knowledge is Science, the knower is Spirituality



Any form of a query, either it’s subjective or objective its science, while the acceptance and surrender in totality, is the path of spirituality. Science is to know more, while the spirituality is to become the knower.

Knowledge or information separates you from the knower, but when you become the knower, you become the source of all knowledge. Knowledge or information is secondary, either about subject or object, but the source, from where all the knowledge flows, is primary.

It’s you, mind and the knower. Till you want to know more, you come out of the mind, but when you become one with the knower, you simply drop the mind, to experience life in its natural form.

The path of spirituality leads you to the knower. The word spirituality comes from the word spirit. A human being not only exist in a physical form, but they also have a spirit, which is made up of mind, heart, and energy.

The path of spirituality is to know the internal process of life and to realize the spirit, which is the source of physical reality. Spirit is the primary body, while the physical body is secondary. All the thoughts, emotions, and energy into the body, flows through the spirit to the physical body.

Science is all about information and inquiry in a specific direction. Any type of query is science, be it in the physical world or spiritual world, as it leads to more information and experience. Science too can lead you to the path of self-realization, if you direct your intent, towards the realization of your higher self.

Your perception with the mind decides the way you perceive your environment, surroundings, different situations and experiences of life. When you create an intent to move inward, you move deeper into your own perception, to experience the higher reality of life.

The science raises the query on the physical reality, to get behind the truth, and to invent and discover a deeper reality, that can be useful to improve life on earth. Science is no different than the spirituality, and in the longer run serve the spiritual path of life.

If you know, how to explore the outside reality, it becomes easier to raise the query on your existence.

The perception of the mind allows you to perceive life, out of your experiences and impressions through senses. When you connect with your inner reality of life, you create the path to move into the deeper reality beyond the mind.

The life in the universe exists out of natural cosmic order, and the same order prevails life, on everything that exists on the existence. The universe and the existence follows a cosmic order to manifest life on earth.

The same cosmic order takes place in the human’s and when you develop an intent to move inward and realize the inner cosmic order, you no longer resist with life, but simply accept and embrace the natural cosmic order of life.

The life is perfect at each step, and as you develop a deeper understanding about life, you come closer to the natural order of life. The pain and suffering with life are only due to the lesser understanding of the natural order of life. The time you slip away from the natural process of life, you call for the suffering.

Life never slips out of order, its the human out of free-will makes the choices and decisions against the natural order of life. Because of ignorance and lack of understanding, he is unable to see the natural process of life, out of which every situation, events and different experiences of life takes place.

To experience the natural order of life, you have to move beyond the perception of mind and senses, and i.e. possible when your attention shifts inward. The connection with the inner self brings you closer to the natural process of life.

With the mind, it’s hard to experience life beyond our own perception of the mind.

“The personal identity “I” is locked into the box of the mind, and whatever you experience in the outside world, gets stored into the mind, and personal identity attach itself to everything that’s stored inside, to develop perception out of it.”

You cannot understand life, beyond your own perception. When you realize the knower or observer, beyond the mind, you see the truth behind life. The truth of life is a natural process, through which life takes place.

With the knower, you don’t simply see the object, or people or situation, but you see the natural process of manifestation, through which everything takes place. When you understand the process of life, you understand the perfection, with which everything takes place on this earth, and every part of life moving towards its perfection. The life on earth is going through the natural process, where it is moving towards its perfection.

“Every person has a free-will to choose his or her own path, and come to the natural order of life. The only way to realize the natural order of life is to connect yourself from within.”

All the different experiences, events and situation of your life, present yourself with what you carry inside of you, and the time you realize this truth, you live more inward rather than to simply get caught up in the illusion of the outside world, created by your mind.

The illusion creates pain and suffering, as you try to perceive things outside, which is part of your mind, and you create further illusion out of it, through the thought process, although the reality remains absolutely different.

An individual’s life can be either driven by science or query, to explore the physical reality of life, or the same science can be directed inside, for the self-realization. The query of science remains the same to explore, simply the direction to explore life, change for the person.

There are two ways to realize the higher self or experience the spirit. One is through the mind, i.e. query and the other is through the heart, i.e. total acceptance, and surrender. Both  the mind and heart can help you to realize the higher self.

Knowledge is a step by step process towards understanding, while the knower is all knowing entity in the moment. Knowledge is accumulation, while the knower is a simple presence. Knowing is to simply know. You don’t have to go through all the process, but when you need something, your simple presence, guides you to the right place, where the right information is available, i.e. needed for the moment.

The path of spirituality is to make you one with the knower. When you are with the mind, you live with the personal identity, that only relies on what he knows, out of his experiences and impressions, he has accumulated over the time. But when the personal identity, rise above the mind, it simply becomes the knower, where he can look into the natural process of life, and have direct access to, all the information of the world.

The knowledge is to go through the entire book, while to become the knower is to know, which information is available on which page of the book, i.e. needed in a particular moment.

“The knower within you, is part of the source, while all the metaphysical and physical reality is part of the mind and the existence.”


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