Life is a play of Energy; manage yours well


Life is a play of energy. No matter what you see or experience it’s all about energy. It’s the energy that creates your world. If you have to understand your life, you have to understand the energy that is created and utilized in your life.

It’s the energy that creates your life. In life there is nothing like fluke or chance, rather everything is energy. The energy that you carry inside, you attract the similar energy to you, in different forms. Mind you, whether you are attracting the people, situations, events or experiences of life, that too is energy in one or the other form.

You have the power to create fresh energy every day. On everyday basis, your body releases energy and you too utilize that energy for different sets of work.

Physical exercise and meditation is a wonderful tool to extract unlocked energy that exists inside. There is a natural release of energy in the body, but with physical exercise and practicing meditation you can consciously extract extra bundle of energy that remains locked inside.

If you wish to connect with life, you have to connect with the energy that functions inside the body. Usually, our mind is trained to perceive life outside, and all the ideas, and beliefs remain limited to the life that exists outside. We never consciously take our attention inside, where lies the truth.

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When you consciously connect with the life energy inside and live life inside out, you solve major problems of your life.

The mind likes to live in an illusion, while the energy connects you with the reality of the moment.

Many times we feel caught up in the moment because we don’t know the actual truth of life. We engaged in the things that can only set us for the downfall. We don’t know the ways to climb the ladder and take our lives to a different level.

By connecting with life, at the level of energy, most of our perceptions get drop from our mind, and we see life from a fresh perspective.

Creating and pulling out the fresh energy, first thing in the morning gives you a great boost in your life. Every day you have extra energy to pull off your day.

When you pull out the extra energy for the day, you know how to utilize that energy for your own good and for the good of others. The unused energy can become harmful, as your mind that is not guided consciously knows how to take your life for a ride.

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The energy exists in you in a neutral form. It’s the mind that utilizes the energy for a different purpose. If you consciously guide your mind, your energy too follows the mind, but if you get into the trap of your mind, your mind can utilize the energy for its own purpose that could be destructive for your life.

Both the mind and energy works hand in hand. You can’t direct the energy without the mind, and the mind is useless without the energy. Both are interdependent on each other. You are the consciousness that directs both the mind and the energy in a right direction.

Before you create the energy, you have to have a goal to spend your energy. The bundle of energy is useful only when you make good use of it. If you simply allow it to remain as it is, it will not remain stagnant, or it will not die or decay, rather it will be utilized for the purpose that may remain unknown to you.

To read the energy requires deep awareness at the moment.

Awareness: The Key to Living in Balance

Once the energy gets created in you, it does get utilized for one or the other purpose. Your role is to see, everything that happens in your life comes out of conscious choice.

Always try to create something new in your life. Consciously guide your mind on a new path. The neutral energy can be utilized to create something fresh in your life. When you consciously train your mind to create something fresh, it will take you on the path that you have never known before.

We all are habituated to repeat the same circle of life, but when we open ourselves to the new ways of life, we experience something that we have never experienced before and we create something that we could have never imagined in our wildest imagination.

Life is not what we imagine into our minds, but life is way beyond our perception or imagination. When we understand this truth of life, we don’t limit ourselves with the situation, events or ideas of life, rather we allow ourselves to move freely, without binding ourselves with the thoughts and ideas of the mind.

You only get wings, when you rise above the things of the mind.

Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind

When you fill yourself with energy, it’s important that you plan your day in advance. You have to know in advance where you spend your whole day so that you can utilize the inner flow of energy efficiently and effectively. Planning is required but rigidity is not.

It’s important that you plan your day and life, but at the same time, it’s also important that you stay flexible with your plans.

Planning allows you to give and contribute to life, while staying open to life, allow you to accept, what life has in store for you.

Life is happening on everyday basis. Connect with everyday life. Truth exists not in the past or the future but at the moment. In the present moment, you can see the truth of the past as well as the future. Connecting with everyday life, allow you to experience life more at the moment. The mind likes to keep you into an illusion, while the life at the moment connects you with the reality of life.

No matter what you wish to achieve in your life, prepare step by step process to achieve your desire. It’s the process that allows the things to happen, and it’s a step by step method that not only helps you to grow on everyday basis, but it also serves you to analyze your growth.

It takes a time, to get your life on the right path. All the effort is required to get on the right path, but once you are on the path, things unfold on its own; and you become one with the natural ways of life.

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