Imagine your Life, & hold Patience to Let it Happen.


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Imagination is a powerful tool to look into the future. When your mind can conceive, the heart and other bodily functions easily adapt to it, and actions comes out of natural process. When the mind is clear with what it’s looking for, with different aspects of life, than the need of resistance with every different situations of life gets easy to drop from life.

The imagination is a powerful tool that directly resonates with the natural laws of life, but along with it, you have to have the quality of patience to hold yourself back, and allow the natural process of life to take place, to bring your imagination into a reality.

“As silence works wonders instead of words, in a similar way, many times non-action or patience works wonder to manifest life, out of imagination.”

When the mind is deeply attached with his own ideas of life, it becomes restless to bring all the change in the moment, but when you learn the patterns of life, you understand the natural process of life, where the things takes place, at the level of mind and heart.

Your job remains to simply flow with the patterns of life, and the things manifest by itself. When the actions comes without understanding, the mind remains concern about the result, but when you understand the process of life, and simply follows the right process, the result is bound to come, out of your actions.

“The natural process of life begins with the vibrations, and it gives rise to the inner pull of energy. The energy further allows the functions of the mind and heart, and later the same is transmitted to the physical body through sensation. The physical body gets charged up, out of continuous thoughts and emotions, and later results into an action.”

If you simply rely on the action part of life, you miss the subtle as well as the deeper reality behind the subtle life, through which the process of life takes place.

Patience is the key to manifest life, out of natural process. All the situations and experiences of life includes many other individuals and each individual carry his or her own idea for life.

It’s not necessary that everyone feel or think the same, and thus the idea that you hold onto your mind, may or may not penned out, the way you have imagined into your mind. All you can do, in those moments of life is to hold patience, and see the natural flow of life.

When you become one with the natural flow of life, and already hold the idea, in the back of your mind, anytime you see the opportunity in the moment, you can make the necessary changes with it, according to the imagination of your mind.

When it comes to the outside life, there are many probabilities, out of which the situation and experiences of life takes place, but when you learn to hold your own idea for life every moment, no matter what the outside situation seems like, you can always bring your imagination into a reality.

The imagination or idea with the mind, is a goal and not the path. With life you can always choose a goal and a path but you can never rely upon a particular path, through which your goals can be achieved, and you have to stay flexible with your path.

The life is an open path and every moment’s choice and decisions decides your next moment and have a direct or indirect impact on many others. If you stay rigid with your path, the journey takes longer than expected, but if you remain flexible, you can always turn or mold or switch yourself, when the opportunity with life arise.

Life is not only about creation but creativity and imagination is a part of life and the higher reality does exist, which is the source behind both the subtle as well as physical reality of life.

“The functions of the mind or heart is possible because of the energy and vibrations that exists behind it. The physical reality on the existence emerge from the subtle reality, while the subtle reality emerge from further subtler reality, i.e. the energy and vibrations.”

All the visible physical reality on the existence (includes all without exception) carries its subtle body, that allows the visibility of the physical aspect of life. The subtle body of the physical reality comes out of the energy and vibrations, that allows it to grow and expand within itself, to manifest into a physical reality on the existence.

“Only the humans on the existence are born with the power to realize his subtle body as well as the source behind it, i.e. the energy and vibrations. This is the experience that the sages goes through, and to which they call it an enlightenment.”

The energy and vibration are neutral among all the humans, and only at the level of mind, the ego or personal identity bifurcate one individual from the other.

The creativity or imagination of the mind, is not where the life begins, but the process of life begins with the vibrations.

Imagination, rational queries, or the thoughts of the mind are just one part of the mind, and there is also a higher force that exists in the same part of the mind, that can be access, if you prepare yourself to drop all the activities of the mind and sensation behind, that you are familiar of, and ready to dive into the unknown world of pure emptiness.

To rise above the pure emptiness of the mind and enter into the zone of pure energy needs courage. With the emptiness of the mind, there is no experience of life remains, and you experience the dead silence into the mind.

The life seems real because of the imaginations, and thoughts and queries of the mind. When you prepare yourself to drop all those activities behind, nothing remains in the mind for you to experience, and this is the state of mind, where you experience pure emptiness.

It requires deep focus and attention on oneself and rise to the zone of pure emptiness or nothingness. If you can hold yourself into the emptiness of the mind, you can realize the inner pull of energy, i.e. the source behind the functions of mind, heart and body.

This inner pull of energy allows you to experience the higher perception, i.e. the wisdom eye and also you experience the empty space of pure vibrations, that allows you to hold both the subtle as well as physical reality of life.

The one who is an explorer of life doesn’t look for the adventure with his life outside but also within.

When you are ready to turn inward all the mysteries of life, is revealed to you and then the mind cannot deceive yourself, simply with the illogical queries or imagination, but you become one with the source of the mind, i.e. the inner energy and vibrations and live your life, from that space.

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