Inner flow of Life Energy Changes with the Cosmic Patterns of Creation



Cosmos of the universe follows patterns. The patterns are formed with the energy. It’s only the living beings of this earth, that carries the thoughts, feelings, and emotions, while the rest of the cosmos, simply works with energy.

All the creation, operation, manifestation and rejuvenation take place in the form of energy. The flowing of life energy is the source of every part of life. Once you understand the patterns of flowing energy, you align yourself with it, to flow with life.

The entire struggle, pain, stress, traumas and suffering with life, is moving against the patterns of life. You have the power to choose, and you have the will to utilize your energy, in your desired direction.

Understanding the cosmic patterns of life, allows you to read the flowing energy and align our life, with it, so that we can naturally flow with the cosmic patterns of life. To understand the cosmic patterns of life, you don’t have to understand the whole universe, but simply understanding the flow of inner life energy, and you can understand the cosmic patterns of the creation.

Your inner flowing energy changes with the cosmic pattern of the creation. There are times of the day when your energy is high and there are times when your energy is low. You don’t change your energy, but you can simply observe the patterns of it.

If you pick the task, that asks lots of your energy, at the time, when the flow of your energy is low, you simply call for the struggle, out of your ignorance. Remember, life is not there to punish you, or life doesn’t condemn you, but it’s your own understanding that calls for the pain, agony, and misery with life.

Your entire struggle with life is due to the ignorance. You go on living life, out of your understanding, which is very limited, while the patterns of life, flows in a natural way. How Do I connect with the Natural ways of Life?

Remember, on this existence, nobody is standing against you, except your own ignorance. You are the one, who fails to understand the flow of life, and the time you understand the flow of life, no struggle remains with life.

It’s only your understanding, that you are the one, who can make the things possible, calls for the struggle.

Life is free-flow and effortless, but only with the understanding. You don’t have to move far away, to understand the patterns of life, but simply look inward, how the things are taking place inside.

Your universe exists in you, and nowhere outside. If you begin to understand your inner universe, the patterns of the whole cosmic universe, becomes clear to you.

The inner flowing energy and the cosmic patterns of the universe is one and the same. It flows simultaneously. Your inner flowing energy is part of the cosmic energy that flows in the universe.

Your role is not to understand the whole cosmos of the universe, but only the inner flow of energy and the source of life will be known to you.

All your thoughts, imagination, feelings, emotions, or perception simply float on the inner flowing energy. No action or physical manifestation in your life is possible without the inner flowing energy. If you connect with the inner flowing energy, you don’t have to be bothered about, your thoughts, feelings or emotions, but when your inner flowing energy is having a free flow inside, naturally your thoughts, feelings, and actions will move in synchronization.

You need to understand the inner flowing energy and the eternal truth, is revealed to you. This is the only mystery, cult, esoteric, elusive or magic of life exists in the universe.

Kundalini — An Untold Story

All your dreams, desires, thoughts, imagination, feelings, emotions or ambitions is secondary, and the inner flowing energy is primary. The inner flowing energy moves inside, and you need to take your attention inside to experience it.

It tells you the movement, in the cosmos of the universe. When your inner flowing energy is high, the cosmic energy of the universe is high, and it’s the time of action, creation or manifestation, and when the inner flowing energy is low, then the cosmic energy of the universe too, gets stand still or rest or relax in those moments.

Most of us have designed our life, according to the needs of the outside life as well as the movements of the external world, but we never consider, how the life flows within us. We try to align our self, with the external world but never consider connecting with the internal world, which is the primary source of life.

Your external world creates internal perception and you design your life accordingly. When you connect with the inner moving energy, you slip back, from your internal perception, and arrange both internal and external life, as per the inner moving energy.

Life seems chaos, if your attention only remains in the external world, because then you miss noticing, the internal perception, that has been created in you, out of your external environment.

You make choice and decisions, from your internal perception, without even understanding, what you have accumulated inside. When you connect with the inner flowing energy, you not only understand the higher and lower movements of energy, but you also understand your internal perception towards life.

Your daily living comes out of the choice and decisions, you make with the internal perception. Work is important, but the right consequence with the work or the right result with the work can only be achieved, when your actions, are in alignment with the inner moving energy. Your Perception depends on the Inner Life Energy

The action is important, but what if, you can act effortlessly, with the cosmic patterns of life, and stay detached with it?

It’s only possible when you understand the inner flowing energy. You are part of the cosmic universe, and unless you don’t allow this truth to sink deep into your heart, you will not move inward, to know the truth, which is hidden inside.

Each individual can figure out his own ways to understand his inner movement of energy. Breathe is one of the ways, to understand the inner flowing energy. Your sensation in the body is another. Your feelings and emotions show you, the inner movement of energy, and your thoughts and imaginations too.

Understand that, the smooth inflow and outflow of breath suggest the higher flow of energy inside. If you are feeling good, if your emotions are high, it’s only because of the higher flow of energy inside.

If positive thoughts, flowing within, and if you can imagine good things, for your future, it’s only because of the higher energy flowing within the body. Remember you don’t think thoughts. Thoughts come to you.

You don’t control the flow of energy. It’s the cosmic pattern of life. You understand the flow of energy and become one with it. When you think, you do everything; you simply put yourself into the deeper illusions of life.

When you understand, how life happens through you, you have a free flow of life. Life knows how to take you at a deeper level of understanding, provided you begin to understand it. You have to create intent, to know life and then life will open all the doors for you. Life can be Known

When things are not moving smoothly, you can put yourself off, from life and allow the inner moving energy to rise high. Don’t go against the patterns of life, to call for the pain and suffering with life.

Observe your internal and external world and rise above it.

Patanjali Yoga Sutra as a Journey to Self Realization

Nobody puts you into an illusion, but it’s your own association, with different aspects of life, that creates an illusory life within you. You are not the external life that you associate with and you are neither the internal perception that comes out of the thoughts and images of your mind.

When you look inside, you realize, that the inner flowing energy, is for you, to experience life, and you have the creator inside of you, that can even control the cosmic patterns of the universe, by controlling the flow of the internal patterns.

The creator that runs the cosmic universe also exists inside of you, and you are no different than the inner creator. It’s your own identification with the things that you are not, develops an illusory world for you, inside. The time, you begin the search for the truth; you unveil many layers, from both the internal and external life, to realize your true self.

With the mind, you identify yourself with the personality of your mind. This personality holds two powers, i.e. of choice and free will. Free-will allows you to choose anything with life, provided you are ready to accept the consequence of your choice.

Your choice can be, either out of understanding and consider the consequence of your act, or it can be, out of ignorance. If you, use your free-will and make a choice with life, out of ignorance, then you call for the suffering, but if you use the same free-will, for your choice, by understanding different aspects of life, slowly you come closer to the natural process of life.

The Yoga of the Bhagavad Gita (Self-Realization Fellowship)

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