Life is Neither Logic nor Imagination, it’s purely in the Moment


Logic is of the past, while the imagination is of the future. The intuition of the heart, is the only thing, i.e. present in the moment. The mind has a nature to flow in one direction. The logical mind tries to evaluate all the situations of his life, out of logic and reasoning, while the imaginative mind always dwells in the future and run after to catch the future.

Only the intuitive mind is present in the moment, where it has nowhere to go, nothing to achieve, or nothing to judge in life but to accept life, as it comes, and keep moving deeper into life. 

When you live your life with the logical or imaginative mind, you create the mind that moves only in one direction, while the process of life follows the evolution process that serves you to rise from the logical mind to the imaginative mind and from imaginative mind to the intuitive mind.

Its the natural process and you have to keep pushing yourself from the logical mind to the imaginative mind, and the time you try to get into the imaginative part of your mind, you create the gap between your logical as well as your imaginative mind.

The mind expands when you make a use of it. The more you use your imaginative mind and bring it into your reality, you create the space within your imaginative mind to expand.

The intuition is ever-present in your life when you are with your logical as well as the imaginative mind, but when you rely completely on the intuitive mind, you come into the present moment.

Then the present moment itself takes care of everything. When you live with the logical mind, your mind raises unnecessary queries related to everything, which has no or little relevance to your life. You don’t act out of your logic, but the logical mind raises the query when it doesn’t wish to move forward with the events of your life.

“You don’t understand life by reasoning or imagination, but with the experience in the moment.”

The logical mind can be best utilized when you reside in the imaginative or intuitive mind. When you live with the logical mind, the best way to live life is to move into the gap. To move into the gap means to act.

The logical mind can only be over come when you take action, and learn from it and get better with your next act.

Once the logical mind comes into operation, it doesn’t allow you to act and your growth becomes stagnant. This is the time of action, and you put your logical mind behind and act in the moment.

You lose your energy by thinking unnecessary thoughts. All the fear and insecurities of the mind come out of the logical mind. Logical mind raises the query from the past, which has no relevance to the future or the present life if you are committed to the present moment.

The imaginative mind is of the future. Imaginative mind serves you to create and innovate with your life. Every human is born with a special talent. When he comes closer to his higher self, this talent is revealed from within.

The imaginative part of mind allows you to explore the creative aspect of life. It’s wonderful to touch the creative aspect of life, but when you realize that there is higher truth waiting for you, you certainly like to move beyond it.

With life, it’s always easier to move from higher world to the lower world but to rise higher from the lower world needs an extraordinary effort.

“On the path of conscious evolution, “ordinary effort is not enough, only super-effort counts. – George Gurdjieff “

With the intuitive mind, you can come back to the imaginative as well as logical mind and move back it. The process of life is to move from the logical mind to the imaginative and imaginative mind to the intuitive mind.

When you live with the logical mind, your perception of the mind raises unnecessary query on the life of the outside world which has no relevance to your life.

With the imaginative mind, you create the future into your mind, and the nature of the mind is such, it serves you to create the chain of the thoughts, ideas, and imagination to form life on earth.

You create life that you hold in your mind out of imagination, but there is also the beautiful world present in the moment, where you find the entire existence in the moment.

You can create what you imagine into your mind, but imagination itself doesn’t cover all the aspects of life. The imaginative mind is one aspect of life, while the logical mind is another.

Only with the intuitive mind, you live the complete and whole life. You remain in the present moment, and you become one with the existence. You don’t have your own desire, but you exist by being one with the existence.

You become part of the existence, and you accept and embrace life in its totality.You don’t resist anything in life, but embrace it all. You don’t have a choice with your life, but you live in the state of choicelessness.

You certainly have a path, which brings your bliss and wisdom for life, but you are not rigid with life at any moment, and accept life with all its colors.

This is a state of mind, which has to be achieved, with the extra-ordinary efforts. Every  individual carry its own perception of life, and when you become one with the existence, its become easier for you to understand different perceptions of people, and fulfill their desires for life.

When you don’t have anything to ask for, you are more inclined to give to life. You wish to share, love and care about others. You fulfill the needs of others. Its easier for you to understand, what’s required in the moment and you give exactly the same thing to the people, who comes in contact with you.

The process to connect with the intuitive world starts, when you connect from within. You need to understand what kind of state of mind, you are in now and try to push yourself so that you can evolve with life.

Life doesn’t happen by itself, unless you reach to the present moment consciousness, and mind you normal efforts doesn’t count with the conscious evolution.

If you are more logical with your life, try to push yourself with the imaginative part, so you expand your mind. Remember, the logical part of the mind is limited. The reason and logic are always limited.

It cannot take you far away. The right reasoning happens by itself. Only by action, the right reasoning develops towards life. When you develop the mind, that develops the right query, you slowly switch to the imaginative mind.

There is not much space to expand with the logical part of the mind. When out of the natural process, your mind starts to raise the query, consider them and move into a deeper aspect of it.

You cannot sit and raise the query by yourself, it will lead you nowhere. Life is spontaneous. You evolve out of experience and understanding. When you understand something and rise above it, the query comes from within. This query takes you to the higher level.

When you move to the imaginative part of the mind, you create your own imagination about the happening of the events, situations, and experiences of life and utilize all your energy to manifest it into this world.

The imaginative part of the mind is backed by the strong emotional support and thus when you imagine something and decide to work towards it, you receive emotional support from your heart.

You may create the world out of imagination, and you even manifest it into your life, but life doesn’t end there, and you still go on imagining further events, situations, and experiences of life. This process of life never ends, and the time comes when you look for something higher with your life.

When you are ever-present in the moment, you are so fulfilled in the moment, that no query remains for you to be unsolved and the logical mind doesn’t appear into the picture without your consent.

When you are ever-present in the moment, you see the absurdity of the imagination, as anything you create doesn’t stay for eternity and the joy too that comes out of it is temporary or for the moment.

When you remain in the present moment, you see life in its full glory and experience the process of life. The life moves through the process and nothing happens on this earth out of blue.

Everything takes time for its manifestation.When you live in the present moment, you follow the path that brings bliss and wisdom every moment. In the present moment, you are not worried about the future but you trust the moment so completely that you just walk with life, and follow the natural process of life. When you follow the natural process of life, it does bring the joy and happiness of life.

Only the present moment connects you with life. When you connect with the natural process, life happens through you and you become the observer of life.

With the logical mind, take action, with the imaginative mind try to understand it closely and push yourself to be more intuitive with your life.

Once you experience the present moment awareness, you don’t think to move beyond the present moment with your life, and but you develop so much trust into this moment, that for you life presents itself in totality in this moment.


  1. That is the intelligence when we can response to the very present moment. 🙂 Both logic and imagination are in our mind but intuition is beyond them. Thank you for sharing this ;))

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