It’s the Energy that creates Life, and not the Mind


The whole world is struggling with the thoughts and imagination of the mind and it’s an eternal struggle. Till you live at the level of your mind and considers the mind, to be the creator of your life, the struggle remains with life.

You just can never come over, of your mind, because the mind is just an instrument and unless you understand the back-end process, you remain stuck in the mind.

Thoughts and imagination is a by-product of the inner flowing energy. Your perception naturally comes out of the by-product, but if you consider by-product as everything, there are fair chances for you, to get caught up, in the illusions of your mind.All your thoughts and imagination are the waves, of the mind. The waves can only form if the spiritual energy passes through the mind. The quality of your thoughts and imagination too depends on the inner flowing energy. If the energy is high, the waves of thoughts and imagination are positive, and if the energy is low, your mind creates negative perspective towards life.

The thoughts and images of your mind get formed from the impressions and experiences of your life. All the experiences and impressions of life don’t get stored in the mind, but it gets stored, on the subtle thread that carries the spiritual energy to the brain, heart, and body.

If the flow of energy is high, you create future, out of your past impressions, and if it’s low, your mind simply repeats the same old thoughts and images from the past. It’s necessary to connect with the inner flowing energy, to understand the process of life.

The process of mind is mechanical, and the data of the thoughts and imagination can be changed, by changing the experiences and impressions of life.

If you consider the data of your mind, as your life, then you can never discover the truth of life, i.e. beyond the thoughts and imagination of your mind. Each day consciously or unconsciously, you go through different experiences of life. So many different experiences shape your mechanical process of the mind.

It’s not necessary, that if you have an experience and expertise on something, the mind will be able to carry out the process. Unless you have a sufficient energy flowing through the mind, the mind cannot even go through the mechanical process of life. The mind needs energy to take things forward.

Now, the energy can be of two types. One that you receive from outside, and the other is the one that flows from within. The energy that you receive from outside, remains for a limited period, but if you can connect with the inner flowing energy, you connect with the unlimited flowing energy.

Your inner energy that flows through your brain, heart, and body, is always in its purest form. If you connect with the internal energy, your perspective gets change towards life. You cannot perceive life from the past, but you dive into the actual reality of life.

Any change you wish to have, with your life, can only be possible if you connect with the source. The source of your life is not the thoughts and imagination, but the energy that works behind it.

If you have necessary energy in the moment, you can accomplish anything in life and stay detached with it. You don’ get caught up, into the negative or positive aspects of life, but you look for the truth and follow the truth.

When you realize yourself, as energy, you realize the importance of creation. You have pure energy flowing through the body, and you can create anything out of it. If you have negative or unpleasant thoughts, flowing through your mind, you don’t correct your thoughts, because thoughts flow like a wave, because of the flowing energy in the moment, rather you simply detach yourself from it, and begin to correct yourself, at the level of energy.

The mind is never constant, because of the constant flow of energy through the mind, all the time. The energy flows continuously, and thus with it, the activity of the mind.

When you connect with the flowing energy, you can realize that, when your inner energy gets stuck within, you get stuck in your mind. All the negative thoughts or stress, or suppress feelings or emotions, is a result of the obstruction, in the free flow of energy.

Life works in synchronization. The energy flows through the brain, heart, and body, and the subtle world of thoughts, feelings, and emotions begin to rotate in a circle. Moving forward, you make a choice, out of the circle, to manifest, what you need in the outside world, and begin to, work towards it. This inner circle each day adds more and more experiences and impressions of life, and circle expands within you.

If you are not connected from inside, you are never bothered to look at your inner capacity, and always plunge into the things, which is beyond your capacity.

Each day you accumulate certain experiences and impressions with life, and more experiences and impressions you accumulate, more energy you lose, in handling them, into your subtle world. You have more nonsense to think about, that makes you weak from inside.

Be very careful with your life. Choose your experiences and impressions with life, wisely and you don’t have to be ever bothered about stress or feeling depressed with life. It’s all about the matter of awareness, at the moment.

People think that experience is the best teacher, but not all experiences are required for life. You only have to experience that serves your purpose with life, at the moment. The things that hold no relevance, into your life, should not be a part of your life, as it will only drain your energy at a subtle level.

Your energy is pure and you can make anything out of it. The point is, do you really consider yourself a creator, or you simply get lost in the whirlpool of your mind. The mind in itself is not the problem because whatever you fill your mind, comes out of the choice and decisions of your life. The problem is, your unconscious mind or wavered attention.

Unless you are clear with what you want out of life, it will always remains dizzy.

You are not the mind, but you are separate from your mind, and mind is just an instrument that has its automated functions to carry out life. The way kidney purifies the breath, the way stomach digest the food, in a similar way, the mind has its various functions.

If the thought passes through your mind, and you compel to act, without evaluating the consequences of it, then you are controlled by the mechanics of your mind. When you are moved by the mind, then all your thoughts and imagination and all your experiences and impressions from the past, controls your life. You don’t hold any control over your life. Connecting with the inner source liberates you from the mechanical process of life.

Life is not that complicated, the way your mind creates for you. If you consider the mind, as a base of life, you always fall short of life.

Mind creates perception out of the external experiences and impressions of life, and the same experiences and impressions in the longer run become your life. If you are not conscious every moment, the mind is capable enough to create the impressions and experience, without your consent and your life will become mechanical without you even being aware of it.

You go on living life, as if, everything is real, as everything is going into your mind, but you will never hold on for a moment, to notice, how everything filled into your mind?

You were born with it, or is it acquired?

The time you take a pause in your life, and reflect back, you realize that your life, simply follows your past, in the moment, and stretched your past experiences into the future, in one or the other form.

The time you begin to drop all the thoughts and imagination of your mind, and see life in its natural form, you give the best response to life, and make new choices in your life and create absolutely new reality for yourself.

Once you begin to live in the present moment, you begin to realize, how your mind, has absolutely absorbed you and making things through you. You too participate in it willingly, without understanding, the true nature, of your mind.

Try to observe life, beyond your thoughts and imagination. Don’t comprehend life’s situation, people or events with the judgmental mind, rather simple notice life’s situations, people, and circumstances without judgment.

The life flows in its purest form, through you, and you, with the mind, heart and body, manifest life, out of it. Unless you are consciously making a choice with your life, looking at the consequence of your every action, in advance, you can never overcome the repetitive patterns of your mind.

The toughest thing to break in life is the repetitive patterns of your mind.

Each person carries its own understanding towards life and that understanding comes out of the inner flowing energy that continuously flow within him. If every individual consciously connects with the inner flowing energy, then the repetitive patterns of life can easily be accessible and conscious actions can be taken to make necessary change to it.

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  1. This post got me thinking on so many levels. The one I was most fascinated by is, we are either trained by our mind or train our mind. The cycles are not meant to train our mind. They are there to create consciousness in spirit. Once this is understood, the moment continually expands the cycles to create greater and greater consciousness. There comes a point when nothing but the energy of life is flowing through us.

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