Know what is Primary and Secondary Purpose in Life?

Primary and Secondary Purpose

You are the primary purpose of your life, and everything that comes out of you, in the form of expression and everything that you are connected with it, in the external world is secondary. Unless you are clear in your mind, with what is primary and what is secondary, you can never set the priorities for your life.

All your priorities with your daily life depend on upon, what matters the most to you, in your mind. Sometimes, even you don’t know, what is important to you, and thus, whatever comes in front of you, simply carries you, in its direction.

Your priorities with life need to be clear to you. You need to understand, how your mind works. Unless you clear the things into your mind, it will not show up, in your life, and you will always remain in the state of confusion.

Your mind is a magic pot, from which you pick the things, and manifest life out of it. If you don’t tell your mind, your priorities, it will be easier for your mind, to pick anything, to serve you with your life.

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Your mind needs to know, what’s important for you and it will not know by itself, but you have to set the list and tell your mind the priorities of your life.

What is your mind?

Your mind is a set of all the different experiences and impressions of life that you have accumulated over the time. The mind runs the cycle within you that repeats itself over and over, all the time within you, and according to the external situations, your mind simply shows different impressions with which you respond to life.

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If you don’t set priorities with life, your mind already have lots of experiences and impressions from the past, and just in case, if you don’t know, how your daily life will unfold, that means, you don’t have any control, of what kind of situation, events, experience or impressions, you will come across throughout the day.

The external situation will put you in any condition, and out of which your mind too will respond. This way, you will have no control over your life, and both the external and internal life, will take you, into its own direction and then you will experience the chaos, in both of your internal and external world.

All the different situations, events, experience or impressions of the external world, creates internal life, in you, to which you knew as the mind. Now, if you don’t have control over your external world, you will never have control over your internal world. The internal and external world will move in a circle without your knowing.

You are not your mind but you have the mind, the way you have a brain, heart, and body. Brain and mind too, are different. The brain is physical, the mind is subtle. The mind needs space, to execute its function and that space is your brain.

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You are different from your mind, but unless you realize this truth, you consider yourself as mind and simply follow what your mind shows to you, in the form of images, imagination, dreams, desires, thoughts and much more.

By knowing your primary and secondary priorities with life, you make the things clear to your mind. Once your mind knows, the priorities of your life and you set a certain order for your mind to follow; your mind silently guides you, in the direction of your priorities effortlessly.

With life, either the process of enlightenment or the process of manifestation, anything can be easily achieved, by directing the mind in the desired direction.

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Let me make you, this thing clear that we are discussing mind and not the brain and you are different from your mind. You are not your mind but you are different from your mind. If you allow this truth to sink deep in you, it will become easier to make use of your mind.

The brain is just an instrument of, which the mind makes use of, to get its functions through. The way you use the electronic gadgets, in a similar way, the mind use brain, to get its work done.

You might not be aware of, how your brain, functions, but your mind knows, how to make use of it. Whatever you want with life clear your mind with it, and the manifestation part will happen for you. Remember, you have to walk the distance, but that walk will be effortless.

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With life, work is not the problem, but the clarity of work is a problem. We are not clear with, what we are doing with life and that is the problem. Unless you clear your mind, what you are up with life, your mind will always raise the unnecessary queries, in regards to your life.

It’s the nature of the mind, and there is only one way to rise above nature, is to understand it. Your mind makes use of it, rather it has to be the other way round.

Knowing your priorities with life separates you from your mind. Till the time, you are attached to your mind, you will consider yourself, a part of it, and you will never bother to understand it.

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The mind is something that can be understood. All the experiences and impressions of life, creates your life, in one or the other form. All your fear, dreams, desires, feelings, emotions take one or the other form. It doesn’t matter, either your fear is of one thing or the other, but the fear remains the same. You never bother to directly look into the cause.

The mind is the cause of life, and you so entangled into your mind, that you are never bothered to understand, where your mind is driving you.

Unless you know your mind, you are driven by your mind, in one or the other way, which is the cause of your misery.

Howsoever hard you claim, but you have no control over your life, and deep down inside, you know that. You are simply driven by life, and helplessly you have to follow. You might give thousands of excuse, but unless you sit down with yourself, and realize the truth, you will simply repeat the circle with your life.

Even repeating the circle with life is no problem but staying ignorant about it, really is. Both the external and internal life can be known by you if you bother to look into it.

You always have a choice to know your life and live with the understanding or simply give up, to the daily pressure of life.

The Choice: Living Your Passion Inside Out

God has created you, in its form, and the time you move deeper in you, you find yourself, no less than god. God is not something who manipulates life, but God is the one, who puts life in order and stay detach with it.

You can go on carrying your own perception in relation to god, and that will not help you to realize the truth. Sometimes we wait for the miracles to happen, or some savior to save our lives, but we are the only savior and we are the God of our life.

The time we realize our self as eternal from within, we take control of, everything that gets creates out of us, the process of operation and the process of rejuvenation, and this makes us god.

The primary purpose of life is to realize the god within and everything else in life is secondary. The time you realize yourself as God from within, everything else will become secondary in life.

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With the realization, the secondary thing doesn’t become less important, but you take absolute control of it, but don’t get lost in it. Today the whole world has lost in their own dreams and desire’s and they don’t know that with the awareness of life, all their dreams and desire’s come true, and they don’t have to lose themselves, into their desire but to understand them, fulfill them and get over them.

Your true self-doesn’t associate itself with anything and remain to detach with everything that takes place in your internal and external life. This is the beauty of your true self, and this is the beauty of life. The time you recognize the primary purpose of your life and move in that direction, everything else becomes secondary.

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