Human’s Life on Earth


The manifestation of physical reality is a combination of earth, fire, air, space, and water. When we grow and evolve from within, we observe the finer balance of all the five components in our life.

Life on earth is governed by the natural laws. We create physical reality out of the things that already exists on earth and even if we explore our imagination, again we have to make use of the things, that is available on this earth. Creation is in a way arranging and rearranging different components, that already exists.

Sometimes, we have to explore and experiment with life to figure out the components, that can take life forward. With life on earth, everything already exists. All we need to do is arrange ourselves from inside, and we can manifest anything with our life, by arranging and rearranging the components of this earth.

The experiments of science are to figure out something that already exist in the universe and get to the roots of it.

In spirituality the spiritual experiences are part of the inner experiments, where you go to the roots of oneself, to know the truth of the self. When you get to the roots of the self, you begin to understand the process of creation.

All the religion and spiritual practice describe certain principles, laws or commandments that work parallel to the laws of existence. If the person wishes to make the changes with his life, he has to associate himself with the laws of existence.

Working against the laws asks for unnecessary suffering and struggle with life while following the laws of life, you become one with the process of life.

The life takes place in the mind. All the things of the outside world, we understand with the mind. When we go deeper into the objective or subjective truth, it’s not the object or subject reveals its truth, but it’s our awareness field, that reveals the truth. The mind has been created in such a way that, wherever you put your attention of the mind, your mind will reveal the information about the subject or object of the particular thing.

Most part of our mind is lost in the physical reality of life and thus, we feel separated from the natural process of life. Rather looking into the physical object, if we try to understand the patterns of mind, we can understand the patterns of life as the patterns of life is more or less similar to the patterns of the mind.

When we try to understand life through knowledge or reading somebody else’s life, the shift happens in our mind, and as we put the teachings into practice, we accumulate the experiences to get our life closer to the teachings.

The life happens every moment, and we react or respond in every situation. The response comes from within and not outside, and although it seems like the situations or circumstances asks us to react in a certain way, that is not the truth of life. If you begin to comprehend your life in your mind and analyze and evaluate your life, you realize that everything happens to you and you hold absolute control over your life.

Know the Laws.

All the laws of life exist in the mind. The mind forms images or capture the images from outside and creates thoughts out of it. The thoughts flow in one set of pattern, unless we change it, or switch the mode of the thoughts. This thought if flows in one direction for a long time, develops strong emotions and force the persons to act out of it.

When the thoughts from the mind flow, it’s difficult to hold them, as it’s supported by the emotions and the senses, and so the physical body has to act out of those thoughts, unless we know the mechanism of mind, and use our will to direct the mind in a different direction.

The mind thinks at three levels, higher, medium and lower level. When we gain knowledge of the higher level reading from the bible or Koran or Bhagavad-Gita, we allow the higher level of thoughts to inculcate into the mind and thus raise the level of thoughts.

The higher level of thoughts is useful, only if applied or made as a part of life. It’s necessary to connect with oneself to connect with the laws of life. As the understanding of the mind increases and the capacity of the heart expands, the laws of life itself reveal to us.

The feelings and emotions are the bases of the laws. All the time, the heart knows how to respond to life. The situations and circumstances may happen at any time, but if we are connected to the heart, and have a habit of listening to the heart, then we can understand the signs, and can figure out the response for life.

Our response creates the future. The best way to respond is with the over-joyed heart. The inner emotions are either positive or negative. Practice to connect with your feelings and emotions, and respond to the situation accordingly.

Grow and Evolve with life.

We hold the perspective about life, that we cannot survive through life if we don’t have such and such things in our life. At the same time, we forget that, when we came to this earth, all the necessary things that were required for life, already existed on earth. All that was needed from our side was to look around.

We have all the things needed to exist on earth, and it will never get vanished. If for some reason, if we lack one thing, then it will be replaced by another. Outside life already exists, but to get more out of outside life, we need to look deep within, so that we can bring the best out of life.

When you Evolve, the life on Earth Evolves.

The life improves when you grow and evolve. The life on earth depends on human. When we bring the best out of our self, we add-on to life. The mind thinks either in a constructive or the destructive way. When we think good and do good, we attract the similar life for ourselves and everyone around us.

We all connect at some or the other level. When we look down at the history of humans, It’s evident that the life started on one continent, and the human started migrating from one continent to the other and thus life spread all over the world.

The life on this earth already exists in different forms invisible to us. When we touch the deeper aspects of our life, we see the invisible life in the form of imagination and work towards it to make it the part of our reality. The mind is part of the cosmic universe. You are the energy of this earth.

Your energy and vibrations decide the energy and vibrations of your environment.

The energy of the earth is always pure, but when we take our negative thoughts into the environment, we spoil and pollute our environment. We are responsible for everything that happens around us. The earth is the gift to the humans, and the only responsibility we have as an individual is to leave the world better than we have found.

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