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life is beautiful

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Life is beautiful when it happens and not when you make it happen. The joy flows when you see life happening on its own. Doership kills the beauty of life. Action happens but actor remains absent. You do all the actions, but doer remains absent.

Everything happens the way it should be, but you don’t carry any idea into your mind. It’s the idea that separates you from life.

In the process of making, you want everything with life your way. You are not satisfied with the things as they are, and thus, you do all the things, to make the things go your way. That is not life.

Life is not about changing the external circumstances, to please your internal world, rather life is to change your internal circumstances so that you can accept, whatever takes place in the external world.

The external life includes many factors, while the internal life unfolds, the way you want it to unfold. You cannot control the external life, but you certainly have control over your internal life.

Life evolves inside, at the level of understanding. As your understanding grows, it’s easier to loosen your grip on life. You accept almost everything that comes your way. You try to understand the natural course of life.

Life is chaos not in the external reality but only in your understanding. When you see, how life is connected every moment, you notice the beautiful flow in life.

Tao Te Ching

The joy of life is not in making things but allowing the things to happen. You act but you remain open at every step. At no point, you want the life to work your way. The bigger picture is always clear in your mind, and thus, you don’t get caught up, in small acts.

When your understanding moves at the level of observing life, you are less interested in forcing the things, and your interest more lies, in reading the natural movements of life. If for a day, you can drop your own idea for life, and see how different situations, events, and experiences of life leads from one to another, you can slowly understand the natural movement of life.

Making or creating things has limitations, happening life has no limitations. Things are happening effortlessly, but when you move out to create things, it asks for effort. Your energy is very less, in comparison to life’s energy as a whole.

If you can drop your own ways with life, you can choose any way that comes across your path to reach your destination.

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The choice is not the problem with life, but the favorable choices are the cause of all the miseries of life.

People are less interested in reaching the destination, but for them, the path matters at every step. When you have clarity about the destination, any path can serve you to take you to the destination.

Lao Tzu has said in beautiful words, “For Earth and Sky, everyone is stray dogs, and no one is more or less important. They don’t favor nor disfavor anything, but follow their natural course.”

For life, there is no situation, people or event which is more or less important and it takes its own course. It’s just the human mind that divides life in thousand and one things.

With life, push is required only when you don’t know the way. You try all the possible options only if you don’t know, how to go about life. You don’t try to understand the process, but you try to manifest everything out of the effort. The only personal effort is not the way to life, but an effort in the right direction with understanding is the way to life.

With life, you don’t believe in anything other than your personal effort. When you read the movements of life, you realize that there is a flow of life, to which you can become one with. You don’t have to use only your energy, for the creation, but you can use all the available energy that exists outside.

Only your effort cannot take you distance places. You have to learn to use, all the efforts that are available outside, and that can serve you to take you forward with life.

Only the personal effort kills the joy of life. You may create what you want with life or you may fulfill all your desires, but even after all your creation, you remain at a distance from life. You don’t experience the real joy of life.

Life is beautiful when it happens on its own, and the real joy of life can only be experienced if you allow the life to unfold in its own way. You wait; show patience.

Life is all about connecting the dots. You need to learn to pick the dots from different situations, events and people in the moment. Connecting the dots of life is not a big thing, but that requires your presence at the moment. If you are absolutely present in the moment, it becomes easier to read life.

You attract exactly what you want in the moment. You have to remain present in the moment. If you are already lost in yourself, you can never understand the ways of life.

Life is there for you and not against you. No matter what situation, event or experience you are in, in the moment, it’s there to serve you. Life comes out of desire, and thus, there is no problem with the desire, but if you stick with the path to fulfilling your desire, then life has no obligation, to bring you the things, exactly the way you have imagined into your mind.

Life has it’s own ways to function and it’s own process to manifest the human’s desire. The process of life can be understood, if you are ready to drop your own ideas of life.

The process of life can be understood, with a simple presence in the moment. Give life the chance to unfold in its own ways and sit back and relax with life. Life never betrays anyone and will never betray you, if you can remain present with life every moment.

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