Life is all of Energy and Vibrations


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We all vibrate at a different level. God is all about energy and vibrations. Even the deepest scientific study confirms this fact of life. Everything on this earth is made up of energy and vibrations, but with a physical form. If we take the microscopic view to look into any of the physical forms, we only see the tiny particles floating in the air.

The human manifest things on this earth, with his thoughts and emotions. Everything i.e. created in a physical form is made out of the things that already existed on this earth.

The human doesn’t produce anything new but use the different components of this earth, and with the experiment, create something out of it. Science calls it an experiment, on the physical objects.

The process of evolution is all about taking the energy and vibrations of the physical and subtle body from lower to higher vibrations.

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Scientists experiment on the physical thing to create something, that can be useful for the human kind. The sages experiment on themselves, connecting with the breath, thoughts, and emotions and realize the higher truth of life. Everyone has a deeper desire to know the highest truth of life.

The process of Life on this earth initiates from energy and vibrations. We have space within us, that vibrates at the highest frequency, and when we reach to that space, the whole process of life is known to us.

What is God ?

God is the source of life that vibrates at the highest frequency and sets the order of life. Remember, energy and vibration cannot be a person or an individual, but the energy and vibration are life in itself.

You can have the first-hand experience of God in you if you intend to move beyond the usual functions of the mind and look for life beyond the present state of mind.

We all have a part of God, within us. The space that gives the human mind an experience of God. God is not different than you, but you are God. It all depend on, what you identify yourself with.

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If you have limited yourself in the confinement of your mind, you are bound to consider, yourself no more than your physical appearance, but the time you drop all the boundaries of the mind and realize the truth within, you can have the first-hand experience of God.

Why is this spot or soul not visible to Everyone?

The physical body underneath the skin is covered with the sensual body, also known as an astral body. This astral body covers the physical body like a wrapper under the skin, and tied at the backbone, in seven different places, in the body.

At the lowest part of the backbone, there is a powerhouse of energy, i.e. locked, also known as kundalini energy,which if released unlocks the other points, and thus this astral body moves outside the physical one, and the soul is visible to the mind. Unless you realize the subtle body, the soul is not visible to the mind. The mind is in the soul and soul is not into the mind.

The soul can be realized, once the astral body is detached from the physical body.

Embracing Detachment

All the good or bad emotions, from the thoughts, gets registered in the astral body, and unless we fill this body with the good emotions, the astral body cannot rise higher, to experience the highest truth of life. The locked kundalini energy has a gravitational pull, to keep the astral body down on this earth.

Every day the astral body can move out of the body, to free itself from all the negative and positive emotions.

What’s the role of Soul, in the body?

The soul is a part of the supreme soul and holds all the power and bliss and wisdom. The soul acts as the reminder of the supreme soul. It reveals the truth about life and thus creates the path even for the unconscious mind if the mind creates an intent to move towards the soul.

We only experience pain, if we attach our self to anything in life. Any situation, person, result, glory, name, fame, success or failure of life. All the pain and pleasures of life are at the sensory level.

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What’s the role of Mind, and Who am I?

Mind creates thoughts out of images and pictures, and these thoughts later turn into emotions. This emotion creates dreams and desire, and we take action, out of those dreams.

The mind holds the story of an entire life. When we talk to others, we make our self the central point and reveal the story of life.

This is the narrative identity “I” created by the mind, to express his past, present and future of himself to the world.

When the “I” relate itself with the mind, body, and emotions, we sometimes feel high or low, out of thoughts or pictures of the mind, but if we shift the consciousness from the mind, body, and emotions to God, the higher level of thoughts and emotions flows through our mind, and we make the best use of our thoughts to serve the life around us.

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How can we grow and evolve with Life?

We grow and evolve at the level of mind. The thoughts play the major role in our growth. It’s not possible to think quality thoughts without practice. The thoughts and emotions in a moment don’t allow us to create the right response.

We need to practice it beforehand, to uplift the thoughts, that will uplift the emotions, to keep us alert enough to produce the right response in the moment.

In the critical situations of life, the thoughts flow through the mind and the mind starts cross-questioning. Cross questions create the complexity of thoughts in mind, and we don’t receive the right response for the situation.

The best way to deal with any situations of life is to surrender to the moment, and allow the moment to pass. Slowly the mind itself reveals the right response for the situation.

While arguing, discussing or loathing in any situation, creates more complexity in the mind, and slowly the thoughts turns into emotions and the whole body with the thoughts, emotions, and senses, get caught up in the situation.

Surrender in the moment, allows the natural process to take place from within, and the solution for any situation of life, is received.

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  1. Exactly, World & God is there in us. As per our ancient scriptures & modern science, the evolution of Universe is from Sound. ( Oum & Big Bang).

    The basic five elements have formed into different shapes & names in different propotion at the Will of the mystic-force, i.e God-particle in modern-science.

    Knowledge, Knowing & knower are One!!

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