Life Lessons from the Rising Sun

life lessons

At times, our outside situations of life seem like, we are done with life. We have all we need to have, in terms of personal or professional success. We don’t have any reason, to move forward with life.

But wait, here there is a wonderful life lessons from the rising sun. The sun is same like you. Just another being, having a different role to play. You and sun are very much the same. You have a different role, and the sun has a different role to play.

Try to understand the nature of the sun, and you will never ever think, to stop at any stage of your life. The sun rises every morning, no matter what the life on existence has achieved. It has evolved over the years, but the sun never stopped to rise, and always on the path of eternal journey of life.

When you see, yourself as the sun, an eternal being, you never cease to exist. For you, life goes on forever. Once this truth becomes clear to you, you align your daily life accordingly. Once you are clear with the eternal process of life, you don’t align your daily life, with the success or failure or achievement with the personal or professional life, but you go on giving life, endlessly, tirelessly, till you exist on earth.

It’s your realization of the truth that keeps you going.

“If you live with the limited beliefs of your mind, you cannot see life, beyond the physical existence, while in reality, the life happens at a much deeper level.”

The Book of Wisdom

More and more you realize the truth of life, more your daily life, will get molded accordingly.

Life is an eternal process, and everything that exists in the universe, goes with the process of creation, operation, and rejuvenation, just like your physical body. Your physical body gets formed, you make use of it, and the time comes when you have to drop the body, as life cannot sustain itself in the old body.

Remember life is different and the physical aspect, through which life works, is a completely different phenomenon. Everything that exists on a physical level, that can be perceived, is created, out of the life’s energy, and has its role to play for a specific time, and when the life’s energy cannot make further use of the instrument, the perceived object, has to go through the decaying process.

Life is divided into three levels. Physical, Subtle and Constant. Physical level includes the solid, liquid and gaseous state. Anything that exists in the universe is divided into three levels.

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Physical that we all are familiar with, including everything that can be perceived through your senses, be it the galaxy, sun, moon, earth, and everything that exists in the universe, on a physical level.

Physical form, solid, liquid and gaseous state, is used by the life’s energy in different ways, to carry out the process of life.

The subtle level is the life’s energy that makes use of the physical level, to carry on the process of life in the universe.

The constant is the one that you consider as God, Consciousness, and Soul in which the whole process of subtle and physical takes place.

You too, have three levels, physical, subtle and constant. It all depends on you, with your understanding, at which level you associate yourself. The majority of people, associate themselves at a physical level, and thus there life revolves only at a physical level.

Few of them, realize the subtle level and live their life accordingly, and there are very few, who realized themselves, as soul, or pure consciousness, and can have access to both of their subtle and physical world, from within, have absolutely different perspective towards life.

The human carries the formation of the whole universe in him. The time, he begins to realize his own identity, slowly the nature of the universe is revealed to him.

Your Erroneous Zones

The time you realize yourself as pure consciousness and observe both subtle and physical world inside, you connect with the eternal process of life.

Anything that is physical can be manifested, operated and the time comes for its decay. A physical thing or object cannot last forever.

The subtle or life’s energy is the movement of life. It never stops. Pure consciousness works with life’s energy and thus life goes on forever and ever. Life’s energy always remains in its purest form, and thus it only enters into the physical form, to create, nourish and works through it, and when the time comes, to leave the physical form, it withdraws itself from the physical and look for some other physical form, to carry on, its eternal process of life.

Life’s energy is part of the pure consciousness, and it too is eternal. Unless you realize yourself beyond the physical reality, it’s impossible to understand the eternal process of life that goes on forever.

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  1. Life does not exist in neutrality, the light or darkness. The light sustains life eternally and the armies thereof are very subtle, the oriental base of any formation or recreation is darkness, yet had varying degrees. IT IS THE HABITATION OF CREATION AND DESTRUCTION OF WHICH THE LIGHT TESTIFIES THE EVENTUAL STATUS.

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