Life as a Detached Observer

Life as a Detached Observer

You have an observer in you that observes itself. With the practice as a detached observer, you look into your mind. More you observe your mind, more the mind gets detached from the physical body. The time, the mind gets absolutely detached from the physical body, it experiences the source of the mind, i.e. the higher self.

The life of an enlightened being is a life of a detached observer. The Mind forms pictures and images and thinks thoughts out of them, and the pictures and images are part of the desires, that you hold in your life.

The Enlightened being, who has experienced the highest truth of life, look the activities of mind, as a detached observer, and even participate in it but as a detached observer.

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The participation in life still happens, but as a responsibility, that comes with the recognition, of the higher self. The sage who participates in the activities of his mind looks his world from the highest perspective and put his highest wisdom, in the daily activities of life.

The stage, after the realization of the higher Self.

Life as a detached observer is the stage of mind, attains after the realization of the whole mind and its source. At this stage, the person can look into his own mind and the external reality simultaneously.

Thus even participating in all the cause and effect of life, he keeps himself separate from all the cause and effect of life. He doesn’t allow himself to get caught up in any of the experiences and impressions of life. After the realization of the higher self, the mind is focused on the higher self and what’s going on inside of him.

With the realization of the Self, the sage designs a specific path for the day, that has been worked upon over the period of time. The sage follows the path, identifying himself with the self, i.e. constant, and not with the activities of the mind.

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Every human has a desire for truth, according to their stage of evolution. The sage shares his highest thoughts, to the world, so that the people get inspire to look for the same truths in themselves.

Participate in the activities of his Mind.

As a detached observer, the person has a complete control over his life, and choose the actions, which he thinks is useful for others or uplift others to bring people closer to their real and authentic self. The sage is more careful with the choices of life, as he knows that every choice in the present moment will have its effect in the future.

The sage lives with his highest wisdom and uses all his intelligence, even for the smallest task.

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For the sage, every breath of his life is important, and if he chooses to get involved in any task, the task serves the evolution process, in one or the other ways, in the life of others.

Before the action, the sage looks into the past, present, and future of the action, and thus define the result before hand. The sage aligns all his actions with the natural laws of life, as this takes least effort, to manifest anything he desires for life.

Every sage follows the path of life in his mind before he realizes the highest order of life. After the realization, every sage has his own unique path, that leads him to the state of realization, and he shares the same path with the world.

All the religions and the spiritual path are part of the legacy of an enlightened being. They themselves have walked upon the path and confirmed and tasted for themselves before they hand over the truth to their followers or disciples.

UpLift the World.

When the person is completely detached from his mind, the only thoughts that flow to his mind is to serve and uplift the world. It’s just like, the person who has taste all the delicious food and filled his stomach, will like to serve the hungry one’s. The heart of the sage is overflowing with love and compassion, and thus he shares what he has, with others.

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After Enlightenment, the highest truth that is known is the Bliss, wisdom, and understanding towards life. The sage tries to share his wisdom with love to the world so that the others can learn and apply those teachings in their life, and get closer to their higher self.

Life is a process of evolution, and the person with the weaker mind and lowest emotions are bound to suffer in this world.

The sage lifts the people with love, compassion, and wisdom so that the people can develop the capacity to handle more of the worst situations of life and develops deeper clarity with life.

The ultimate purpose of life is to realize the higher self, and from that moment, the self itself carries the mind and emotions with the path, i.e. closer to the natural process of life.

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The sage has already made an effort for himself and now set an example for others so that they can bring the same changes to their life. The sage takes more responsibilities of life, as with the presence of self, he considers himself to be responsible for everything that happens around him.

Take more responsibilities in Life.

When the person achieves all the things he expects from life, the next thing comes on his chart is to take the responsibility of others. With the responsibility, the mind and emotions expand, and it develops more capacity to receive from life.

We suffer because we don’t develop enough capacity from within to handle the situations of life. So even a small situation of life seems like a huge task, and we surrender before we even make an effort to overcome the task.

The sage with the self, have the expanded capacity of mind and hear and thus can share more love and wisdom with the world. With love and wisdom, it becomes easier to handle any responsibility of life.

We try to avoid the situations in life because we cannot figure out the solutions for our self, but when we observe life closely, and already have the path with life, then we can feel relax trusting the existence, for all the solutions of life. On the life’s path, all the life’s solution presents itself over the time, as the mind develops its capacity, to understand the situations of life.

When we take responsibility for others, our responsibilities are taken care of, by the higher force.

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With the responsibility, the sage doesn’t expect to get something out of life, but it takes actions as it is meant to be taken at the moment.

Take Actions, Accepting Nothing out of Life.

Krishna in Bhagavad-Gita used the phrase,” Do your duty, without being concern about the fruit of your actions, as fruit will be derived if you have plowed the right seeds in the field.”

The sage knows the laws of life. Every action has its equal and opposite reaction, and future comes out of the present action. With the understanding of the self, the sage does the work and keeps himself detach from its result. By not expecting anything from life, the sage keeps his mind silent and the heart in peace.

Practice something for a lifetime, and it will become a part of your life. Just by following the footstep of the sages, we can get closer to the stage of enlightenment, and once we have developed the inner strength, to stand for our self, we can develop our own path, that leads us to the state of Enlightenment.

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