Life is like a Roller Coaster

Life is like a Roller Coaster

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If you imagine the life to behave in a certain way, then certainly you will get into the delusion of life. Life is like a roller-coaster ride, whereby you will experience all sorts of emotions within the self.

It’s not limited to happiness, nor its limited to the sadness. It’s an adventure trip where you experience all sorts of emotions that can give you fulfillment in life.

You can satisfy yourself just with the feeling of happiness. The value of happiness can only come out of suffering. It’s only when you go through pain or suffering, you start valuing joy and happiness.

You just cannot have a sigh of relief. You have to stay alert all the time. The life is constantly moving and you too have to move with it. When you have a laid-back attitude, you call yourself into trouble. You have to keep up the pace with life.

Every moment wants you to stay alert. When you are alert you see all the different movements of life. But when you get into the sleep mode, your perception gets blur in the moment and you miss to see the life with absolute clarity. The time you wake up, resolve yourself to stay aware of the moment. These will allow you to hold clarity in the moment.

When you see the situations or events of your life with clarity, you won’t get carried away by the chaos of the moment, rather you will face the challenges of life with more confidence.

You can experience life in a true sense when you live on the edge. When you are actively involved with life and take pro-action you understand the process of life. You understand how life unfolds.

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Life is not limited to particular experiences, but it gives you all sorts of experiences so that you can experience life as a whole. Some people are struggling for joy, while others want to get rid of pain and suffering. To understand the process of life, you have to embrace all different experiences of life.

No matter what life brings you, it comes from life as a whole. It’s our individual mind that differentiates between the experiences of life. The experiences that give soothing feelings are termed as good experiences, while the experiences that push you to your limits are termed as bad experiences of life. This perspective separates us from the actual truth of life.

When we prepare ourselves to embrace life with all its colors, we develop an eye of an observer.

Overall the life is good. Not only the good experiences of life but also the experiences that we consider as the painful one. When you embrace life as a whole, you develop a different eye to perceive life. With life, everything holds a purpose. Nothing on this earth happens without a purpose. But to understand the purpose of life, you have to hold a neutral view towards life.

When you get into the process of life, you not only experience the high’s but you also experience the low phase in your life. The acceptance is needed for both the phases of life. When you accept what life brings to you, you learn to remain unaffected by the changing nature of life.

The process of life goes on and on. So at no point in time, you can conclude that the things are over. If you know how to take yourself forward, the life will show you the ways to move forward.

When you closely observe life, you will notice that people give up at the end. When they are so close to success, they give up. Sometimes the line of success remains so near, but people put their hands down before the line.

You need to learn to stretch till the end. Unless you push your limits, you will never realize your true potential. Hold till the end. Don’t give up in the middle. No matter what the present situation suggests, keep yourself moving towards your goals. No sooner you will see the silver lining on the path.

Life is not limited to our individual perception. Our individual perception is limited to our memories of life. Expand your imagination and look for life beyond your limited perception. Life holds no limitations. It only exist in our individual perception.

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When you see the life beyond your individual perception, you will experience different dimensions of life, which is not possible with the individual perception. To expand your imagination, its necessary that you take time for yourself and consciously think. You have to consciously direct your mind in a particular direction.

When you direct your mind in a particular direction and consciously think in that direction, you tend to see the future path into your mind. The steps to take you forward in life doesn’t exist outside but it exists in your mind.

When you keep on chasing life, you see life running away from you. At the same time, if you slow down your pace with life, you will not only see the present life with clarity, but you will also figure out the path to move forward. Its better you take few steps forward, rather taking one step forward and two steps backward.

When you commit yourself to move forward, positive signs are always on the way. You don’t have to worry about the problems, rather commit yourself to keep moving forward, and you will come up the solution for your problems on the path.

Fruits are sweeter when you show patience in life. Many times we feel that things should happen when we needed the most, and if the things didn’t turn out that way, we feel frustrated in life.

Patience is a key to such situations. If you hold your nerves, in such situations, your outcome from your efforts will certainly be sweeter than you have expected.

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