Know your Source, to Connect with the Higher Source.



You see yourself in the physical form, with the mind and heart. But where do you come from? Where do your parents come from and parents, parents come from?

Everything has a source. Look at the tree, sunlight, river, ocean, everything has a source. Nothing comes out of the blue. It may happen that you might not have looked into that direction. You too have a source within you, from which your body, mind, and heart appears.

You have to experience the source within yourself, and once you realize the source, you can also connect with the higher source, out of which the entire universe exists. It may not possible in the moment, to realize your source, but as you may have come across the quote by Lao Tzu, ” A Thousand Miles begins with a single step.”

You have to start looking around for the source. The source is within you, but when you look inside, you may not find anything, as there is much more exist, of the mind, heart, and body along with the source.

“Your body, heart and mind is over-filled. Empty your vessel, to realize the source.”

In the Buddha’s Words: (The Teachings of the Buddha)

See what you bring closer to yourself, or connect you from within. It can be the sensation of your body, breathe, feelings & emotions or thoughts. You choose your own path. Connect with yourself in your own way. When you figure out your own path, you can further discover the path to move into the deeper reality of life.

The master of the outside world can show you the path, to connect with your inner world, but you have to cover the distance. The master has already walked upon the path and can show you the things to be avoided or the things that can assist you, according to your present conditions, but you have to walk alone on your path.

The truth is, when you move on to discover the source, you are never really alone. You always have the path to cover or the mystery to solve. The signs are available all the way. You have to have the eyes to see the signs on the path.

When you look inside, you come across the darkness. Many times you move into the outside world, you face the same darkness. This darkness should be cleared before you come to the light.

You have to befriend with this darkness. This darkness will only be your companion unless you come to the shore. The inner world is a tunnel with the darkness.The sun shines, once you cross the tunnel.

But the tunnel is just the metaphor, while the inner journey is the most exciting and thrilling journey you will ever have with your life. When you hold an intent to discover your truth within, all the people, situations and experiences of life serves you to bring you closer to your truth. When you connect with your inner world, you become more lively in the outside world.

Don’t run away from the pain and suffering of life. If you are looking for the highest wisdom and bliss for life, you also have to go through the little pain of life. On the path of truth, even pain and suffering serves you. It’s an internal process, and every human has to go through the process.

Imagine the mother going through the pain to deliver the baby, or the father working round the clock to fulfill the need of his family, or the soldier going through the pain to fight for his nation.

The pain on the path of the truth is the same. It’s the sweet pain, that you like to endure. But first of all, you have to learn to take the outside pain. Savor the pain, but don’t run away from it.

Make the most out of it. It’s needed to strengthen your body, mind, and heart. Your inner muscles need to be strengthened before you experience the highest bliss of life. You have to remove old wastage from life, and the pain and suffering are all about carving the sculpture.

“The pain and suffering polish you from within so that you can shine brighter in the outside world.”

A Place of Healing: Wrestling with the Mysteries of Suffering, Pain, and God’s Sovereignty

The one who goes through more experiences of life shines brighter with his inner light. Embrace and accept all part of life. No way I suggest that it’s an easy path, but when you realize that you are, up for the highest game of life, i.e. to realize the truth, then you are ready to pay any price for it.

Connect with your inner world with anything from the sensation, to the breath, feelings & emotions or with the thoughts. Whatever seems convenient to you. Try to hold the inner state of mind for the whole day. You may disconnect with your inner world several times in a day. Try to bring yourself again and again to the same thing.

To connect with your inner world is the thing of the mind, so you don’t have to worry about your outside world. It works in the same way, as before. You keep on fulfilling your outside obligations of life and stay connected with your inner world.

Slowly with the time, the deeper you move inside, the more successfully, you accomplish the feat of the outside world.

All the obligations of the outside world can be placed in order and accomplished one by one if your inner world is in order. When your inner world doesn’t flow in an order, the outside world seems like a mess.

In reality, the mess is within your inner world. When you connect with your inner world, you put the mind, heart, and body in order. When your attention is only outside, sometimes you act out of your sensation, and sometimes of emotions, and sometimes even the images of the mind compel you to take action.

When you connect with your inner world, you figure out the needs of your outside world, and put the things in motion from inside, so that you accomplish the things in the outside world, and simultaneously move deeper to realize the source of life.

The life starts with the body and the breath, which doesn’t need any physical proof of it. Moving inside, you come across the sensation. This sensation can only be felt by you. Moving deeper, you come across the feelings and emotions that again can be felt the person itself.

You move deeper, you come across the activities of the mind, i.e. to think and imagine things. When you live with your attention outside, you don’t know how all these things take place inside of you.

You can know this for yourself when you connect inside. Once you can understand your body, breath, sensation, feelings, or the thought patterns, you come closer to the source.

The more you move deeper inside of yourself, the more you connect with the source.The source exists within you.

To connect with the source, you have to connect with your inner world and to connect with the inner world, you can choose to move in through physical exercise, breathing techniques or observing your inner world in meditation, or you can also opt for your own way to connect with your inner-self.

The source is the point of dot within, from which the mind, heart, and sensation expand within you.

The spirit is attached to the physical body. When you are not in control of your sensation, the mind and heart control your life.The mind forms impressions all the time, from the outside situations, from the past experiences of life, or by imagining the future.

These impressions allow the flow of thoughts, feelings, and energy, which through sensation pass onto the body, and the action comes out of it. The process is so quick inside of you, that you need daily practice to recognize this inner movement and to be one with it.

“When you accumulate too many impressions about an event or situation, you put the energy in force to make it a part of your life.”

The Code: Use the Laws of Manifestation to Achieve Your Highest Good

If you don’t have control over your sensation, you act unconsciously out of the impressions of your mind. When you are unconscious about what’s going on inside, then the (cause and effect ) moves in a circle inside of you.

You only move in a circle. Your circle expands, and so you feel the growth with your life. But it’s again the circle of the mind, i.e. (cause & effect) that expands within you.

The source can be realized when your intent is to move out of the circle of (cause & effect). The process of growth and evolution serves you to realize the source, but if you set a clear intent to your life for the freedom, all the impressions, feelings, energy, efforts, and experiences of your life, serve you to move in that direction.

With the attention and intention in a specified direction, you take control of your life. Then no event of your life happens without your notice. You develop the power to change the situation and experiences of life and serve others to develop a right intent with their life, out of understanding.

The purpose of life is served, when your path and purpose of life becomes one, and this can happen two ways.

If you believe in this moment, that your path will certainly take you to the truth of life, then your path and purpose become one in this moment itself, or you realize your true source within yourself and then walk down to the source. Then your concerned remains to be with the source, as all the path and purpose of life, is served with the source.

When you become one with the source, all your energy is directed towards the higher source, which is the source of everything.You have the source, and there is also the source of this earth, sun, moon, and all the souls on this earth be it humans, plants, animals, mountains and everything that exists on earth.

By connecting with your source, you connect with the higher source, which is the source of all. Here you experience one life, that flows through each and everything that exists on earth, and you too become one with all.

God Talks with Arjuna: The Bhagavad Gita (Self-Realization Fellowship)


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