Life Evolves from Mind to Heart & from Heart to Soul.



Mind is your different desires and cravings for life. Your fear and insecurities are part of the mind, and heart is your intuition, imagination, big ideas and dreams of your life. Anything of the future is part of the heart and the things from the past is of your mind. The left side of the mind stands for the desires and cravings for life, while the right side of mind is for intuition of the heart.

The higher self is exactly in the middle of the left and right side of the mind.The left part of your brain is connected at the navel region and below that part of the body, while the right side of the brain is connected slightly above the heart region, while in the middle of the left and right side of the brain, resides your soul, which allows you to understand both the mind and heart.

Life evolves from mind to heart and from heart to the soul. This is the process of evolution, through which every human goes through. When you juggle with your life at the level of mind, you live with the little pleasures of life, along with the fear and insecurities related to life.

When you rise higher to the level of heart, you make the most out of your life, as whatever field you enter, with your interest it serves you, as your spiritual energy resides in your heart and thus it supports you with each of your action.

The heart is also connected with the imaginative part of the mind, and so you have the expanded imagination, that allows you to see the things into the future. You choose your field out of interest and when your emotional quotient is high, it’s easier for you to strive with life, in your field of interest.

It’s no magic, why the sportsperson, athletes, or the talented artist strive with their life, to achieve, on what they have set their eyes for. They have a strong support of their emotions, and this allows them to strive harder with life.

People who lives with the left side of the brain, cannot stretch long with anything, and not possible for them to see the things of the future, as their right part of the brain is not much active. Their perception only allows them to see the things, limited to their personal desires and when they try to take a leap with their life, their own fear and insecurities towards life, hold them back to take strong decisions, and move forward.

Life doesn’t hold anyone’s back, but your inner state of mind doesn’t allows you to perceive the things that others can see and so you may feel others are moving forward and you stay behind with your life.

This is true that everyone grow and evolve with the natural process of evolution, but this is also true that each one has a power of choice and will-power to take decisions with their life. When you commit yourself to grow and evolve with life, no matter how big your fear is and even with the insecurities of life, you move forward with courage and make the choices with life, that allows you to improve upon life and serves you to grow with the expanded vision of life.

Your steps in the moment, depends upon the vision you hold in your mind. Everyone has their own share of fear and insecurities of life, and each one has to go through them. No one can put the process of life aside, and move forward with life. Life brings you again and again to the same situation, if you haven’t encountered the life’s situation from all your heart, mind and soul.

When you give everything to your present situation, life serves you by taking you to the higher level. When the mind, heart, body and senses controls your life, its difficult to understand the process of  evolution.

The process of evolution happens, when you feel, you are growing from inside. Every day when you move out with life, your experience to look at life becomes better. When you grow from inside, you are always certain, that there is something within you, that is growing. You may not be able to define it, but you can experience it within you.

You start connecting more of your energy, feelings and thoughts of your inner world. Even if the outside situation, doesn’t go your way, still with your understanding, you move forward with life.The real success of life is to grow and evolve from inside, and not to accumulate outside stuff. Yes, you can use the material things as an instrument for your growth, but never to get carried away by it.

The benchmark of your growth and development has to be what’s happening inside, and not the outside world.The outside world certainly can become the instrument of what’s going on, in your inner world, but when you connect with your inner growth, you realize before the event or situation, the effect of it, and thus choose your response well.

When your inner world is balanced, and you are established in your presence state, no outside situation can over power you, rather you hold the power to change any adverse situation of the outside world into the positive one.

Everyone carries an individual identity within himself. Try to identify with your present identity, and see what you think of yourself. Look at the way, you live your entire day and what according to you is the best way to live life, or the person you admire the most.See the difference in your self-identity and the identity of that person, you think you would like to become.

What all are things, needed to cover the gap or the efforts, that can bring your self-identity closer to the identity that you hold into your mind. You can never imagine of the person, who plays less with his life. You always look up to the person, who has made difference to his life and according to you, is making an impact on others lives as well. Study that person’s life and try to add his daily habits into your life. This way, you get confidence over yourself and you move into the gap, to cover the gap.

Every human holds a self-identity within himself. Until that self-identity is absolutely free from all the bondage’s of life, you cannot experience the higher self. With the experience of the higher self, the self-identity is also left behind, and what’s left is the presence of the pure consciousness. This pure consciousness is the experience of the soul, where the self-identity of the mind, is transcended into the higher self.

To follow someone’s life is not the goal, but to lift our spirit to get the best out of it, has to be the primary goal of life. But until, your mind can grasp this fact about life, you can pick the best person and try to get as close as you can to his daily schedule. In the process, you will discover different facets of your own life, and you will notice that rather becoming like someone else, you are just coming out as a better version of your own self.

When you make a choice with your life or decide your own path, you serve your own process of evolution, that means you start moving ahead of life. There is no sure path waiting for you, but with the choice and decisions, you create your own path. With every step, you embrace little mysteries of life and you move deeper to realize the higher truth of life.

The moment of life comes for everyone, where he has to make a choice between past and future, and as they grow with life, they again get into the stage, where they have to choose between the future and the present moment. When you choose the present moment over everything, you drop all the past and future from your mind, and work towards to establish yourself in the presence of pure consciousness.

“The present moment is not something that you experience in the present moment, but its your inner state of mind.”

The pure consciousness is eternal. With the pure consciousness, you feel blissful and full of wisdom in the moment. You are filled with deep contentment and satisfaction in the moment. You have achieved, the state of mind, which is ever presence in its pure consciousness, and is one with the laws of existence.

Once the self-identity is transcended into the higher self, it takes time for oneself to establish in the higher self. With the higher self, every moment brings fulfillment in itself. The higher self is all about wisdom and bliss, and this wisdom and bliss has nothing to do with the physical or subtle world.

The purest form of love towards the creator is the experience of the bliss. Your own impressions and experiences of life, are the blockages, that doesn’t allow the movement of spiritual energy freely into the body, and that stops you to experience the pure bliss and wisdom with your life.

You are responsible to experience your higher self and you are the only obstacle.

With the mind, heart and body, your self-identity makes you to relate with everything that goes on in your inner world, and also with the things that comes to you from outside, in the form of situations, people and experience. All this things accumulate within yourself, in the form of impressions and experience.

When the self-identity is transcended into the higher self, it’s easier to detach the subtle body from the physical body and travel outside the body to release oneself from all the negative energy of the body, mind and heart.The part of the mind, that allows you to create your self-identity can switch to the higher self and can come down to the mind, heart and body to perform his daily tasks and fulfill the obligations of life.

You too can live without your self-identity, when you allow something higher than yourself to live through you. Than you don’t have to think, feel or act in the moment, but life flows through you and guide you with the best response in the moment. This can happen only in the pure consciousness, when you simply be into your pure consciousness, and your higher self takes care of everything that happens into your world.


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