It’s Necessary to have a Break from Life

break from life

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You need a break from life. Your mind expands and contracts with different experiences of life. When you get into your repetitive cycle of life, the mind tends to contracts over the time.

The mind needs space to expand. With the daily routine, the mind gets tied up in such a way, that you lose even a simple understanding towards life.

All your stress, anger, chaos or confusion is not due to the situation or people around you, but it’s just because of the contraction of your mind.

The time you take a break from your daily routine, you feel fresh and rejuvenated to experience life all over again. To again become alive with your life, you have to take a break from your daily routine.

When you take a break from your daily routine, you give some space to your mind. You allow your mind to expand. The mind too needs a space to breath. The life happens not somewhere else but in your mind. If you give your mind different experiences, it becomes alive again. It gets empowered to face new challenges of life. It opens up to walk on the new territory, leaving all the fears of life behind.

You cannot tie up your mind to the same routine, and go on and on with your life. Some day your mind will give up and you will have the outside situation or people to blame for your condition.

The real problem always remains inside, while we keep on searching for the answers in the outside world.

To have a break from your routine is not leisure but the need of life. You don’t have to wait for the time till you collapse and then look for the remedy for healing. The best time to operate is when you are very much active in your life.

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Many times we are stressed by the situation, which other times requires no effort to handle. Sometimes we whine for no reason for the petty situation. These are different signals we receive over the time, to take a break from life. We avoid all of those situations and keep stretching with our lives. Even for many the break or holiday appears to be a waste of time.

Sometimes to take a big leap in our lives, we have to take few steps backward.

Nothing gives you more clarity with life than a break from your daily routine. You get the chance to see the same life with different perspective. You evaluate the same life, but with better clarity. You see into the future of your own life.

It’s always an individual who writes his own script of life. If he is unaware of his script, he may wander through life without any direction. People feel purpose less life because they don’t take time out for themselves. They go on living their life, expecting the miracle. Nobody really tries to understand the path of a miracle.

The miracle is not something that happens all of a sudden, but a miracle happens out of your daily living with a certain level of understanding towards life.

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When you consciously take time out for yourself, you get the time to look into your own life. You observe the path you have covered over the time and the direction you are heading with your life.

Life is full of experiences and your experiences are not limited to your personal or professional life rather you have much more to explore with life. Taking a break from your routine, allows you to explore all the different aspects of life. You come back to the same life, but with better clarity.

We all are free to choose our experiences of life. Sometimes we sabotage ourselves so much; that we deny even the little happiness that is waiting at our doorstep. We never know, where this little happiness will lead to, but we confine ourselves so much from inside, that we refuse to accept anything that comes our way.

The change in life happens with a small step.

As we go through the process of life, we develop the perspective. This perspective to view life remains limited if we follow the same circle of life.

Taking a break from our routine, allows us to break our limited perspective, and see the same life with a broader perspective.

To come out of our limited horizon, once in a while we have to come out of our daily routine, and experience life which is different from our individual way of life.

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Unless you experience a different way of life than yours, with an unbiased perspective, it’s difficult to come out of your repetitive ways of life.

The layers of the mind need to broken every now and then.

The unlived desires haunt you more than your fulfilled desires. The time you fulfill your desire, your mind simply rise above those desires. The mind only craves for the unlived desires. It no longer thinks about those desires that it has lived over and over again.

The real freedom is not to run away from life. The real freedom is to experience all the different aspects of life and make most out of it. When you take a break from life, you prepare yourself for the further journey of life. Well prepared when you enter into your life, you start enjoying the same process of life.

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