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Life is happening inside.

Only with the realization of soul life is clear to you.

Soul is an observer beyond mind, and can look within and outside with absolute clarity.

You realize the spirit, that is the subtle thread, that expands and contrast into the body.

Brain, heart and body is an instrument for the spirit and soul.

Brain is a high-tech instrument, but for the spirit, its just the instrument, of which it make the best use of, for its needs.

There are certain obligations towards life, that needs to be fulfilled, but get fulfilled, with the realization of soul, without real effort.

With the realization of soul, you become one with the natural principles of life. You somehow, know the making of life, both inside and outside. Soul confirms itself as a part of the creator, and its the experience of every realized being.

The realization of soul is a process and you go through the process of life, within the space and time, and create a schedule that serves all the daily obligations of life. Slowly as your understanding grows with life, you float above the daily schedule of life, and daily obligations of life, gets fulfilled by itself, out of natural way.

You have to understand that there is time for everything and you should not run after life, but you should work in developing your understanding and allow the life to unfold in its own way.

Once you prepare the right space, inside of you, life present itself.

The existence with its five elements does exists and its not the hallucination of the mind. Its very much real and the experience of it, differs for every individual, out of its perception. You see the reality of nature, once you perceive life, beyond the senses of your mind.

Whatever you create in a physical form, you make the use of five elements from the nature. Your perception with the mind depends on the outside experience and impressions, and later your constant thinking over those experiences and impressions, becomes your reality.

Your physical reality is the consequence of, not only of your actions, but also your thoughts, feelings and energy you give into your actions.

There is a higher world of energy and vibrations within you, beyond your usual activities of the brain, heart and body.

Each day, you have something to offer to the world, and so do it your way possible.

Trust life, and believe in the smooth flow of life. That which is natural, has its own way to unfold.

Life doesn’t ends with enlightenment, but you get the nature’s perspective to view life.

Not all the answers are known to the enlightened one’s, and there are still hidden truths, that nobody can know, with the mind, spirit or soul, and thus, its OK, not to know, all the answers of life, and allow few things to remain, as mystery to life.

All the problems and solutions of life, exists in you, and its you. If you have a problem in your life or something appears to be a problem to you, than you are that problem, and so the solution should also be, you.

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