Similarly, whatever going on inside of you, you are responsible for it, no matter where it comes from, it belongs to you, if it grows within you. You are responsible for it, and you have to throw it outside, to keep your spirit lite.

You can use your own methods to throw out your negative emotions, and once you are free, you can get back to your life. Sometimes, your own mind plays the game with you. You may hold some emotions from the past, and in the present moment, whosoever comes in front of you, you blame them for your inner state and than rather to lift your life, you remain at the same place, rather slips downward.

To empty yourself from inside, you don’t need anyone else. Even to share your positive emotions, you don’t need somebody else. All you have to do is express your inner feelings outside. It’s just that when you share your joy with others, you allow others to look into themselves, to express their joy.

The same applies with the negative emotions. If you throw your negative emotions, it too spreads. Yes, if you can empty yourself from the garbage, you can show the direction to others.

The mind and sensation of your body are interconnected. When you react out of every sensation, the mind controls your life, and your life remains less out of choice, and more out of your past beliefs system.

The nature of the mind is such that it goes on creating the impressions and experiences out of your daily life. Your present and future experiences of life too depends upon the impressions and experiences of your past. If you are not pro-active, don’t think and plan or make the right choices and decisions with your life, your life remains more out of fate, and less of self-made destiny.

You have the power to write your own script of life. Every human is born with a free-will. He can choose to do, whatever he wish to, with his life. If you use your power that’s your choice, and if you don’t use the power that too, is your choice.

When you make the choice or take decisions with your life, you connect with the nature of the mind. Whenever you make a choice, you ask your mind to act in a certain way, and if its against your past belief system, than the mind with its power of sensation doesn’t allow you to act and create the hindrance from within. In such situations, if you use the will-power to rise above your past belief system, you set yourself free, in the present moment and for the future.

When you connect with the mind, you realize how it works. Once you know the movements of your mind, you can easily divert it, in the direction of your intent. When your life is not controlled by the sensations, and your mind flows in the directions of your intent, it too serves you to lift your spirit.

The life is all about understanding. You can lift your body, mind and heart only by understanding. When you observe the nature, you notice that the nature operates in a circle. When it comes to life, it happens everyday, and it moves in a cycle of 24 hours. To lift the spirit, you have to align the activities for the body, mind and heart each day.

When you develop the habit on a daily basis, you connect with the nature of life, which is constant growing and evolving. When you observe life on earth, it ascends on the path of evolution.

The positive minds, looks at the positive aspects of life, whereas the critics observe the poverty, wars, crisis and imbalance in the nature. Try to look at life as a whole, and you will notice that life is perfect in a moment. If anything that you see as an imbalance, its only in the part of the world, and that too is the need of the mother earth. The other part of the world creates the balance of it.

“The nature works according to its natural laws, and doesn’t run by free-will. Its only the humans on earth have a free-will to choose and decide for themselves. The humans decides the rise and fall of the spirit of the world.”

The life is all about the process of evolution. The process of evolution happens through body, mind and heart. Not everyone is evolved with the same level of awareness, but if everyone decides to work on himself, as per his own understanding, and strive to grow and improve upon his life, he can certainly lift the spirit of himself and the world. It needs continuous work on your body, mind and heart. Once you get better from within, it reflects in your outside world as well.

“Many times, we see that few spirits stands for the larger community or  groups, but this way it’s not possible to lift the spirit of the world. We need more spirits to stand up for themselves, so that when more spirits on this earth becomes self-reliant, we can experience the life in abundance.”

“Only out of fear, insecurity and lack of love, the person moves away from his spirit. If every person realize the importance of his or her own spirit, and work towards it for its upliftment, every person can serve to uplift the spirit of the world.”

You can always make a difference with the world, by making a difference into your own life. You can only serve others, with the things, if you are over-flowing with it. Everyone seems to be in need of something from others. Its hard to find a contended man. But when you make a connection with your inner self, you fill yourself with joy and understanding, and there is a huge difference in living life, with the sense of fulfillment and contentment and on the other hand, out of fear, insecurity and scarcity with life.

When you are fulfilled from within, you move out to give to life, but when your understanding makes you believe that you don’t have enough, your only intent remains to take from life.

Your inner spirit is part of the existence, and whatever it asks for, the life on the existence brings it to the person. Lift yourself with your spirit, and no desire of your life remain’s empty, and in addition you also serve other spirits, along with the spirit of the world.

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