How’s your Relationship with your Body?

How’s your Relationship with your Body?

This post was most recently updated on June 1st, 2020

When it comes to life, one thing that is most precious to you is your body. Not even your mind, but your body. It’s with the physical body you experience life. Life itself is not possible without the body. It’s only because of the physical body, the life as a whole holds a meaning.

Thus it’s very essential to have a close bonding with your body. You need to know your body, at every situation, event or experience of life. You experience life through sensation and this sensation is possible only because of the body.

All your health and happiness of life can only be found in your body. So the point is, how’s your relationship with your body?

Do you take care of your body, or you simply drag it through the process of life.

Your physical body holds all the mysteries of life. The time you make a deeper connection with your body and start spending time with it, you will amaze yourself with the fact, which otherwise will always remain hidden from you.

All the secrets of life are hidden inside your body. You don’t have to look anywhere else, rather make a strong connection with your body, and know your body so well from inside out, that all the secrets of life remain readily available to you.

You don’t have to study the cosmic universe, but all you have to do is to know your self from within, and all the cosmic principle’s of the universe will be readily available to you, inside.

Heal your body.

Do you want to know the secrets of healing your body?

The secret is, the time you make a conscious connection with your body, the healing process starts within the body. Your body needs attention just like any other relationship.

If you don’t make conscious connection with your body, you will never know, whats happening in your body, and you will go on living life with the ideas of your mind.

You have to come out of your mind, and consciously connect with the life that is happening inside. The process of healing starts with attention. It’s only your conscious attention that gathers all your inner energy at one point and starts the process of healing.

To heal yourself all you need is an attention to that specific part of your body. All your energy moves in that one direction and the healing process starts.

Every individual is a power house of spiritual energy. All he or she needs to learn is to guide that energy in a specific direction of his choice. But this can only be possible if you consciously choose to connect with yourself.

Running away from the present life will not solve the problem for you. When you bring your attention to your body, you connect with the life that is happening in the moment and thus develops the power to bring the real shift in life.

We have heard it many times, that it’s the mind that controls the body, but if you consciously connect with your bodily sensation from inside, you will notice that the functions of the body and mind work together in synchronization.

You cannot have a healthy body and an ill mind or a healthy mind but body full of illness.

Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy

The body and mind functions together and the way you take care of your body, you also develop equal amount of control over your mind.

When you make conscious connection with your body, it’s not only the mind that you develop control, but if you choose to move deeper within, you also hold the possibility to realize the spirit in the body.

The spirit, mind, and body work in synchronization. We live with the memories along with the individual identity of our mind. All our experiences of life remain limited to our memories as well as the idea that we hold for our individual identity of the mind.

This disconnects us from the actual reality of life. When we make conscious effort to connect with the life that is happening inside, we also realize the truth of life that is happening in the existence. No truth of life can ever remain hidden from you if you consciously make an effort to look for it.

Health is wealth.

All the real success with life can come with a healthy body. It’s only with the good health, you can enjoy every moment of life. No matter what you want to achieve in life, you need health. Without a healthy body, you just cannot contribute at any aspect of life. So to have any form of success, you have to start with the body.

When you begin the process of life with the body, you never fall short of life, but if you choose anything else over health, you will definitely fall short of life, sooner or later.

There are two things that can help you to make deeper bond with your body and serve you to know your body better. Physical exercise and healthy food habit. Watch out for the food you take on a daily basis. At-least stay aware of, what you take and how much you take on a daily basis.

Just a little awareness can help you to bring the necessary change in your food habits. Physical exercise is a need of the body. The way the food is the need of the body, in a similar way exercise too is a need of the body.

If you see the life of animals, they prefer long walk. Either it’s a pet or wild animal, they prefer walking. Taking a walk or choosing any form of exercise, allows you to engage your whole body, and activate the cells of every corner of your body.

Usually, our daily life patterns are such that we utilize our mind for the work, but when it comes to physical body, we only use it to fill in with the food. We don’t make any other use of the body except to fill our empty stomach. The natural life wants you to move.

If every day you spend 30 minutes for exercise, you will notice the drastic change in your life. You learn more about your body, as well as your digestive system.

The Run Walk Run Method

Making changes in your food habit and adding physical exercise into a daily routine can take your life altogether on a different level.

When you exercise, you also get to spend some time with yourself. These give you the space to introspect your life and you can observe the direction in which your life is moving.

In every religion, you will find the use of the physical body or exercise to reach to the state of self-realization.

To connect with the body is just not only the need to stay fit and healthy, but it’s also the core need of life. The process of self-realization initiates with the body. You have to come in contact with the body and to know yourself inside out before you reach the state of self-realization.

If you wish to rise above all your pain, suffering and miseries of life and wants to make most out of life, you have to consciously connect with your body and know every function of your body.

More you develop your relationship with your body, more you unlock the doors of bliss and wisdom for you, which you will find not anywhere else but inside.

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