I and My Father are One- Jesus.

I and My Father are One – Jesus

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I and my father are one, said Jesus. “I” was the Jesus and father is the creator. When Jesus said, “I” and my father are one, Jesus, realized his “I”. This “I” was not the “I” of a person with an ego or the personal identification, but the selfless “I” totally independent with the realization of God.

When we interpret the verses of Bible or say any holy book, we only understand out of the understanding of our mind. We cannot perceive the real truth behind the words. The reason is, every person experience a different state of consciousness in his mind.

The purest form of consciousness of the mind is, when nothing remains in the mind, except the experience of the ultimate truth. Jesus has experienced the ultimate truth within himself, claiming himself and father to be one.

Jesus was just like one of us, who has attained the miracle to be one with God. It’s the efforts of Jesus Christ that made him one with God. God is a vast sky. The experience of emptiness. The thoughts and images are limited to the experiences of life but the experience of God is possible only within the emptiness of the mind.

That experience cannot be captured in the images, or describe in words but can only be experienced within. It’s an experience where you lose the sense of self and completely merge into him.

The experience of the ultimate lies in everyone. It all depends on the person, who is ready to melt into that one.

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When you rise above all the limitations of body, mind, and emotions you experience the Christ-consciousness within.

The experience of god or Christ-consciousness happens, when the frequency of your energy level reaches beyond the body, mind, and emotions. The higher world works at the energy level. Any signs you receive from the higher world is through images in the mind.

When the person rises high in meditation and loses its absolute identity of the past, present, and future and doesn’t hold any picture in his mind, he enters into the higher world of pure consciousness. The experience of the Christ-consciousness happens vertically. You rise higher within.

The doorway to heaven is within. The experience of bliss happens with the open heart and the wisdom of life flows through the open mind.

With the closed mind, you have limited access to life. Even the ideas you carry about god or Jesus Christ cannot be more than your old past beliefs. Jesus Christ can be experienced inside.

To experience god, you have to become god from within. You have to alter your consciousness to a point, where you become one with god.

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The experience of God is not the play of the mind. It’s a real transcendence of body, mind, and emotions. You absolutely lose yourself. There is no hint of personal identity remains, when you come to the experience of Christ-Consciousness.

With the inner transcendence, there is no short-cut. You have to complete the cycle. The entire mind, body, and emotions get churned out. You cannot keep anything of yourself. Every part of your body, mind, and emotions are left behind.

The world beyond your Mind, Body & Emotions.

When you understand that, all your understanding in relation to God with your mind, or heart, are bound to fall short, only then you look for something beyond your own possible limit, and don’t get satisfied unless you experience it for yourself.

When Jesus shared his experience about God, his mind and heart had had the experience. The realization of God is just like reaching the top of the mountain and describing its beauty. Standing below, you can comment anything, but unless you move up, and experience it for yourself, you can describe the ultimate truth.

The one who has already landed on the top, can come down and share his experience, but the person who has never seen the top, can only assume, the view of the top, out of his imagination.

Sometimes the sages try to say something out of their own experience, and the people with the mind evaluate and contemplate the same experience. The mind knows two things, one is to imagine and second is to evaluate out of his past experience. Unless you attain the Christ-consciousness for yourself, you can never realize what lies at the top.

This is the wonder of life. When you live the experience you grow with it. When you learn from the sages and instantly make it a part of your life, slowly the experience take your life and you grow with the experience.

Life shows up in a miniature. You don’t understand everything in a moment. As you live your highest thoughts, and make it an experience of your life, further path is shown to you.

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Even the life to the sages reveals in a miniature. Each day you receive some wisdom to live for, and once you live it throughout the day, you accumulate different lessons out of it, that can be useful for life.

When the mind is focused, it’s more attentive in the present moment, and see even those things that might get missed with the chaotic mind.

When you expand your perception in the inner world, you develop a better view of the outside world. The external view depends on the internal perception.

The experience of life is always fresh and unique and you cannot hold any idea for the future. The future is the deception of the mind. Even the wisest mind can be deceived by the nature of the mind.

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Unique Path.

No two path can be similar, to the way to God. You have to create your own path. Some people have to go through the outside experiences of life, to achieve their state of self-realization, while the others experience their higher state, with the inward journey.

You can learn from everyone for the understanding, but when it comes to the experience, each one has to go through his own path to realize the ultimate.

The path is created in the mind, and it’s only created once you start to live inside out. The path is only created by walking. It’s not designed in advance, but as you move forward on the path, its further gets stretched to walk upon.

This is the way of the mind. The mind follows the chain of thoughts and imagination. As you go on living your thoughts, mind produces further thoughts to take you ahead with life. As you act, you receive more confidence to get on with the path.

The sky allows everything that happens in it, and accept life, as it is, serving all as equal. This is the nature of Christ-consciousness. It rains everywhere without any bias. Christ-consciousness within us is also the sky, that allows the things to happen inside us, and doesn’t object anything.

When the Jesus Christ was crucified, he accepted everything within his Christ-Consciousness and didn’t object anything that happened to him.

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In life, it’s only the attachment that adds value to the things. When you rise above all the attachments of your heart and desires of the mind, you come across the higher intelligence.

The purpose of life for all the humanity is to attain the Christ-consciousness within themselves and serve others to help them to reach towards their higher self.

The future of the humanity is no less than the Christ-consciousness, where every human on earth will experience the bliss within himself and that would be the period when the earth in true sense will become heaven.

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