Is it God’s Perspective Possible for the Humans?



Life is understood by the humans only through the perspective. Every person has his or her individual perspective to experiYence life. Well while the saying the above statement, the most important part of life is, that the individual perspective of a person can be transcended to the perspective of a whole.

What is the whole perspective?

The whole perspective is the God’s perspective. With the whole perspective, you don’t perceive life keeping yourself into the mind, but you directly look into life without any bias approach to life.

You simply see through life. To have god’s perspective is not to have the view of life from the top of the sky, but simply transcends our individual perspective into the whole.

People never bothered to understand the truth of life. When you even seek the truth of life, you simply get into the process of evolution. Simply seeking the truth allows you to see the false part of life.

The path towards the truth takes you higher with your perception. The path of the truth is absolutely an unknown path for the person. You can never really see what already exists ahead of you. All you can do is, stay present in the moment.

Life needs your alertness in the moment. You cannot take any moment of your life for granted. It’s only your alertness in the moment that takes you higher with life.

When you get on the unknown path, nothing seems familiar to you. Life only seems familiar if you simply repeat the same process of life. If you choose to climb the higher ladders of life, it’s necessary for you to drop all the repetitive process of life and either it’s inside or outside.

The freshness or aliveness of life can only be experienced on the unknown path. When you get on the unknown path, you become alive. You become alert, on the unknown path. You don’t take things for granted on the unknown path, but you stay aware every moment, as life can slip on either side.

This is the true nature of life, with which not many are familiar with. Life is always open at the moment and can slip on either side. Life has nothing to do with positive or negative but it’s always your attention at the moment, which directs the movement of life.

Every individual is capable of experiencing god’s perspective in his life if he is ready to strive for it. God is not a farfetched thing, rather every person is born to perceive life from the perspective of god.

No person on this earth is derived from the higher possibilities of life. It all depends on the person, how much he is willing to strive with his life.

To realize the absolute truth needs striving from your part. You just cannot take any moment of your life for granted. The path to the truth needs absolute wakefulness in the moment.

To remain wakeful doesn’t mean you are indulging in action. Either you act or not, but you stay aware of the moment. You are absolutely aware of this moment. If you are in the process of action, you are absolutely aware of the actions, but the time, you are doing nothing, still those moments of life are part of the process of life and even those moment of life cannot be taken for granted.

Even the moments, when you are doing absolutely nothing, even those moments requires your absolute attention. You are doing nothing, but you are present with life.

Life is happening all the time. Yes, if you choose, you can slip away from life. What makes life interesting is your participation in it. You can only participate with life if you choose to evolve with it every moment. You have to stay present with life every moment.

With life it’s not the material possession that gives you the ultimate fulfillment of life because even filling your pocket with everything that you need; still, you will remain absolutely empty from inside.

We all as an individual’s knows, who we are from inside. We have no clues what’s happening with our life. We all are simply dragging with life without any reason. Many people hold one or the other thing of the outside world and give it a name of goal or purpose of their life, but still, at the end of the day, they all know, that these all are the hollows victories of life.

The true meaning of life can only be realized, once you realize yourself beyond the individual identity of the mind. No matter what you do with the individual identity, you just cannot move beyond the repetitive circle of life. Your circle may expand, and with the time, you may take a bigger circle with life, but still you rotate in a circle with life that will lead you nowhere.

The same repetitive circle of life can only hold the meaning in your life if you realize the truth about yourself. The false identity can never lead to the true happiness. The true happiness of life will only be experienced by realizing the absolute truth of life.

The highest attainment for the person is to experience the god’s perspective in his lifetime. It’s only the perspective of the whole that unlocks all the mysteries of life to you. Till that time, you can keep yourself busy with the petty things of life that may add self-importance to your ego. But unless you drop yourself absolutely and move in the search of absolute truth, neither will you experience the absolute truth nor you will figure out the true purpose of life.

To reach the state where you can experience life as a whole is the only purpose of life, and it’s the only path that can serve you to fulfill all the other purpose of life be it of the personal or professional life.

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