Humans Hierarchy



In Humans hierarchy, God comes at the top, while the rest of us follow according to our understanding. The God is not some father figure sitting at the top or an image of an old man, running life on earth because our mind is capable of imagining only this much and nothing beyond. The only reason, the God is misunderstood, because our mind doesn’t conceive the true identity of God.

God is nowhere else, but the self in all of us, which can be experience, beyond the surface reality of the mind. The mind needs to open up to an extent, where the source of life beyond mind can be realized.

Mind conceive something, that has an image or picture, but the realization of self or God doesn’t happen into the imagination of the mind, but when the mind itself merge into the self, then for the first time, you realize God or self within.

We all associate our self, with the physical body. So we look and worship the God, in a physical form. As your understanding evolves with life, your understanding in relation to God too evolves with it, and you will only realize God, according to your understanding of the present moment.

Before we understand God, it is very important to figure out the true identity of our self.

When we talk about human’s hierarchy, then the hierarchy of the humans can only be decided out of their understanding in relation to nature. Either you come out of the heart or with the mind, the more you are connected with nature, more your heart or mind will be alive.

Mind and heart are not a different thing, but both are the different instrument to connect with one thing, that is nature.

The problem with life not that we don’t understand life, the real problem with life is what we understand in context with life and god is incorrect. Most gibberish about the life and god is the nuisance of the mind.

We already have enough idea, about life and god, that when the truth comes in front of us, it get difficult to drop, what we already know.

We don’t have any real base to what we know about life and god, rather we rely mostly on the past knowledge or lost information, but we are never habituated to get into the experience of things, to know the truth. 

It’s hard to digest this, but the truth from the past is only accepted if it goes according to our beliefs of the present moment. We always want to adjust everything according to our own understanding, but we never try to drop our false idea of life, to realize the truth.


We all are born with the soul. We all can relate our self with the physical body, breath, feelings, thoughts and imagination, but when it comes to the soul, the mind creates a doubt. The mind always doubts the soul, because mind exists in soul and soul doesn’t exist in the mind. The soul works through the mind, but the mind cannot work through the soul.

The soul knows the mind, but the mind cannot know the soul unless it experiences the soul within. You can only create space within the body, heart and mind to realize the soul. The soul is experienced at higher vibrations. If you already have lot many things stored inside, you cannot experience the soul.

The soul is realized, when you can absolutely empty yourself from inside. You just cannot hold to anything with life. You have to detach yourself with everything at the level of mind.

For the soul realized person, the mind itself gets dropped, as he starts understanding the process of mind.

Different thoughts of the Mind.

Life on the existence happens at the level of mind. The process of mind can only be understood, beyond the mind. The mind works on three levels. Higher thoughts, Middle thoughts and Lower thoughts.

In higher level thoughts, we think to serve others and be useful to others in every action. For e.g. Warren Buffet and Bill Clinton.

In the middle-level thoughts, we think more out of emotions, and try to look for the most win-win situation in life.

A Businessman who runs his business and takes care of his family is a fine e.g. of the middle level of thoughts.

In the lower level of thoughts, we are more concern for the pleasures of life, and all the action leads to a short term gain or little pleasures of life.

In the lower level of thoughts, the person is more interested in pleasures of life, such as food and drinks, looking for the physical pleasures, and ready to go to any extent, for the little pleasures of life.

In all these three level of thoughts, there is a different degree at each level of thoughts.

A Higher level of thoughts have a certain level of higher to a lower degree, so does the middle level of thoughts, and the same applies for the lower level.

A human thinks in a day, different types of thoughts, from higher to middle to lower kind of thoughts. But he attracts only into his life, where he puts his attention to and devote most of his time in a day.

The function of the mind is hard to recognize unless we spent some time religiously to work upon it. We all follow certain patterns of thoughts in a day, from higher to lower. In the morning time the mind is fresh, so the thoughts are of high quality and if we put this thought in use, the result starts reflecting in our life.

In the process of evolution, the mind expands and contract. When the mind expands, we move from lower to the middle to a higher level of thoughts.

Situations of Life.

The situations of life are nothing but the flow of thoughts, but the flow of thoughts comes at such a speed, that we don’t have time to provide a proper response, and we react and create the future situations, out of it. Most of the time reactions in life don’t bear fruitful result unless we have prepared for it in advance.

The thoughts in the mind work like a whirlpool. If you relax and chill out, the energy will move higher, out of the natural process, and will come up with the solution for the situation.

Know how your mind works and you will have the solutions, for all the problems of your life.

Surrender to receive the Response, for the Situation.

In day to day life, we come across the situation, more related to the middle level of thoughts, i.e. emotional. The best way to have the solution for life is to surrender to the situation. As soon as we surrender to the situation from within, the quality of thoughts moves to the higher level, to figure out the right solution for the situation.

Life doesn’t show up in a day, week or a month, but how we shape our life every moment, creates our life for the future.

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