Information, Experience & Evaluation is a key to Wisdom


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Self-realization is possible through body, heart, and mind. You experience life too with the body, heart, and mind. Anything you make out of life comes out of you. Either you choose to utilize your energy outside or inside, you remain the source of life.

The wisdom of life is to understand the nature of things, be one with it. Unless you understand how the things take place, you simply use your intellect to create or manifest your world. The wisdom of life is to simply align with the process of manifestation.

Then you don’t do things, but the process of life, takes place through you, and you remain an observer of life. When you realize the nature of things, you simply drop your plans and align with the natural process of life.

The mind is one way to connect with the nature of life and be one with it. The life that you experience in the universe, exactly the same life takes place within you. So the time you realize your true identity, even the nature of the outside life, reveals to you.

The process of life remains same, both on the inside as well as outside world. When you realize the process behind your creation, you simply recognize all process of life.

Your action depends on upon the information you carry in your mind. Whatever you accumulate out of experience and impressions, you create your life out of it.

You have the choice and will-power to replace the old data with your system, and acquire the new one, that takes you towards the better understanding.

What information you have accumulated from the past, plays the crucial role, information of your life. In any moment of time, you have the power to change the path of your life.

To change the path, doesn’t mean you leave all that you have, but you simply create a new path, that serves you to bring wisdom and bliss into your life.

The information you gather in the form of an impression either good or bad, you tend to forget, unless it becomes the experience of your life. The information without action simply remains an impression, and in a day, you accumulate almost millions of impressions into your mind.

The impressions or information can only become the part of your life if you put it into your experience. If the experience serves you on the right side of life, you make it a part of your daily schedule, and for some reason, if the experience differentiates with what you are looking out of life, you simply leave the experience behind, to move forward with life.

The information serves the purpose of the action, and action gives you an experience either positive or negative. After the experience, you can further evaluate the experience, to either be with it or move forward with life.

You have to experiment with life. Only experiments with the different experiences of life, allows you to develop broader perspective with life. You don’t learn out of one experience, but the series of events and situations and experimenting and experiencing with life, allows you to come closer to the understanding of life.

You cannot understand anything unless you experience it for yourself. The information or evaluation is not enough, but the experience is required.

People are lost in evaluating the information, without initiating any experience out of the information. Simply evaluating the information, discourage you from the action. Act on the information, and get an experience, before you bring your rational mind.

“With life you only earn the Understanding & Experience, everything else is left behind.”

Every day you go through different experiences of life. But if you evaluate your daily experience, you realize that unless you acted upon the new information, your experience simply remains of the past experiences, beliefs, and impressions of life.

The life repeats itself on a daily basis. If you have not acted upon the new information, you simply repeat the circle of life, without any growth or improvement with life.

The people who don’t make choice’s or decisions with life grow through pain and suffering. Life grows and evolves on two levels. Collective level and individual level.

With the choice’s and decisions, you grow and evolve on an individual level, but if you simply live life on fate, chance or luck, life simply drags you with collective evolution through pain and suffering.

“Even stress and suffering with life serves you to grow & evolve if you remain aware of it.”

The experiences of life can be useful, if it comes out of new information or you evaluate the past experiences of life, to develop the lesson and understanding out of it.

If you choose to grow and evolve with life, evaluation serves you to create a step by step process, to develop the understanding of life.

Evaluation is part of the logical or rational mind. Rational mind wants to know everything before the action.

“Majority of people live with the rational mind. They want to understand everything before they make any effort for it. But life functions completely different way. The understanding can only come, when you act, and not before the action.”

Logic or reasoning is good to understand the process of life. But reasoning is possible with the action part and with the reasoning you develop step by step process towards understanding the process of life.

Evaluation is the last stage to understand life. First, comes information, then comes experience and later comes evaluation. If you use your logical or rational mind before action, you will never be able to make any changes with your life.

Before you use your logical mind, collect some worthwhile experience with life, so that you can use your logical mind for further reasoning.

The process of life is from logic or reasoning to intuition or imagination and from imagination to simply transcending the mind state to the no-mind state. The wisdom of life comes from the no-mind state when the mind ceases to exist.

To initiate on the path of wisdom, it’s very important to have the information from the right source. The information holds the power to give you strength, courage, and willpower to act upon the information and create an experience out of it. But the progress with the information is possible when you do a proper evaluation of the experience, and develop the necessary learning and understanding out of it.

The right information, experience and the evaluation of different experiences of life, sets a platform for you, to understand your own mind and rise above it.

To have a wisdom is to have a simple presence in the moment.  It’s an awakening state, where you are awakened in the moment. The energy that serves the process of mind, heart and body squeeze itself at one place, in the pineal gland, for you to experience life as an observer, with the experience of bliss in the moment.

Wisdom is an all-knowing entity. When the situation comes, you see the nature of things, and direct it, as per the natural order. The observer in you is part of the natural order of the existence. When you realize the observer in you, you become part of the natural order of the existence.

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