Learn from the Mistakes and Lesson’s of Life



Mistakes are the life’s lesson, that you repeatedly miss learning, while the lesson’s of life are the experiment’s and fresh experiences of life. When your perspective towards life is more towards learning, you learn from your mistakes and go for more experiments and fresh experiences of life.

The life has a strange way to teach the lessons. You only learn out of your past experience, when you sit, observe and reflect back at life. 

You make mistake every day, and certainly, you experiment with life on a daily basis. All these things, when observed silently turned out to be a great lesson of life.

Life brings you certain situations and events according to the state of mind, that you carry inside and the same is reflected in your outside life.

Every moment of life is useful. You have to have the little awareness to see in the moment. Every situation of life can be tackle gracefully. It’s not necessary to have the immediate solution for all the problems of life. With the absolute acceptance of one’s situation, you allow the solution to emerge as you progress with life on your path.

When you point the finger on others, every time the life gets out of the track, you close all the doors for new lesson’s to arrive. People miss the lesson’s because they tend to hurry with life. Every moment of life has to be absorbed completely. Only then you can free yourself, from the repetitive cycle of life.

To accept and embrace life, with all its colors needs courage. You can only awaken the love in your heart and experience the higher bliss if you have the courage to face your fear and go through all the insecurities of life. Remember all the fear & insecurities are in your mind, no matter how hard you try to convince yourself, looking into your outside situation.

The time to show courage is not when everything is in relax mode. You show your bravery when it’s required at the moment. You have to go through all the different feelings and emotions of life before the life opens the door for you.

“There is only one life, which is flowing inside out, in a transcendent circle. Its a circle of whirlpool, that is moving upward, inside out & outside in.”

If you close yourself from inside, you close the door of life from outside as well. The life is more concerned with what you carry in your inner world, and not what you achieve outside.

The mind has a tendency to have all at once, either its wealth, relationships, dreams or desires. But in reality, the physical world is a secondary thing, as life manifest first inside. The primary purpose of the outside desire’s or achievement is your personal growth and your inner transformation with it.

Either you look for successful professional life or better personal relationship, all these things exists to serve the primary purpose of inner growth and development. When the attention of a person is outside, it’s not possible for him to pay attention to the inside changes.

“When you take steps to connect with your subtle world, and start making the positive changes with it, you see the changes in the physical reality.”

The changes with the subtle world change the way you perceive life. If whole day, if you consciously choose to feel good and stay positive with life, your perception towards life remains different, then if you pass out the same day, considering yourself as a victim of life.

To transcend your outside reality of life, the process has to be initiated from inside. Once you bring the positive outlook from inside, you can see the best, in the most adverse situation. There is no way to run away from yourself. You have to face life.

The heaven on earth is for them, who live with their inner strength, while the experience of hell is for those who give onto their weakness.

The gateway to the heaven goes through you. You have to experience all your desire’s, fear, insecurities and all types of different feelings and emotions before you encounter the place in you, which is full of silence.

Silence is not something, you find at the top of the Himalayan mountain, but when you clear all the impurity from inside, what you find inside is the peace of mind.

When you live in the outside world and connect with your inner thoughts and feelings simultaneously, you create the bridge between the inner as well as the outside world.

The life can be explored inside, as much as its possible to be explored outside. Inner revelation is more enthralling and adventurous than you can ever explore in the outside world.

“The highest lesson of life comes, when you realize the source of everything in you.”


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