Life is Magical, Waiting for your Highest Expression.


Do you think that life will come to you? Are you waiting for the life to respond? It will never happen that way. God is more than kind to us, and given us the freedom of choice and will-power to choose what we wish to have, out of life.

We have to make a decision, with what we want out of our life. Life is certainly magical, but to experience the magic part of life, you have to realize your highest potential and express yourself to the world.

The magic cannot be seen with a road routine, but you have to rise above the mundane life and look for the magic, in every moment of the day and life.

“It’s been wisely said by the sages, ” The beauty of life lies in the eyes of the seer.”

You will experience the magic of life, if you can see yourself as magic and transform and transcend yourself to your highest potential. Your inner self is waiting for you to explore. Nobody on this earth, except you is holding yourself back, to express your best to the world.

You can go on living the same life without awareness, and no one will come to you, to wake you up, as millions of people come and pass by, without creating any impression on others, themselves or on this earth.

They simply live for the sake of living and move out, without getting noticed by anyone. You too can live your life, in the same way and nobody ever will bother to notice.

Life is not about others, and so even if the world doesn’t notice you, doesn’t matter but when you don’t bring any significant change to your inner self, and realize your true identity, there will always be someone within you, looking for more and searching for the truth of life, and cursing you, for what you could have been and out of your ignorance and foolishness, missed to realize your true potential.

Life can never be known on the path, that you have walked before. You have to show courage to walk on the unknown path. The magic happens when you push yourself beyond your daily limits.

The magic happens when you explore all the different dimensions of life, and bring creativity and innovation to it. The magic is already present in life. Your job is to reveal that magical part of life. It reveals by itself, when you remain open to life and ready to leave your past impressions, and experience behind to experience life, as it comes.

When you add something new everyday, no sooner you completely transform your old life into a new one. Its easier to follow the road routine, but to break the old patterns of life, needs real pressure.

Life is waiting for you, to show your highest potential. You simply have to bring your awareness to the moment, and the tools needed for your expression, will present itself.

The real magic of life initiates from within, and later the magic is visible in the outside world. We see the exceptional players, or talents showcase themselves to the world.

They do not appear out of the blue, but before we experience their magic, they go through the entire journey of inner transformation, to reveal their expression to the world.

The life holds the fundamental laws, and anyone who is ready to implement the laws into his life, and ready to transcend his inner being, is definitely going to experience the magical part of life.

With life, if anything that holds you back, is definitely you. No matter what your situation of life shows to you or whatever the experience you have gone through, the only way to come out of those experience and explore the future, and create something new, is to take the responsibility of your life, in the moment.

“We all have a divine qualities within, and the time we choose to dive deep inside, we come up with the powers and virtues, that we have never experienced, with our mediocre existence.”

When the divinity and divine qualities resides within you, you cannot expect to receive anything from outside.

You have to explore your inner world, to fulfill all the needs and desires of life. All the expressions towards life comes from inside. If anything that holds you back, you have to clear it from inside.

People are ignorant about their true identity, and how to realize it, into their life. Everyone is looking outside for the solutions, but the life-time solution for all the problems of life, is present in each one of us.

The problem will remain, till you remain on this earth, but when you have the way inside of you, for all the problems of your life, you don’t see the problem as a problem, but simply as a passing situation of life.

Life serves you with whatever you want out of life. Everyone here holds the purpose, and as a human we all are obliged to realize our highest potential and cannot simply dwell like an animals.

We all hold the highest potential locked within us, and the time we shed all the unnecessary waste from life, our true identity reveals from inside to express itself, in all the different aspect of life.

If you really seek, what you desire out of life, there is nobody on this  earth can stop you to achieve, what you really want out of life.

“Everyone wants something out of life, but they feel, people or situation from outside, stop them to realize their dreams or hold them back, but in reality no one is interested in others, and everyone is actually looking to fulfill their personal desires of life.”

When we simply hold an illusory part of life, into our mind, it acts as a blockage, to realize our true potential. We have to break all the illusory chains from inside, that holds us back with life.

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