Life from the Creators Perspective.



Creator, and his Universe. You and the universe through you. Here is the creation, and you are part of that creation and now you perceive the creation through your perspective.

Creator, you ( part of his creation ) and the creation that you perceive, as per your perception. Everything that you perceive, including you, is part of his creation. Its the individuals mind, that bifurcates life out of his perception.

When you become one with the creator, you too accept the world, as his creation by losing your personal identity, and thus, experience life, just like the creator experience his creation, including you.

Its a wonderful saying by the sage Lao Tzu” Tao, doesn’t do anything, but doesn’t leave anything undone. Tao is the creator of cosmic universe and the Tao is present in you.”

Albert Einstein, was very much curious to know, the thought of God. At-least, he didn’t said that if God exist, I would like to know his thoughts, but he was sure, that there is some process going on through us, of which, we don’t know or cannot be known at the level of mind, and he was right.

To know the thoughts of creator or to perceive life, through the perspective of creator, you have to rise above your personal identity, and embrace life as a whole. You don’t do things, but life happens through you, if you can understand this truth of life, and begin to observe and live and relive your life, this way, you come closer to the natural process of life.

Life within you, exists in the same way, the way life has been created in the universe. You too have creator within you, that allows the life to happen within, and outside without interference out of the natural process.

Everything that exists in the universe has its nature.

What is Nature?

Nature is a function, the way things work and the things can be anything either moving or stagnant, living or an object. The only difference with the living thing, is that it grows and evolves, that too out of the natural process.

Each individual holds its nature, and along with it, free-will. Free-will allows you to either associate or detach yourself from the natural principles of life, that takes place within you.

Life is absolutely clear in everyone, and each one knows, whats required of him in the moment. If every individual simply gets in-tune, with whats going on, into him in the moment, he always can stay true to its nature.

Life doesn’t ask you to move beyond your nature, but all life asks you, is to accept your nature, the way you are, and not otherwise. Simply accepting who you are in the moment, helps you to grow and evolve with life.

To grow and evolve with life, means to come closer to the natural process of life. You have different faculties, through which life takes place, i.e. your brain, heart and body. Your spirit in the body experience life through sensation and brain, heart and body becomes the instrument for the spirit to go through different experience of life on earth.

Life with the mind always remain limited, as you cannot perceive life beyond your own thought process or what you want out of life.

Life with the creator is looking at life, not only for the moment, but life that exists for eternity.

You too have the creator inside of you, and you too can view life, from his perspective, provided, you are ready to leave your personal identity behind, and create a right intention to move towards the path of self-realization.

The self-realized sage view life from the creators perspective. He can look into the natural process of life, and how the life unfold or evolve on the existence.

Life in the universe, works out of the natural process. The creator himself is the higher vibrational force, and the same space of higher vibrations exists within you, that is termed as soul or part of god within you.

The space of higher vibrational force, out of which the cosmic universe exists, the same space of vibrational force exists within you, and is the source of life.

The creator is the higher vibrational force, out of which comes the energy or life force. The energy is the movement in life. The nature of higher vibrational force is constant, while the energy or life force keeps on moving, that results into the formation of different size and forms of different living and non-living identities in the universe.

Everything that take place in the cosmic universe carries the life’s energy of the creator, and its nature that supports the life on earth, be it the moving or non-moving entity.

The physical form of any object is possible because of the life’s energy. The moving energy even in the stagnant object allows the object to hold its shape and form. No part of the universe is absolutely dead, but everything carries life’s energy in higher or lesser form.

The energy is the spirit or life’s energy of everything that exists in the universe. Every object goes through a process, before it gets its individual shape and form, be it the sun, earth, animal or human-being.

Everything goes through a process, before it appears in a physical form and a new born child is the fine example of it. Nothing come out the blue and everything has its own process. More and more we come closer to our true authentic self, more the inner as well as outside nature reveals to us, in different forms.

Our physical structure in the form of brain, heart and body too goes through the process, before it gets proper, shape, size and form. Later the growth and development of it, is known as the process of evolution.

There is always a hidden energy or spirit that works through everything that exists in the universe and the energy or spirit in everything is directly connected to the higher vibrational force or the creator.

The creator creates the process and allows the process to unfold in its own way, without interference.

“Human-beings is the highly evolved species, in the universe and holds the power to experience the creator within himself.”

The life’s energy or spirit of the creator exists in everything in the universe but the soul or part of creator is only present in human-beings, and when any individual look for his source of life, either outside or within, realize the soul or part of the creator within himself.

With the realization of soul and by being with the soul, all the beliefs of the mind and individual personality sheds away and all the life’s energy that’s been used to fulfill the desires of the mind, is utilized either to be one with the soul or to serve others to get closer to the state of self-realization.

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