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life lessons

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Where do you get these life lessons?

From your day-to-day life. All you need to do is stay aware of everything that happens around you, and remain an observer of life.

When you become an observer of life, you see the chain of events that follow one after another. If you can observe this chain of life, you can pick how the things happen, and then adjust your daily life accordingly.

Remember the life as a whole is bigger than you. If you spend time to observe and understand the flow of life, you receive the necessary life lessons out of it.

We all are accustom to the way of force, while you observe life you notice that life is not about force, rather life is about flow. Life as a whole never use force to get the things done, rather it simply flows naturally serving everything that comes on its way.

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The same principle can be applied to our lives. Force vs free flow. Always choose to flow with the natural process of life, and you will free yourself from all the hard work or effort.

Life has a natural flow that not only governs the outside life, but the same flow also takes place inside of you. When you become an observer of life, you not only observe the outside flow, but you also observe the flow of life that happens in you.

All your thoughts, feelings and sensation are nothing but the flow of life energy in you. When the life energy flows in a certain way, you experience a certain kind of thoughts, feelings, and sensation. These flow of life energy changes according to our engagement with life.

When you use force with everything, the life energy flows in a different way in you and when you surrender yourself to life, you experience altogether a different kind of thoughts, feelings, and sensation.

At the same time, when you realize the natural flow of life energy in you and become one with it, you don’t experience any form of thoughts, feelings, or sensation rather all you experience, is the life happening both inside as well as outside.

With your everyday life, whats important is that you participate with life rather force the events of life your way. Try to follow the ways of life, rather forcing life to follow your way.

The Way of Life, According to Laotzu

The next thing which is important in life is to know both of your vital energy as well as the life energy. The Vital energy you receive with the intake of food, while the life energy already exists in the body in the form of spirit, and plays the role of extracting the vital energy from the intake of food.

The vital energy is essential as it serves to take care of the daily functions of life. While the life energy helps you to coordinate between your body, mind, and spirit and allows you to experience the best of life.

It’s very important that on daily basis you take care of your vital energy and with it, also spend some time to know your life energy or spirit, so that every day you come closer in realizing the truth of it.

Physical exercise is one of the tools that helps you to extract the best of the vital energy in the body, while the practice of meditation on a daily basis, brings you closer to the realization of spirit. With the realization of spirit, you awaken your life energy that helps you to create balance between your body, mind, and spirit.

Life energy and spirit are one and the same. When the spirit lies in a dormant state at the back of the spine, you have very minimal use of the life energy in the body, but when you awaken the spirit in the body, the spirit works continuously in the body and mind for its nourishment and creates a healthy balance between your body, mind, and spirit.

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With the awakening of spirit, you receive an altogether a different perspective to view life. Before the awakening of the spirit, you view life from the perspective of your mind, but when you awaken the spirit, you realize something in the body, which is well beyond the comprehension of the mind.

With the awakening of the spirit, you also unlock your unconscious mind and thus attain whole mind or full consciousness of the mind.

The life either in the outside world or within us, is not limited to our perception of life, and thus all the effort has to be made on everyday basis, to reach to that point within us, that can help us to experience life beyond our individual identity of the mind.

One of the important life lessons that you can have is the clarity of thoughts. No matter what you do in your life, be absolutely sure of it. Either you are doing a small thing or huge task; always make an effort in the first place, to receive an absolute clarity on the matter.

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If you are clear in your head in the first place, you can solve any problem in the middle of the path, but if you only move with the confusion in the first place, you will create bigger mess when you encounter problem in the middle of the path.

It’s only the clarity that allows you to move forward with confidence and face any obstacles in life.

Life is all about moderation. The balance with different aspects of life can only happen when you adapt the method of moderation. Not too much and not too little. You suffice the need of the moment. Only then you can make most out of every aspect of life and do justice to everything that comes your way.

Life lessons are not limited to one or two things; rather you receive life lessons from every experience of life. You have to have the desire to learn from everything that comes your way. When you are curious about everything you learn from every experience of life and thus no moment of life spend on any activity feels wasted.

With life, everything serves if you know how to make use of it, at the right time.

The Practice of Being Aware, Right Now, Every Day

From the time we are born, until the time we leave this mortal body, we go through the process of transcendence on everyday basis. The person, who learns to flow with the process of life and enjoy every bit of it, can attain the highest wisdom and bliss of life.

Either you like it or not, life has its own process to follow. Whether you get acquainted with the ways of life, today or tomorrow remain your choice. To make most out of life, it’s necessary that you understand the ways of life and become one with it. The more you grow and evolve with life, the more you come closer to the natural ways of life.

Life lessons are all about understanding the ways of life and adjusting our daily life according to it. The more we live our daily life closer to the natural way, the more we can experience the sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

The very purpose of life is not only the creation or manifestation but understanding the whole process of creation, where you create, operate and later when the time comes to bid goodbye, you can silently move away from the process of life.

God Never Blinks

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