Inner Energy and Vibrations, decides the Cause and Effect of Life


Each individual has a deep craving to know his or her life. Everything that happens to him, be it the situation, events, experience or impressions, or the people, environment and everything that goes around him.

It’s not possible to understand the situations and events of your life or the people around us, because anything that appears into our life, be it any form, resonates with our inner energy and vibrations.

Each person vibrates at a certain frequency and carries a certain level of energy at the moment. Your life’s situation and everything in it, be it the people, your response or cause and effect, out of the situation, everything depends upon the frequency of your vibrations and the level of energy that you hold inside, at the moment.

The inner energy level depends upon the frequency of the vibrations and the frequency of the vibrations depends upon, how deeply you are connected with your true authentic self.

Life is no fluke or chance, but a well-organized process, that goes within you, out of which, life appears in the physical form. All the cause and effect of your life be it the situation, events, experience or people depends on the energy and vibrations that you radiate at the moment.

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It’s not possible to understand each and every situation of your life and it’s not even possible to work on every situation of your life, but it’s always possible to work upon yourself and change the inner energy and radiating vibrations so that you can bring the real change with life.

The transcendence with life is possible in three ways. One that is visible to all, is with your actions, that is on the physical level. You can see that certain cause or action creates a certain result, so you alter your cause, to get the different outcome. This transcendence takes place on the surface.

Wherever you mess up with your life, on the surface you begin to alter the cause, to have a different outcome. Many people practice these with their lives. All the effect that you experience in the outside world, the real cause exists in you. The time you work on the real cause, you tend to notice the changes in your life.

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The other possibility with the transcendence is, on the subtle level. On the physical level, you make a shift with your life, only with those actions, that creates more problems, out of your actions. You try to work on yourself at a physical level so that you don’t have to face the consequences of your action.

All the physical activity comes from the subtle world. The subtle world is the world of, imagination, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and sensation. Whatever you live in the outside world, the subtle cause gets creates in the subtle world and then you create physical cause or actions, with your efforts.

When you have been asked to alter your actions, on the physical level, it seems difficult, because when you make changes with your physical actions, it triggers the impressions and experiences of your subtle world and this cause pain at the moment.

“Very few likely to go through pain to bring necessary changes to their lives. People want to grow, improve and get better but they don’t want to take that pain, that can become the cause of their transcendence.”

Sacred Space For Self-transformation

Transcendence of life is possible by making necessary changes with the subtle world. The subtle world makes all the thoughts, feelings and emotions alive in the physical world through body.

The sensation triggers your internal body to act on your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, in the physical world. If you can connect with your subtle world, you can experience the sensation every-time, you are compelled to express yourself, either through words or actions, out of your thoughts and emotions.

Your connection with the subtle world, give you the power to decide, either the action, that you are about to take right now, is what you are looking for, with your life, or you are looking for, something else.

If you want something else with your life, as a consequence, you don’t express your unnecessary thoughts or feelings or emotions, and more you stay aware about your subtle world, more likely your expression through your words and actions will become lesser.

Most of the time, we waste our energy on expressing our unnecessary thoughts or feelings at the moment. Not all the thoughts or feelings are important, because the nature of thoughts and feelings is the constant phenomenon, and it goes on and on, out of the experiences from the past.

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If you are not connected with your subtle world, you go on repeating your life, from the past, that leads you no where. You simply express yourself, what happened in the past, and even act in the same way, the way you have made your act, in the past.

With the awareness of your subtle world, you avoid many things, that doesn’t serve you, with your life and this helps you to save you, from many mishaps of life.

Once you understand the nature of your subtle world, you only pick those thoughts, feelings, and emotions, that serves you best, at the moment and allow others to simply let go, from your life.

Each person goes through different experiences and impressions, sometimes good and sometimes not so good. Your subtle world carries all the experiences and impressions inside, and the nature of the mind is to constantly roll over the images and the thought patterns, out of the past experience. You pick the best ones that serve you to your life.

“The mind picks the impressions from the moment, and brings all the similar impressions, that you have experienced in the past to the surface and forms the thoughts and images out of it.”

The Mind: a beautiful servant, a dangerous master 

Now, these are how, you bring the change with your life, by bringing change with the subtle world.

Moving forward, you have the world of energy and vibrations. The subtle world of mind and heart is possible because of the energy and vibrations that exists inside of you. You have the spiritual energy that allows the functions of mind, heart, and body.

You have the subtle body, where the spiritual energy resides. The vibrations that you radiate, comes out of your mind, heart, and body. The spiritual energy is in its purest form, but when it mingles with the mind, heart, and body, it takes shape of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires, and everything that goes into the body, mind, and heart.

Once the spiritual energy mingles with the body, mind, and heart, you create different energy for your actions, and you create a different circle of vibrations, through which you attract life around you.

The sense of individuality is possible, only with the mind, heart, and body. With the spiritual energy or higher vibrations, you don’t see yourself separate from the existence, and by realizing the spiritual energy or higher vibrations, you can completely alter the environment around you, with your presence.

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The experience of spiritual energy and vibrations within the body is a process of enlightenment. The process of transcendence can be initiated at a root level, that is, by changing your physical activity, by reflecting on the actions, that doesn’t serve you, with your life.

More and more you will reflect on your physical actions, it will become easier for you to connect with your subtle world. Once you get in tune with your subtle world, the process of change with the life can become faster and you have enough power to take absolute ownership of your life.

True freedom with life, is not to liberate oneself from outside world, but when you can liberate yourself from within, and holds the power to bring the necessary change within your environment.

You have the power, to change the environment you are in now, and more and more you connect within, at a deeper level, easier it will be for you, to understand and drop the things that don’t serve you with life, in a long run.

Spiritual energy and vibrations connect you with eternity, and you don’t see the world with the limitations of the mind, but you can see the continuous process of life, that goes on and on, at the level of body, heart, and mind. You simply connect with the nature of things.

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The transcendence from physical to subtle and from subtle to the level of energy is possible when you are ready to drop, all that you carry from outside as well as inside.

The mind creates a balloon around you, that radiates vibrations in the environment and attracts life. At the same time when you intend to bring the necessary change with your life, this balloon gets reduce and completely drops. When the illusory balloon drops from your mind, you connect with the reality of the moment.

To understand everything that is happening outside, try to be with yourself and allow the understanding to appear, on its own. Don’t try to understand, but allow the understanding to come to you.

Life is a process, where it happens, and doesn’t come out of our doing. When all the doing ends life happens. This doesn’t mean, one should not act, but the idea of oneself doing an action needs to be dropped. Connect with the art of happening of things, and not the doing, and you will connect with the natural process of life.

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