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Just as the above statement suggests, I want to conclude out of personal experience that life exists beyond the limited perception of our mind. Our individual mind cannot see the whole view, but every individual is capable of experiencing life as a whole, within him.

When it comes to life, the biggest query arises, and i.e. what is Life?

As a human, will we ever experience the truth of life, or with all the different experiences of the outside life, our life will go in vein?

If you really wanted to know the real purpose of life, and then the truth is, life doesn’t have any purpose. Life is without any purpose. Life is so huge, that the happening of life itself is a purpose.

When life doesn’t have any purpose, than what every person is striving for?

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The real striving with life should always be, to know oneself. It’s only by knowing oneself, you can really conclude the truth of life, i.e. there is no truth. There is nowhere to go and there is nothing to seek. Life itself is fulfilling in the moment, but this truth has to be realized in oneself.

The life as a whole that is happening outside can be realized inside. You can experience the life that is happening outside within you.

Unless you experience the similar life in you, life will always remain a chaos, and till that time, you will remain separate from life. All your energy and all your purpose or dreams or desires of life have to be, to realize yourself.

At-least if you don’t realize today, your striving has to be to move inward, rather running outside without any aim or purpose.

The outside life is unfolding on its own. It doesn’t require the efforts that we imagine in our mind. We believe to strive for everything in the outside world, but that is not the actual reality of life.

Tao Te Ching

When you realize the actual truth, you yourself only appears a big fool to yourself. The outside life can unfold effortlessly. This doesn’t mean actions are not required. This only means that striving is not required in the outside world. The striving is only needed to understand life. Once you understand the patterns of life, you can allow the life to manifest through you.

The purpose of life is to live from the deeper self. There is no another purpose exists in the universe. If you look at the sun, stars, moon, animals, plants, trees, children, and figure out how you differ from them, you will realize the truth of your life.

Everything is flowering naturally, except the people those who considers themselves intelligent.

Even the wisest souls have admitted that they couldn’t figure out anything about life, but still many on this earth, live with the impression that they know everything about life.

Life has a natural way to unfold. Life doesn’t need your interference. Yes, you can use your understanding to become one with life, but sometimes your own intelligence separates you from life.

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Many times, even your intelligence, wants to force life and make it move your ways. You even forget that you have no control over life and you exists only because of the life that is happening within you, still you want to control life. You want to control everything that is happening around you, and this adds more mess to your life.

Life is a free flow. If you are open to experience life with all its colors, you can very well move beyond the ceilings of your mind. Yes, this is true that ceilings only exist in your mind. There are no ceilings exists other than your mind.

You have to understand your mind completely to rise above it, or the other way to rise above your mind, is to surrender to your mind. There are two ways to move beyond the ceilings of the mind. Either you go by the path of understanding, i.e. by observing your mind, or you go by the path of surrender.

The path of surrender is to live life without resistance. You accept everything that comes from your past. You don’t live with the choice, but you embrace everything that comes your way with an open heart. This allows you to rise higher from within.

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If the path of surrender seems too tough for you, then you can consider the path of understanding, i.e. the path of observing life. Just by observing life, life becomes clear to you.

The path of surrender is easy, but sometimes the path of surrender seems too difficult for many. At the same time, the path of observing life is difficult, but that path seems easier for many.

Most of our lives are wasted in a daily repetitive cycle without understanding a real importance of it. We never even bother to look into our lives and figure out the truth of it.

Simply repeating the daily process of life takes you nowhere. You have to show courage to look into your life. Unless you look into your daily living, you will never figure out, how futile it is, to simply repeat the daily process of life.

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We all are evolving beings. You don’t have to move somewhere else to figure out the truth of your life, but your daily life is enough. If you can simply look into the life, that you are living right now, you can initiate the process of truth.

The thing that needs to be remembering is understanding and surrender. Either you choose the path of surrender or understanding.

If you choose the path of surrender, then you don’t have to be bother about anything, but simply flow with life accepting everything on the path. Don’t resist anything, don’t condemn anything, don’t judge anything, but consider everything as a part of whole, and move forward on your path.

Just with the idea of surrender, you make peace with your inner world. You only experience stress or suffering, if you stand separate from what actually exists. If you become one with, what is happening in the moment, you simply leave all the stress or suffering behind.

With the act of observing life, you develop your awareness in the moment. You don’t live life in your mind, but you live by connecting with the moment. The act of observing connects you with the moment. If you can remain present in the moment, everything that is happening in the moment, present to you, in its true color.

Truth already exists in the moment. It’s always you, who shy away from the moment. Every individual is more interested in fulfilling the thoughts of his mind, but no one is interested in living the life of the moment.

Sacred Practices in Everyday Life

You have to drop the mind thing behind to experience life in the moment. The truth of life is revealed in the moment. No truth exists beyond this moment. If I have to sum the purpose of life, then I can only ask you to be at the moment.

No matter what you are looking with life, you will only find with the presence in the moment. Life is not at all about striving hard and thus, I would like you to drop those illusions from your mind.

Life is all about your presence in the moment. The deeper your presence moves in the moment, the better you can connect with the life that is happening as a whole.

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