Life with the Soul


When we live with the mind, body and emotions, it is difficult to get the right balance in life. Sometimes we run too fast, and sometimes we slow down with life. To live the life with the soul is to live a purposeful life, and doing every action, with the alignment of the law of existence.

The law of existence is to make an act, with the certainty, knowing all the past, present, and future of the action. With the soul, we decide the result of our action.

Life Before the realization of the Soul.

We all have heard about the process of evolution. The process of evolution happens with the mind, body and emotions. Mind, body, and emotions are connected with each other. The thoughts flow through the mind, that forms emotions and the emotions spread out through the body, to makes us act.

Before we realize the soul, we live with the identity of the mind and chase our dreams and desires. The time we grow with the understanding, with our inner attention, we come closer to the realization of the self.

Our inclination to know the truth and realize god, plays an important role, to realize the soul.

Any human on this earth either believes in god or live as an atheist, but god or life becomes a center point in everyone’s life, in one or the other way, as one’s understanding grows with life.

Life grows slowly in human, i.e. mind develops with its own pace, over the time. People are born at different stages of evolution.

Some people are materialistic and are more interested in the physical manifestation of life while others are moved by their emotions. Some people have a more imaginative mind, and they bring more creativity and innovation to life. Life happens from the inside. All we see outside is the reflection of the inner world.

The process to realize the Soul.

Very few people create an intent, out of the deep desire to realize god or the higher self. Gautama Buddha, Mahavira are the fine example of it. It’s necessary for the person to have an urge to realize god. Everyone on this earth has this urge to know life and to know god, but each one is so entangled with life, that they don’t even find time to know the source of their existence.

Everything happens for a reason on this earth, and every experience serves in the process. The one who gets on the journey to know life is guided by his soul. The intuition is the language of the soul. Life is all about experience, and every situation along with it brings the fresh experience of life.

On the spiritual path, the ultimate purpose is to realize the soul. All the happening of the life’s event is directed in that one direction, but very few tend to understand the omens and signs of life.

Grow and Evolve with the Mind, body and Emotions.

Life revolves around the mind, body and emotions. The process of life happens in the mind, and the rest of the faculty follows. The soul is not realized, unless the faculty mind, body, and emotions are not developed to receive it. The process of life is inner evolution. Everything that happens outside leaves bigger impression inside.

When we have an intent to grow, we look for the opportunities in every situation and figure out the way for our self.

The right intent with life, lifts the person up, even in the most critical situations of life. It is very important to know, what we are looking for, in life. This itself sets the path for us and the direction for the mind to move forward.

The mind has its own way to function. Where ever we put our attention, the thoughts of the mind flows in that direction.

Methods to Realize the Soul.

The mind is a complex thing, and it’s not possible to understand the mind directly looking into the mind. This is the reason, the sages who have realized the truth for themselves, figure out the ways to realize the truth for others.

Patanjali has developed Yoga, pranayama ( breathing technique), and later Yama, Niyama, Dhyana, Dharana, Samadhi, to realize the higher self. In the east, the sages have done a well-researched experiment on themselves, to guide others to reach to the ultimate.

The best way to start the spiritual process is to include the physical exercise, or breathing technique or learn meditation technique, that can help us to connect to ourselves.

Life after the realization of the Soul.

The real meaning of life is known, once the soul is realized. Before the realization, the mind is only driven by the physical and metaphysical realities of life, but once the soul is realized, all the illusory beliefs of the mind shatters and the process of life get closer to the truth.

The soul is the source of every human life. The spirit and mind are part of the soul and works through body, brain and heart to allow the life to happen.

With the soul, we develop the third eye, that can see the past, present, and future of the situation, and act accordingly.

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