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There is some strong connection between our Body & Mind that can lead us to enlightenment, & can give all the answers of life. So, to sharpen the level of awareness towards life, I run.

When I sit in silence, I can see my past, present & future, & I can create whatever I want out of my life. I can understand everything that happens to me in my life, & something I don’t understand in a particular moment, I receive the answer, next day, when I sit in silence.

Life lessons are hard to come by. It asks you to go through all sorts of personal experience before you understand something substantial in your life.

When I don’t understand any part of my life, I try to figure out the answers in books. Whenever I read, I feel I am looking my life into that book, & if something I need to change, or I need to improve, or I need to learn, I get from those books. Knowledge has become very important part of my life.

When I run, and sit in silence, & gain knowledge, it’s difficult to contemplate, what part of it, stays with me, & which knowledge washed out of my mind. I have figured out the way, in writing.

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 When I write down my life, I can look into my mind, & can see what & how he thinks. On the basis of that, I can check, what I need to add & which things need to be left out, of my life. So writing has become very important part of my life.

When I try to do, lot many things, I have to calculate the time for everything, otherwise, it’s not possible to accumulate each & everything in the curriculum of the day. I make sure, I utilize every moment of the day, to do some useful activity that can bring best out of me. I believe, from the deep core of my heart, that our life depends on a single day.

We stay on this earth, for the longer time; if we manage to create a purpose, for our self.

Purpose Awakening

When I add up everything, & make it a part of my life, I need a strong purpose to go through all of these. So, I have created a purpose in my life, so that I can go long way, & even if I am gone, my purpose of life serves other people’s purpose on this earth. The purpose is needed to carry on with life.

Just having a purpose, doesn’t lead me further in life, because to fulfill the purpose, I need a strong motivation to fill myself, each day so that I can give my best to life, & stay on the purpose for the rest of my life.

I motivate myself, morning, evening & night so that whenever I crumble, I can support myself, & lift myself up again, to walk on the purpose. So, everyday motivation is a great boost to stay on the game.

Having said about the purpose and motivation doesn’t allow the things to happen. I have to be clear in my head, about how to go with the strategies & plans, in my life.

When I have my set of plans for the day, I set the energy in motion, to allow the things to happen.

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When my plans are ready and the energy has been set in motion, no strategies or plans can take on its own, until I take an action on them, and for action, I need real passion, so that I can execute the plan as effectively, as I was able to plan & strategize my day.

I have to carry the passion for, what I do, so that I can carry on with my action plan, till the last moment, & if the need arises, I can push myself further to get the things in order. I carry my passion, on my sleeve.

Having said all these, about motivation, & purpose & passion, what even after all these, I still act the way others act, or I do the things the way others do.

I should have the guts to stand out different, even if I do the same things, what others do. I am unique, and even I may do what others do, and I may run the way others run, & I write what others write, but with the deep belief in myself, helps me to stand for, what I do, & how I do, things in my life.

You need courage to stand out, & do what you feel right & what you think, is good for everyone. I love to be me.

When your work becomes the play, then you can have the playful life, all the time. To play with whatever I do is very important to me. I am supposed to just have to enjoy, everything I do. If I run, I enjoy, if I meditate, my heart blossom, when I plan, I give all the power to the day.

Life is fun, & we have to learn to create fun out of anything & everything, we do.

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After doing all these, if I am not useful to others, or if I can’t give a helping hand to my fellow being then it doesn’t seem like a fair play. When I do well, I feel good.

I try to be in service, of the people, who need me, & who rely on me. I try, & I try all the time. So, to give a helping hand to others fills our heart, with joy.

The last thing, I love to share with you all, is to stretch a little, till the last breath of your life. Always, n Always n Always try to be better than yesterday, & the previous moment, of our life. So stretch a little More.

 It may be possible, that I may not understand the whole life, in a day, but I know one thing very well, that nobody understood life, in one day, & everyone has to work hard, to create the life of their own.

When I understand that, everyone has to go through his fair share of struggle, & each one goes through the pain & suffering in his life, then all I do, is simply follow, what the sages did to understand life.

Be open to life, & never reject anything, before you understand it completely. Not even death. You never know, after death, you may land up in Heaven.

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