Know God and Life through Breath


God, Life, & Breathe.

God is the most powerful energy, that flows through all of us, in the form of breath. The closest thing with which, we are connected to god is breath. Breathe is the sensation, that we feel, flowing through the entire body. It comes in and goes out. Breathe is directly linked to the source.

The sages in the east used breathe, as a tool to create awareness of the present situation, and improve upon the focus. With awareness and focus, wherever, we put our attention upon, our understanding about those things gets better.

With the breath, we can reach to the point of source, where we realize God. We can also understand the laws of life, by being aware of the breath every moment.

Breathe creates understanding towards God & Life.

God and life can only be understood at the level of mind. Breathe has a direct connection, with the flow of the thoughts. When we are aware of the breath, coming in and going out, the flow of the thoughts, gets reduce and remains in control. When the flow of thoughts are in control, our capacity to understand the situation and to respond to the situation gets better.

When we start to understand life situation better and slowly move our attention towards god, our understanding towards god gets better, and we attract more situations and circumstances from nature, to connect our self to god.

We can practice to be aware of the breath, along with our daily routine, & thus, allow the awareness to grow every moment, that can help us to control the flow of thoughts, and at the same time, improve our understanding towards life.

 Following Breathe, brings closer to the Self.

Breathe brings us closer to our self. When we work, our attention is in the outside activity, but we can focus our attention at work, and feel the breath, at the same time. This way we can allow the thoughts of the mind, to flow freely, and choose only those thoughts, that are useful, in those moments.

Breathe brings us closer to the self. With the breath, we can train the mind, to be present in a moment, and can use it more effectively, to focus on the current activity, in hand.

Mind moves into the past and future, but if we follow the thoughts, and not get carried away by it, sooner the mind, gets back to the present moment. Mind only wanders, if we have lower awareness or lesser focus on to the task, but attention on the breath keeps us more alert and aware, with the task on hand and the activities of the mind.

When the breath and the flow of thoughts are in control, it’s easy to divert the flow of thoughts in the desired direction, according to the need of a situation. Most of the time of our life, we spent on correcting the mistakes from the past life. When we evaluate and analyze the present life, this truth can be realized.

Breathe connects you, to your Astral Body.

Our physical body or outer appearance, is just like a coconut, protecting the cream and natural water lies inside. The cream is an astral body, made up of senses. The mind creates the images followed by thoughts, and these thoughts turn out into an emotion, that spreads into the body through senses, that compels the physical body to work.

When we put our attention on the breath, we take more oxygen and that helps us to clear our negative emotions, and clear our sensory body. When the astral body is free from the negative emotions, it becomes more active and alive with the positive flow of the energy, that reflects in our actions.

Once the astral body is free from all the emotional burdens and overcome all the fear of existence, the passive energy,  at the base of the spine, gets active. This active energy helps us to realize the soul within the body, that holds all the wisdom of life, God and existence.

Breathe helps you to create Complete & Wholesome Life.

A complete life is a blissful life, in all the situations, either its personal or professional. We see all the outside situation, as passing on a movie screen, without creating any impression on the mind. A complete life is a horizontal life. The expansion of life, on this earth.

Wholesome life is the life, where we have a clear understanding of God, Life, and this existence. The purpose of human on this earth, and the afterlife. Wholesome life is a vertical life, where we rise higher and higher realizing our true self.

With breathe, we can live complete and wholesome life, on the existence, following all the laws of nature.

While following breathe, we are aware and alert at every moment, the mind doesn’t bifurcate between the personal and professional life, and always feel peace in mind, and bliss in his heart, in every situation of life. This happens when the understanding improves, with the awareness of breath.

With Better Knowledge about God & Life, we Grow & Improve our World.

We can live better life if we can have a thorough understanding of God and his laws of life, and we design, all our action plan, according to his laws. With growth, we see the better possibilities in life, and we feel more confident to take action upon it. If we have a better understanding of the situations of life, before hand, we take better actions towards it, that leads to the better result.

We all choose to live peaceful and blissful life, but we can only create one, with the better understanding of life, and who knows life better than the source himself.  Breathe is part of this source, and more of the time, in a day, we can be with the part of the source, the better life, we can create for ourselves and for our loved ones.

Breathe is part of this source, and more of the time, we can stay with the inflow and outflow of breath, the better life, we can create for ourselves and for our loved ones.

We all have a deep desire to serve others, with our work, and to experience the success in life, but along with it, if we can realize the purpose of our life, and know the source of life, from where we all come from, then in true sense we will experience the success with life.

Breathe is a tool, where we consciously choose to be aware of the moment, and begin the process to know the source, and create true fulfillment in life, and accomplish the purpose of life.


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