Know your Perspective, and Adjust your Perspective with Life


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The truth is beyond all the perspectives of life, still, when it comes to life, each one holds his or her own perspective to view and understand life. It’s important to know your perspective towards life. Only when you know, how you view life, you can make necessary adjustments with it, if and when required.

For different aspects of life, you have your own perspective towards life. You can adjust into different situations or events of life, if you know your perspective towards them. Knowing towards anything, allows us to let lose the grip on it.

As you make different choices and decisions with life, life begins to show up, in different ways. As your choices and decisions differ, simultaneously it impacts the outside life. You have to be quick in noticing the changes, and adopt the changes, with life.

Your each move brings the change with life. If you don’t remain rigid, with your own perspective towards life, it becomes easier for you, to adjust with the changes that life brings to you.

Life changes every moment, and it’s important for you, to know, how you perceive life. Each individual carry his or her own perspective towards life. Once you know your perspective, you can come closer in understanding the perspective of different individuals, those who are connected to you, in one way or the other.

A different situation, events and experiences of life, comes out of many perspectives. Each one wants the life to happen his way, but life as a whole, has its own way of functioning. When you know your perspective, you can stay detach with your perspective and remain open with the outside changes with life.

Life flows in its own way, and you have to be flexible enough to adjust yourself with life. Once you know yourself thoroughly, you remain open to adjust yourself with life. These don’t mean, you don’t create plans and schedule your life, but even after the scheduling, you remain open to reschedule and re-fix your plans, according to the changes you notice outside.

Life doesn’t follow a fix rule, and it brings to you, what you offer to life. You can only understand the patterns of life, if you remain open to it. Unless you know, how you see life, you cannot stay open with it.

Knowing your perspective towards life means to know oneself. The adjustment can take place, once you know your own perspective. You can let lose something, if you know you are holding something tight. If you don’t even know, that you are holding something, than you cannot let lose yourself with it.

The more you let lose yourself with life, the more you can see yourself, flowing with the process of life. It doesn’t matter, in which direction; the wind is blowing, if you are one with it. The problems arise, only when you consider the wind as an obstacle. There is no issue with life, if you have a smooth flow of life, without any problems. The issue arise, when you want something, and life behaves exactly opposite to it. If you don’t have any idea for life, you stay open to life; you flow with the natural flow of life, by serving all the needs of the moment.

Life is there, to take care of, all of your needs, if you allow it to do so. If you become rigid with your own idea of life, it becomes difficult for the life, as a whole to serve you. You are worried about the identity, your reputation, your impressions, your beliefs and all that you carry into your mind. Life works as a whole and doesn’t bother for all of these petty things. Life works to serve the need of the moment, and once the need is served, it simply moves forward. Life as a whole, doesn’t concern about the future or the past, but only works to serve the present moment.

Serve the need of the present moment, and the need of the future & act of the past, will be served by itself.

No constant perspective towards people, situation, event or experience towards life can work. It changes frequently with time. To understand something that change, you need to understand that already exists, in the moment. Once you understand, what exists inside of you, you can notice the difference, between your perspective and the actual reality.

There are three realities of life. The reality that you hold, as your individual’s perspective, the actual reality, and the ultimate truth, out of which your perspective and the actual reality take place.

Life that takes place outside may go with your perspective or may not go with your perspective. If it goes with your perspective, which means, your idea and life’s idea relate with each other, and if it doesn’t go, with your perspective, that means it differs, with your perspective.

Now, your perspective towards life comes out of, your experiences of life, while the actual reality that takes place, comes out of the natural process of life. The ultimate truth is, beyond the actual reality and the perspective of your mind. Out of the ultimate truth, both your individual’s perspective and the outside reality happen.

To know that ultimate truth, it’s important for you, to know the perspective that you carry for life and then to read the changes between your perception and the actual reality that take place outside.

You create your life, by adjusting with the natural flow of life. It doesn’t matter what you hold into your mind, you are connected with everyone, and each individual in your circle, holds the power to bring the change into your life. Your role is not to become adamant to your ideas of life, but become so flexible, that you can adjust yourself with all the different changes, of the outside world.

As soon as you make adjustments with life, new choice’s and decision’s always waiting for you in advance. Your choice and decisions with life, depends upon your flexibility. The more flexible you are with life, the more support, you get from life.

Many talk about flowing against the wind, but its only fools, who goes against the wind. The wise one’s, simply adjust themselves with the flow of the wind.

The wind can be the people, situation or event of your life. Don’t try to override the wind. Simply try to adjust yourself to the wind, and flow with the wind. You are not here to prove your point, but you are here to flow with the wind of life. If you resist at every step, you simply try to go, against the wind, and it will not serve any purpose to your life, but when you accept all the different aspects of life, you call for the smooth ride, for yourself.

Your perspective drives your life, and your attachment towards your perspective, creates more hurdles with your life. There are no other problems or obstacles with life, other than that you create for yourself, out of your attachments.

The time you want the world to move around your idea, you begin to create problems within yourself. Your idea cannot become the idea of the world, as the life on the existence has to think eternal, and the idea you hold into your mind, only serve the moment. You cannot force your idea on life, but all you can do is, adjust yourself with the free flow of life.

You need to know your plans with different aspects of life, so that, when you notice the changes with it, you can drop your plans, to adopt the plans of existence, into your life.

The life works collectively on the existence. To awaken to the plan of existence, is what enlightenment is all about. When you stay awake with life, you stay awake to the plan of existence. You don’t carry your own idea for life, or even if you do, it’s only for the reference, to understand the plan of life.

When you know your plan, you can also notice the change that take place to your plan. You embrace the change, because you know, this way, you embrace the life as a whole. Life can be lived in totality; by dropping one’s own perspective towards life. When you drop your limited plans with life, you become one, with the plan of the existence.

Than your concern doesn’t remain, where life leads you, but you trust life, enough to take you, wherever it wants. Life only brings to you, that can serve you, in the moment, and this truth can be known, by becoming one with life.

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