It takes time to Build a Life of your Choice


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Life is magical, but please don’t expect the magic to appear too soon. Walk the path and put necessary effort, before you experience the magic of life.

It takes time to build a life of your choice. First thing, you can build the life of your choice. Second thing, you have to be patience with it. It doesn’t come up from a magic bend. It’s you who build up every day the life of your choice.

It’s your daily choice and decisions that create your life. You grow and get better with your choices and decisions of life. Life certainly improves with each passing day, if you consciously work towards it.

You have an idea in your mind, how life has to be like. You hold onto your idea, and with determination take actions to build life of your dream. If you don’t give up in the middle, there are no forces of life that can stop you to create life of your dreams.

Remember nothing in life comes all of a sudden, rather everything that you see in your life is the result of your action. Sometimes you may get benefitted by life’s situations, events, and people but then that shouldn’t deprive you take necessary action to build a life of your dream.

You have to be passionate to make a difference in your life. That difference has to be visible. If people around you, see you after ten years, they should feel the difference.

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If you live with the intention to make a difference to your life and the life of others around you, soon your mind, body, and action move in that direction.

Life expands positively or negatively depending on your daily choice. You always make choice and decisions with your life knowingly or unknowingly.

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Remember it’s doing thing is a choice, but not doing anything too is a choice. Your life will reflect the consequence both the action and non-action you took over the period of time.

Life in you is constantly moving. When you consciously direct your life and guide your life to your dreams, your life moves on a higher side. At the same time, if you do nothing with your life, and allow your life to pass by, your life simply moves on a lower side.

It takes time to build life of your choice. You not only have to create the way for yourself outside, but you also have to create the way inside. The idea begins inside and later manifests outside. But to expand the idea and create whole life out of it, requires effort both in the inside as well as outside world.

In your mind, along with your dreams, there are many things simultaneously runs in your mind.

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Somehow, you can focus your mind to your dreams, but it’s not necessary that outside situation, events or people too will be favorable to your dreams; rather you have to create a way for yourself even in the outside world, to manifest your dream into reality.

To build life of your dream is possible, but it asks for patience. The one who is not ready to give up on his dreams is the one who manifests his dreams into reality.

The life as a whole supports you on the path of your dreams, but before you expect the support from life, it requires you to give everything to life and take every action possible, to push your dream forward.

Life shows up when you show patience with life. You have to take those steps possible in the moment, and then allow the life to unfold on its own.

Every day brings its new light and whenever you feel caught up in the moment, just give yourself some time, and relax in the moment. In no time you will be filled up with the energy that will motivate you to move forward in the direction of your dreams.

When your dreams are big, you have to walk that many steps to accomplish your dreams.

Your dreams are measured by the steps you take to reach your dreams. If your dream is small, you just need few steps to reach your dream, but if your dream is big, you really have to walk those steps before you accomplish your dreams.

There is no short-cut to your dreams, but you have to prepare yourself to walk the whole path before you experience your dream into reality.

The path has to be covered. Many feel dis-heartened in the middle of the path and refuse to move forward. They feel that life is unfair and they have been the victim of life, but life always plays fair with everyone and gives everyone what they deserve.

When we refuse to walk in life, we not only miss our dreams, but we also miss the magic that life brings us along the path.

When you are in the process of building your dream life, many times you will notice the magic of life. Life comes in a strange way in your support. If you observe the daily events of your life closely, you will notice that life comes at your support many times a day.

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When you registered the growth or see your life moving to another level, it’s just because of the magic of life. Life works in a strange way to take your life forward. You may not be able to see the whole scenario of the moment, but life always functions as a whole and serves you through different medium to push your life to another level.

Many times life tests us through different situations. You walk a long path, and you don’t see the ray of hope to a long distance. These are the moments where many give up on the path. But still, there are few who keep on walking on their path, despite seeing no immediate result in the moment.

These are the moments that make a difference in your life. When you learn to walk through the phase of darkness, no sooner you will see the light on the path, to carry you forward.

It requires strong determination to create life of your dream. It’s very much possible and it’s possible for those who refuse to give up in life.

The people who don’t count their failures or how many times, they have been put down by life, but the only thing matters to them are the success, are the ones, who make most out of their lives. They relentlessly persevere towards their dreams and don’t stop until they build the life of their dreams.

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