Life-Cycle is an Ever-Going Process


Life is an ever-going process. I can opt. to participate in it, grow and evolve with it, or live life on the mercy of nature. When I make a choice to grow and evolve, I develop an understanding towards life and create a space within, for further expansion with life.

Life is not only about the process of growth and evolution, but you too have a liberty to move out of the process and attain the salvation or liberation from the process of life.

You have a choice, to not to make any choice and allow the life to drag you, with different experiences of life, and you also have a choice to take life in your own hands, and grow and evolve with life, and move beyond the process of life.

The liberation happens when you understand the natural process of life. When you understand, you participate with your body, mind, and heart to serve the process of growth and evolution. When you grow, the outside situation and events of life get absolutely clear and it gets easier to understand the most difficult situations and people of your life.

To grow and evolve, you need understanding towards life, but the growth happens when you accumulate experiences from different situations and events of life. You don’t grow if you run away from life. No matter what the situations of life bring to you, give what you have and either you win or lose into the situation, you always remain a winner with life.

“Life doesn’t care either you win or lose, but what matters is, that you show up.”

The life is an ever-going and every-growing process with the body, mind, and heart. But the magic of life is not only with its growth, but you also have the choice to get liberated from life.

“Each one of us holds the inner mechanism to attain the liberation or salvation from the ever-growing & ever-evolving circle of life.”

“The life grows and evolves in the physical world when the collective human consciousness grows and evolves inside.”

Today is Monday, and most of the people want to run away from life. This feeling is not imbibed in any one country, but wherever the life resides, and people move out for a living, holds the same feelings. There are very few souls, who really loves to participate in life and give everything to it and make most out of life.

When you understand the process of life or at-least make efforts towards it, and grow and evolve with it, you remain more than eager to participate in life. When you consciously make a choice to grow and evolve, you create the space within, for the absolute liberation from life.

“In the east, many sages have figured out the path, for the natural growth and evolution with life, and a further path to attain the liberation.”

The life is a continuous process, as the life comes out of mind and heart, it expand’s eternal. As the life is eternal, the process of mind and heart too can expand eternally.

Having said that, you have a choice, to participate wholeheartedly in the process of evolution with the body, mind, and heart and you also have a choice to liberate from the worldly life.

The natural process of life serves the evolution process of body, mind, and heart. No matter what kind of situation, experience or events you go through, they all serve the purpose of growth and evolution. Life shows you, what you want to see, or what you carry inside of you, in the moment.

When your idea of life is to grow and get better with life, the life will give you the similar experiences and situations, that serve your life, to take to another level.

“With growth, your happiness and understanding too grow with life, and with the understanding comes the responsibility and accountability towards the actions.”

You don’t have to stick with life any moment. If you set a straight path and trust yourself enough, all you have to do is keep moving on the path, and the experiences that are needed in the moment will come to you.

With a straight path, you overcome any situation or circumstances of life. The straight path in the outside world is the mind-map you create inside, for your own mind to follow.

Either you give something to the mind to follow, or it will create on its own. The joy of life is not getting stuck at any moment, but with the constant flow of life. When you flow with the outside life, you also allow the inner emotions to flow with a natural order.

The pain and suffering in life are, when you get stuck in a moment, with the situation, people or experience. Either it is the positive or negative emotions, holding something for too long, turns into a suffering. It’s not that the negative emotions turn into suffering, but if you hold onto the positive emotions, it too turns into a suffering.

The law of gravity works inside too, where the life’s energy flows from higher to lower, and forms a circle, from the back of your spine. The energy is anyway going to slip to the lower end, out of its process. If you stick to the happiness part, when the energy slips lower, it gets difficult to even accept the other normal situations of life, at the lower energy level.

When the day starts, your energy remains at the top, and as the day proceeds, the energy starts to slip down. By the evening time, the inner energy again starts to rise up, to complete the circle.

No single day of your life, you can go without experiencing the mixed feelings. When the energy is high in the morning, you simply feel good about life, and as the day proceeds, you feel low with life. If you are simply aware of life in different moments, you simply observe different energy level at different times of the day and simply remain detached with it.

“The highest purpose of life is for the salvation or liberation from life, but not everyone’s body, mind, and heart is prepared for it. The body, mind and heart have to go through a certain process, so that it expands its inner capacity, to allow the highest experience to takes place.”

The liberation or salvation from life is an inner journey, while the growth and evolution of life can be possible from both the outside experience or simply with an inner process of life.

All the outside situations, experiences, impressions and events have an equal impact, into your inner world. Alongside the physical body, that seems real, you too have an astral body, that records all the experiences and impressions of life.

The outside attention makes you more attached to the experiences and impressions of life while connecting with the inner world, allows you to disconnect from the experiences of the outside life.

Unless the astral body gets completely detached with the physical body, it’s not possible to perceive life, as a whole. When you detach the astral body from the physical, you develop different perception, at the pineal gland, to observe the same life, through a different dimension.

When you separate yourself from the process of life, you simply participate in it, as a detached being.You become the guiding force for everyone around the circle and serve them to rise higher with the process of growth and evolution.

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