Life with Pure Consciousness


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Pure consciousness is a state beyond the usual activities of mind. Physical body is not only made up of brain and heart and the functions of it, but it also has the spirit and soul into the body. Pure consciousness is part of the soul.

The life with pure consciousness, is an experience where you see the world not with the interference of the mind, but you can directly look into life. When you see the world through senses, without any sensation or spirit. Any part of sensation in the moment, when you see the world, simply brings the activities of mind into the picture.

Usually when you perceive the world, you see things through your senses, and everything gets into your mind, and further transmits back into your physical body or senses through sensation.

When you perceive the world through pure consciousness, spirit and sensation is detached from the mind, heart and body and that can be very well experienced inside, and with pure consciousness, without interference of an inner activity, you perceive the reality of life.

The pure consciousness is a state where no inner movement arise and there is a pure stillness inside the body. Pure consciousness can look both into the spirit or subtle body that carries the sensation and the outside world.

When you perceive the life through pure consciousness, there remains a gap between the spirit and the physical body. Spirit is attached to the physical body through sensation.

With pure consciousness, there is a gap between sensational body and physical body and thus you can see the reality of life, in its natural form. At this stage, whatever you perceive, it comes in its natural form, with all its past, present and future.

If you come across the person, or situation or experience, you not only experience the present moment, but you also can see the pat, from where the situation arise and where the situation will lead to, in the future.

“With mind, you always have your own ideas or beliefs or your own past, with the situation, events or experiences of life, but with pure consciousness, you see the past, present and future of the situation, event or experiences of life.”

Life is floating all the time, because spirit is floating all the time. The nature of spirit is movement. It’s not the mind is volatile, but the energy that is behind the functions of the mind is volatile, and thus the continuous process of brain, heart and mind takes place. Breath too comes out of the spirit.

Thats the only reason, its hard for the mind to stuck to one thing, and it goes on changing from one thought to the other, as its only following its nature. Spirit is an energy. Energy cannot remain still. It moves all the time.

On the other hand, pure consciousness is a state or a pure space of vibrations, where all the life’s energy remains standstill. The spirit can remain still, only with the pure consciousness.

Pure consciousness is a state, where the body and spirit vibrates at a higher frequency. Remember the functions of brain is different and the functions of heart is different, and the functions of stomach is different. It just that body, mind, heart and stomach and various parts of the body has its role to play, but no part is more superior or inferior to others. When it comes to body, it includes all the parts of the body, and it all stands for one.

Physical body that includes, brain, heart, stomach and various other parts is mechanical. The spirit is the operator. The energy is the electricity behind the machine, and that electricity in the form of energy comes through spirit. Spirit co-ordinates with the physical body through sensation. Co-ordination is possible through sensation.

If the part of the body, where sensation is not possible, that part of the body is termed as dead, but if you direct all your attention on that part of the body, the energy of the spirit has the power to make that part of the body active.

The mechanical process of physical body is possible because of sensation and spirit. Pure consciousness is a state, where the spirit and sensation gets detached from the physical body.

In an average man who lives with the mind, is absolutely unaware about his inner process, and is more often based on what is happening outside in his life and only live to fulfill the needs or requirements of his life.

If his mind, heart and body is active and he is able to fulfill his needs, he moves further to fulfill different desires for his comfort, leisure and pleasures.

His concerns never remains about, whats happening in his inner world, and how life gets into existence through his mind, heart and body in the physical world. He goes on living life.

Sometimes when the same person raise the query, about why he goes through this process, that he is living now, and what is the purpose behind it, and then in those moment, when he begins the journey, only outside, because that’s all he knows, he comes across different path, that becomes his guidance to take him towards the path of self-realization.

Remember, even you wanted to know the truth of your existence, at the level of mind, its hard to directly jump inside, but you have to figure out the way, that can bring you back to yourself.

It’s not possible to simply stop the mechanism of your mind, heart and body. The attention of the mind, is so far stretched, that it becomes difficult to bring it back to yourself.

You can try it for yourself. Try to focus the attention of your mind, on the incoming and outgoing of breath. Stay with it for sometime. See, how much time you can stay with it.

The attention of the mind will run away into different direction. You cannot control your mind directly. It’s all about the direction of the mind, and go till the end. Even the process of life is such, that even after the realization of pure consciousness, spirit and sensation again gets adjoined the body, and can put you back into the same process of life.

It’s only because your mind, heart and body has had the experience, now mind willingly follow your advice and move on the path, that brings him closer to the state of pure consciousness.

The state of pure consciousness is the ultimate truth of life. There is nothing beyond this state. Although it brings bliss and wisdom to your life, more than that it connects you with life and makes you one with life. Each individual knowingly unknowingly strive for truth in his life. To realize pure consciousness is to become one with the truth.

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