How to use the law of Vibrations?

How to use the law of vibrations

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The Law of attraction works through energy and vibrations. Life energy is a source of life on earth. Life’s energy allows us to form images and thoughts, develop emotions, and manifest things on earth. Life energy is the primary source behind the mind and body. 

Every individual is free to direct life energy according to his desires. The life energy gets directed by the mind. You create the desire in the mind, and the life energy will direct your mind, and body in the direction of your desire.

Your mind, and body carries certain energy and vibrations. You attract life according to the energy and vibrations of your body and mind. It all depends on you, what kind of energy and vibrations you radiate from your body and mind.

Whatever you imagine, think, and feel attracts the similar life situations and experiences in your life. You attract your life out of the energy and vibrations that you form around your body. Nature Serve’s every individual out of his energy and vibrations. The cosmic intelligence doesn’t read your thoughts and feelings, but it reads the intensity of your energy and reciprocate with it.

Laws of Attraction in daily life.

You can connect with your daily actions of life through your understanding. Either your daily actions can come out of conscious choice, or you are simply pushed into different experiences of life, out of your past actions. You give your energy to the actions, with your thoughts,

Your every action carries your energy and vibrations. The quality or result of your actions depends on the energy you have poured into your efforts. When you give your physical energy to something, that doesn’t mean your emotional and mental energy is not at work. They too do get involved with your work. Your action reflects your thoughts and feelings.

If your body is at work, and your mind and heart is somewhere else, you certainly don’t receive the result that you anticipate with your mind. Life responds to the whole effort. You cannot do anything half-heartedly with life. You have to pour everything, to receive your desired result.

The cosmic intelligence of the universe, doesn’t only read your actions, but also see your thoughts, feelings and intentions behind the act.

The Power of Intention

If you act, only to fulfill your duty, you do injustice to life. At any moment of life, you cannot play small. You cannot be good with one and selfish with another. Life understands the language of free flow. If you are not moving freely from inside, your inner energy to gets stuck, every time, your thoughts and feelings change.

When you see the physical reality (excluding nature), you see the outside manifestation of physical objects, and cannot see the backhand process for its manifestation.

The things take the physical form out of the mental, emotional & physical energy. If all the three forms of energy radiate positive vibrations, the result of the actions reflects the same, and if the energy is negative, it reflects in our action.

Consider your thoughts and emotions before the physical actions, and all the energy will be aligned, to manifest the result of your desire.

Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires

Planning is thus said to be an essential part of every task so that you can move out of the unplanned life, and get your life in order.

Energy & Vibrations of your Body, Mind & Emotions.

To put the energy of mind, body, and emotions in order need a practice. The knowledge plays an essential role in understanding things, and once the things are understood, it can be rightly implemented in life. The process of life follows a natural order. The one who works to understand the natural order gets his life closer to it.

The physical brain, heart, and body are formed with the mind and life energy. The life energy and mind comes from the soul. The spiritual path is all about connecting with the subtle part of life and to live life inside out.

People look at the world from a different perspectives. The person who is connected with the physical form, looks everything from the physical perspective, while the emotional person has an emotional perspective towards life.

The people like Einstein and Darwin live in their mental state and had a completely different perspective towards life. The eyes are the lenses of our minds. The perspective that you carry in your mind, your eyes will reflect the similar reality outside. Buddha has seen the same existence in its perfection, after enlightenment, as he has attained a completely different eye to view the same world with perfection. This is a wisdom eye.

Buddha has seen the same existence in its perfection, after enlightenment, as he has attained a completely different eye to view the same world with perfection. This is a wisdom eye.

Your perception defines your reality. The external reality exists only in your mind and the clarity of it, can be received, when you realize the wisdom eye, that can help you to look in your mind and the outside life with utmost clarity.

How to raise your vibrations?

Meditation is a wonderful tool to connect with the inner world. Normally people live their life out of the unconscious mind, i.e. from the experiences of the past. They only experience reality, when life happens to them not otherwise.

With the unconscious mind, you cannot look at the moment. You only perceive life from the past. To move from the unconscious state of mind to the conscious state, you have to make a conscious effort. The unconscious mind holds all the experiences of the past. Unless you make the conscious choice with your life and be more responsive towards life, it will be hard to break the pattern of the past.

Unless you come out of your unconscious mind and connect with the inner space, no changes can be noted in life and even the future will reflect the same as of your past.

Breathe is the way to your Inner Journey. The first step on the spiritual path is to connect with your breath, be it through physical exercise, breathing technique, or meditation. Once you connect with your breath due to physical exercise, breathing technique, or meditation you can disconnect yourself from your unconscious mind and be more present at this moment.

When you experience life in the present moment, you see the people, situation, and experiences of life as they are, and not what your mind projects at the moment. Your presence at the moment will help you to recognize the difference. The way you perceive life with the mind and with the presence at the moment makes a huge difference. Your perspective gets absolutely change towards life.

Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration

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  1. I’m considering Tesla as one of the biggest mysteries of the world, and hope a lot of his prediction will come real before I’ll leave this world. But no matter how hard reasoning, going pure transcendental, leaving behind the material, is like,if using pilots jargon, flying into clouds with instrument panel all on OFF. But, I appreciate these thoughts, there are lot I found in this post. Thank you!

  2. Tesla was to Smart for his time. He is just now beginning to be understood by Awakened people. Sitting in Nature raises your vibration. The earths Vibration of 7.83 Hz can be received by sitting walking barefoot or laying on the ground as much as possible.

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