Life is Effortless with the Soul

Life is Effortless with the Soul

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The soul and spirit are two different things. The spirit is the life energy that constantly moves in the body for its nourishment, while the soul is the source of the spirit. With the realization of soul and spirit in the body, life becomes effortless.

The soul is one and mind are many, and thus with the realization of the soul, everything of the mind falls apart, and what remains is the soul. The soul is part of existence and this can be understood, once you experience the soul. The soul is a sacred space out of which the life energy comes from. There is no beginning or end of the soul. No experience of life is possible beyond the realization of the soul.

The mind has its nature to think constantly, and thus when it’s directed at one thing, it resists. To focus on one particular thing is to take control of your mind. The mind needs to be trained before you learn the art of focus. You need to understand the patterns of your mind. The mind cannot focus on one unless you rise above the thinking patterns of the mind. Thinking mind cannot remain constant and the art of focus and concentration is to remain constant at the moment.

When you say that its hard to break the old habits, it’s not you but your mind, that doesn’t allow you to get out of the old routine. When you associate yourself with the mind, body, and emotions, it’s always hard to break away from the regular patterns of life, but when you see yourself different from it, it becomes easier to notice the thoughts flow of the mind and rise above it.

You are not your mind, but the idea of the mind, that holds the capacity to transcend itself to become one with the soul.

Life improves and does get better with the soul without your intentions. To focus your mind on one thing needs great trust. Trust is the seed for growth and development in life. You can never doubt and rise to the next level. It requires the trust to take a leap.

The soul is part of the existence, and so it’s limitless. It’s in life and out of life. It’s the path of the pathless. The soul is formless and thus unite with anything and everything. All the religion speaks the language of the soul and shows the path for the individuals, to lead them to the soul.

Observe Life, for the realization of Soul.

Look at your whole day, and calculate the experiences of life you have accumulated in a day, out of which you have learned, grown and evolve.

When the mind remains present in the moment, it develops the power to notice minute things that happen around him and within him, and when you observe the things closely, you learn the necessary lessons out of it and improve upon it as and when required.

In a normal life, you move on with a road routine, but on the path of realization, you remain alerted every moment and experience both the external and internal reality simultaneously in the moment.

The whole process of alertness is to control the mind and direct it in the desired direction. The existence is perfect and gives you what is needed for your growth, in the moment.

The soul reveals the Inner Science.

To live life with the soul is to get one with the highest wisdom and bliss of life. With the soul, you don’t experience the momentary happiness, but the happiness becomes the way of life. You live to serve the moment. The realization of the soul is a scientific process, that every person has to experiment and experience it for himself.

You can share your experience with others, but you cannot make them realize. You can show the path, guide them, but they have to walk on their own. The things that happen to you, should also happen to them. Only then it’s possible for others to realize the soul. On the path of self-realization, only personal experience counts. Nobody can walk for others. You can take a hint from others, but the path has to be covered by oneself.

The sage Patanjali, in the east, has defined step by step process, to realize the soul.

“Each person who walks down on earth, holds in his DNA the process of awakening.”

You can choose your way. The direction should be inward. The beauty of the soul is that you put your attention inward, and the process of awakening starts within. You don’t have to do anything but remain with the process.

The soul is not alone but the life energy, that functions through the mind and body is part of the soul. The mind too is part of the soul. The mind and life energy come from the soul in the body. Enlightenment is an inner process, and once the process gets completed you realize the soul. With the soul, the process of life itself becomes effortless.”

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