Life can be Known



When you walk on the downhill of the mountain and look at the top of the mountain, you always wonder what lies behind it, but the time you take a pain to climb the mountain, and the mystery behind it, gets revealed to you, you not only know, what lies behind it, but you also experience the wonder of life.

You need to take a bit of a pain to climb the mountains to know life. Life itself will not be bothered to come to you, to reveal itself, unless you prepare yourself and develop a right intent towards it.

Life is like climbing the ladder, more you take upward steps, more the truth of life is revealed to you. If you simply follow what exists, you only move into a circle, without marching forwards an inch. The truth of life is not revealed with a repetitive process, but you have to show courage to take a leap with your life. You have to dive into the unknown. You have to prepare to lose yourself completely so that life itself can reveal to you.

With life, everything that’s needed to be known can be known by human. No mystery can be hidden from you if you really try to look into it.

Forget What You Think You Know

When you associate yourself with the identity of your mind, you also limit yourself to your external reality. The time you begin to push yourself beyond the limit and challenge yourself, with each passing day and each passing moment, an absolutely different personality, other than that of your mind, will be revealed to you.

In your deepest experience, you are pure awareness field. The personality of your mind, that you associate yourself with, is not your real identity, and it remains your identity, till you hold onto it, and don’t look for the higher truth.

Your brain, heart, and body are covered with the awareness field, and you are not the brain, heart or body, or the identity of your mind, but pure awareness field. The awareness field is your true identity and not the identity that you hold in the present moment, in your mind.

If I talk about the present moment, then in the present moment, your identity is limited to the identity of your mind, and physical appearance is something, that you associate yourself with into your mind, as a present identity.

Now, before you try to understand the deeper truth of life, it’s important to understand, the identity that you carry into your mind, in the present moment. Your identity that you carry into your mind can be expanded and to expand the identity of your mind, you have to look beyond the identity that you already hold in your mind.

Unless, you think of yourself, and the possibilities of life, beyond what exists in the present moment, you can neither uplift your life, in the external reality, nor you can expand the personal identity of your mind, to greater possibilities. We only experience limitations of life, if we stop exploring life, and limit ourselves to the identity of the mind.

When you are open to living and trust the process of life and ready to face all your fears, and not afraid to go astray with life, life definitely comes and talk to you, in its own language.

Open Heart, Clear Mind

The problem is never with living as a whole, or in the external or internal situations, but it’s always with our understanding towards life and the way we perceive life in the moment. The time you realize that your perception of life is momentary and it constantly changes with it then you will never get stuck in the momentary perception of the moment.

First thing with life that needs to be understood, is that life is not bifurcated at any point, either with the time, space or with your personal or professional life. The ultimate truth of life in you can be experienced, by taking an inward journey. An inward journey you take, by shifting your attention inward.

In the present moment, all your attention is in reading the blog, and that means the attention of your mind is external. If you close your eyes and begin to observe the inflow and outflow of breath, slowly your attention begins to shift inward.

With the eyes closed, once you learn to observe the inflow and outflow of breath, rest of the inward journey happens, by itself, and you don’t have to make any effort, except keeping your attention inward. One thing that needs to remember that, it’s not a single day process and you can take your own time, and move at your own pace, by understanding all the different aspects of life.

The inward journey with the attention of the mind is from external to internal. Your attention shifts from external reality to internal reality. Once your attention shifts inside, the attention begins to move from the feet to the mind, to the place of attention itself.

When the attention of the mind is external, it’s divided into both of the external and internal reality. For the attention of the mind, constantly there are people, situations, experience, and impressions in the external reality and simultaneously the impressions and experiences that you already carry of the external reality continuously goes on into your internal world too.

So, when your attention is shifted to the external reality, two things move simultaneously, one is the external reality, and the second thing is the experiences and impressions that you already have inside of you, in relation to the external reality.

When you shift your attention inward from the external reality, only one world remains for the attention of the mind, i.e. the internal reality. By looking into the external reality, if you can know, what the external situation, person, or the event or an experience is all about, then if the same attention is taken inward, you can also know, what exists in your internal reality.

If the external reality is important for you than the internal life (that is simultaneously happening in you) should also be equally important for you.

With the inward attention, you begin to understand your own understanding with life and your own perception towards life. Once your present level of understanding becomes clear to you and the way you perceive your life, you take your attention deeper, to realize the truth behind the understanding and your perception towards life.

When your attention shifts inward, from the external reality, slowly it moves to the sensation on your feet, and from the feet, the attention begins to shift upward in the direction, to the point of attention itself.

When the attention of the mind, reach the point of attention itself, you experience the no-mind state. When you come to life, from the no-mind state, your perception towards life completely alters and slowly you begin to realize the truth of life.

All the process of mind, throat, and heart, i.e. the personal identity or ego, imagination, or thought process or feelings or emotions takes place, not inside the physical body, but into the awareness field of the mind. All the perception of life takes place into your awareness field of the mind.

The thought process that we usually consider being a part of the mind, takes place, not in the mind, but in the throat region. Thoughts and words are the same, and it only exists in the throat region. The thoughts are words and words are the sounds of the throat that cannot exist in the mind.

All the languages of the world, is to describe what goes inside, and the thoughts that we consider as a part of the mind, is not actually the thoughts, but it’s the images or the impressions of the mind, that rotates in the mind, and when it goes out of control, we feel that our thoughts are out of control. Thoughts or words are simply a descriptive expression of the images trotateates into your mind. It’s not the thoughts that over crowds your mind but it’s the images, that creates the confusion into your mind.

Awareness field is the subtle shield of clothing that covers the physical body, from head to feet. The subtle strings of the spirit tie around the physical body to get its process done, through the body.

When you experience no-mind state, and stay with it, little longer, you unlock the subtle strings of the spirit, which remains locked, at the bottom of the spine.

It requires extreme internal pressure, to unlock the subtle strings of the spirit, and ample of time, with it, to know its functions within the body, otherwise, the process of enlightenment, may prove to be a hell for many. Once the subtle strings of the spirit get unlocked, the awareness field, along with the subtle strings of the spirit, begins to detach itself, from the physical body and move towards the forehead region, from the navel.

The attention of the mind is part of the awareness field and when the subtle strings get unlocked, you experience yourself, not only as a physical identity of the mind but an entire awareness field, that covers the physical body.

The awareness field is the subtle clothing within the body and acts as a reflection of, both of the internal and external world. The external reality is reflected in the awareness field and what goes into your internal reality, i.e. in your awareness field too gets reflected into the awareness field. Awareness field is a reflective mirror, where the process of life, as a whole, gets reflected.

The subtle strings get reflected into the awareness field, and simply by observing the subtle strings of the spirit in your awareness field, the process of untying the strings from the physical body gets initiated.

All the pain and pleasure, stress and anxiety, courage and despair come from the subtle strings of the spirit. Subtle strings of the spirit carry life into the body. One of the subtle thread of the spirit acts as the positive current, while the other subtle thread of the spirit, acts as a negative current into the body.

At the ultimate experience of life, both the subtle thread and the awareness field, get detach from the physical body internally, and rise higher into the forehead region and simply vibrates, to give you the bliss of life.

The ultimate experience of truth is not a one-time experience, but it takes a lot of practice, for the sages, to make it a permanent reality of his life.

The life or the process of life can be known within, if you really hold intent for it, and makes the necessary efforts, to shift your attention inward. The truth of life is not limited to the religion or spiritual organizations, but anyone, who is really inclined to know the truth of life, the life itself, directs him, to the realization of truth in him.


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