Life Evolves Every Week.



The process of  evolution is where the mind expands its capacity to understand life. Whatever you think, create, innovate, imagine, produce or raise query in life comes through the mind.

When you intend to grow and evolve with life and direct your mind in a right direction and make a conscious choice with life every moment, you grow and evolve with life. The intention to grow makes you look into your life, and when your intent is to grow and evolve with life, whatever you see, you think to make it better.

With life intent comes first, and the rest of the process of the mind follows. When you look into your life, you bring awareness to it. With awareness in the moment, you not only get better with the outside life, but your awareness too expands with life.

The more and more you remain aware in the moment, and more your awareness expands. The awareness of the mind expand and contrast, depending of its use.

There are two ways, to evolve with life. Either you allow the life to put you into different experiences of life and then with the experiences you grow and evolve with life.

In this case, if you don’t develop the understanding out of the experiences, the time comes where with each experience of life, you suffer, as you don’t understand different situations of life or what’s happening around you, in the moment.

Life brings back to back situations or experiences in your life, from the past, that you have never intended to understand, at the time of the experience. When you have the same experience’s in a bulk, it seems like a chaos.

All the pain and suffering of life comes, when you live life without understanding it and simply go on with life, moving into different situations experiences of life.

When you choose to evolve with life, you don’t wait for the life to put you into different situations, but you take life in your hand, and try to analyze and evaluate your daily as well as weekly life, to learn the necessary lesson’s out of it, and to improve upon it.

The process of evolution happens at the level of mind and the functions of the mind is possible through inner energy. The process of evolution depends upon your intention. if you wish to grow and expand with life, you can pull the extra energy from the inner reservoir  to make the good use of it, for your growth.

The bigger setback with the process of evolution is, that if you don’t move forward, certainly you have to make some use of the inner pull of energy, and that energy will be used to pull you down with life.

You cannot remain stagnant, with the constant flow of energy inside. Either you move forward or you slip backward with the intentions, thoughts and actions with your life.

The fear with life is not into the situation or any experiences of life, but its in you and the time you commit yourself to face any fear of your life, you simply rise above it.

Life evolves every week. The process of evolution takes place every week, where majority of the individuals evolve’s and with them, the life on the planet evolves. Remember the life on the existence evolves because of human-beings.

“The existence doesn’t have to go through the process of evolution, as its already complete in itself. Its only the human’s mind, heart and body has to grow and evolve with the different experiences of life, on the existence.”

The functions of the mind is run by the energy, and the amount in which you utilize your mind, in equal proportion the mind will extract energy from within. The energy is the source behind the functions of the mind, and you can direct your energy in either ways, considering the consequences of your action, out of it.

To see your past, present and future, the best way is to observe your weekly life. It will describe your past, present and future.

“Allow your imagination to expand into eternity, but when it comes to planning and scheduling the events of your life, don’t move beyond the week.”

If you allow yourself to look into your life on a weekly basis, you can figure out the better prospect for the different experiences of life, that you have already experienced in the past. When you have a better way to go about your life, you certainly choose the higher path and thus grow and evolve with it. You grow and evolve by making higher choices with life.

The process of evolution is an open path and a higher path. The subtle reality of life expands with the process of evolution. If you think too much for the future, its not going to penned out, the way you have imagined into your mind, and midway, you have to make a different choices with your life.

If you keep yourself more in the moment, you can always pick the higher thoughts and grow and get better with life, rather following the old  repetitive past in the present. Life comes with all its colors, if one knows how to recognize it and remain open to live it.

The life on the existence depends upon collective process of evolution and for some reason, if you don’t understand any aspect of life, doesn’t mean there is no solution for it, but in the moment, your mind is unable to grasp the situation or hitches of your life.

Every individual goes through the same process of evolution from inside, and everyone is more than willing to share his or her way to others, so that others can too have the solution for their problems of life.

“The process of evolution is all about understanding yourself and with it understanding life and it has nothing to do with the material aspect of life. Yes material aspects of life, certainly can help you to reveal, your own thoughts and feelings that you carry inside in the moment.”

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