Is Life PreDestined or there is something more to it?


In the east, there is a saying, “Birth, death, and marriage are pre-destined.” Today we will explore the truth behind the destiny, luck, or chance in life, and do these things play its role, or we have something else that governs the life.

Before we move forward with the discussion, let me make it, clear the definition of destiny.

What is destiny?

Destiny is a pre-defined event, that is bound to happen and cannot be changed or alter in any way possible.

When we see the process of birth, it starts with the desire. The desire allows the couple come together and goes through the process so that they can have an outcome in the form of a child.

So, here is the desire, the process, and an outcome.

The desire pushes you into the process and you receive an outcome. If you don’t have the desire in the first place, still the right process is enough to produce an outcome.

The center point is the process. It’s the process that drives the life. Either you go through the process consciously or unconsciously, you are going to receive the outcome out of it.

The birth of a child is an outcome of the process. The life is nowhere pre-destined but comes out of the right process. Everything that you see in the physical form appears out of the natural process that can be measured scientifically.

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With life, the most important thing is its process. The one who understands the process of life drops all the ideas of luck, destiny or chance from his life and consciously create his life, by understanding and following the process of life.

When it comes to death, even death is not pre-destined. Anyone can choose his death at any point of time in his life. He is not bound by anything. No destiny comes in between if someone wants to end his life. If somebody is alive, it’s only because he choose to live.

When the person dies after a certain age, the body has gone through its process that it can longer hold the life in the body, and thus life has to leave the body. The death is not an outcome of the destiny, but death is a result out of the process.

The choice in life is equivalent to the desire. The choice, intentions or desires act as a guide on the path of life. It gives the direction to your life. Remember the signboard will not take you to the destination, but you have to walk the path to reach your destination.

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All your intentions, desires, choices and decisions with your life are no more than the signboards. You guide your life in a specific direction with them. But the direction is not enough, and you have to go through the process before you expect the desired outcome.

Some people think thoughts and imagine things, and dreams way into their future, but they forget that they have to go through the process of life before they see the manifestation part of it. To manifest your dreams and desires, you have to go through the process. Unless you go through the process, you cannot bring your dreams and desires into reality.

When it comes to marriage or life partner, it appears that the destiny plays its role. Well, at any moment of time, we have the choice to choose or deny something.

If we deny something, we rule out those things from our lives, even if it’s a life partner. At the same time, when we agree to the relationship, we consciously choose to be with someone, and then it’s not only that one choice that makes marriage possible, but you go through the whole process of life, to keep it going.

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Marriage is not a one-day event but lifetime effort. Each day you put the necessary effort to keep the things going. Just out of the destiny, you got the partner, doesn’t make the relationship works. Coming together has no point unless you are ready to walk till the end, through the entire journey called life.

When destiny, luck or chance becomes the center point in our lives, our lives tend to dwell in a direction, which is far away from the true reality. At the same time, when understanding becomes the center point in our lives, we come closer to the natural ways of life and try everything to become one with it, with our daily living.

Life initiates with the dreams, desires, choices, and decisions. When you make some choice with your life, you choose a certain path to walk upon. When you get on the path, every path has its own rules to follow or the process that one has to go through, to accomplish his dreams or desires.

By understanding the process of life and following it till the end, brings you closer to the desired outcome.

Now, the process of life can be followed consciously or unconsciously. Unknowingly you can repeat the same process of life, and someday you receive the desired outcome. This way, we may fulfill our desires of life, but still miss to understand the very process of life, that allowed it to happen.

Most of our lives are spent in chasing the desires and repeating the same process of life, but nobody consciously takes time for himself, and observe the actual process of life.

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The desires are part of life and require to be fulfilled so that we can take our life forward. But at the same time, the process of life is equally important as its not only help us to achieve the desired outcome, but it also connects us with the natural process of life that works as a whole.

The right understanding of the process of life frees us from all the ideas, beliefs, and faiths and rituals that keep us engaged in repeating the same process of life and never allow us to see the truth of life, which is available for everyone.

The process of life can be known by bringing your awareness to the moment. If you consciously put your mind to your desires and consciously walk the path towards your desires, you not only fulfill your desire, but you also understand the process behind it.

The life doesn’t remain a blindfold for you, but you go through every experience of life with an open eye.

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