How to Understand the Nature of the Mind?


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The mind is a big basket that accumulates everything from the impressions and experiences of the daily life and repeats and multiplies it thousand times to form the thoughts and imagination out of it.

You cannot control the nature of the mind, but you can understand the nature of the mind and only pick the things that seem essential for you for your life.

Remember, every individual has the same mind and the things that go on, in your head; the mind follows the same process in every individual. Likewise what goes in every individual’s head is the same, but space, where we all differs, is the choice.

The mind throws all the positive and negative thoughts in every person, but it depends on the individual what it chooses from his thought patterns.

You cannot stop the thoughts, but you can always pick the thoughts, by considering it consequences in advance.

When you spend time to understand your mind, slowly the nature of your mind begins to reveal to you.

The process of life is such that, our mind remains engaged in the outside life all the time, and thus when we try to understand life, we either looks at the outside life or the other people.

We never bothered to look inside our own head, but most of the time, we spend time in understanding the deeds of others. These somehow separate from realizing the truth of life. No matter how better you understand others, it will never serve you to realize the truth. To realize the truth, you have to move inward, in your own mind.

The best way to understand the nature of the mind is to observe. Observe not what’s happening outside but observe everything that is happening in your mind. You can become the observer of your mind, the way you observe the outside life. All it requires is a little practice.

There are many things that need to be understood before you move into the process to understand your mind. Understanding your mind is equivalent to understanding the life.

Once you understand your mind, nothing in this life remains for you to understand, and thus you cannot take the process lightly.

Understanding your mind takes everything out of you, and thus if you think, it’s something that can happen overnight, then in no time, you will move out of the process, and get engaged in the outside life.

The very important thing about the mind is everything that goes into your mind is absolute nonsense, and at any point of time if you choose to negate everything that exists in the mind, you are free to do so.

When you are ready to drop everything that goes in your head, only then you can experience the true nature of your mind.

The truth of the mind can only be known when you drop everything of your mind. The mind is not the only reality of life, but you also have something else that governs the life in you.

While the truth is, the nature of the mind too, is possible only because of that life energy exists in you. The process of life begins not with the mind, but from much deeper self. When you are ready to plunge beyond the nature of your mind, only then the truth of your mind will be visible to you.

The nature of the mind or the process of the mind is possible only because of the life energy in you. It’s only the movement of life energy that allows the process of thinking, imagination, judgments, ethics, moral and every activity of the mind to cultivate in you.

It’s important to know all these different nature of the mind, because once you know the internal functions of your mind, you can anytime separate yourself from the activities of your mind and participate with the thoughts or imagination out of choice.

When you even get into the process of understanding your mind, half of your problems will vanish from your life. The only problem that exists in the world is that we know everything about the world, but we have no clue about who we are.

From morning till evening we spend the whole day, in understanding the world, but we never bothered to understand the person, who lives and understand the world. The time you understand this truth of life, your life begins to transcend effortlessly.

Life is not about efforts, but life is all about understanding ourselves and living our truth. The outside life is not much of a problem, and simply going with the daily process of life, the outside life can get sorted out. It’s only because we are ignorant about ourselves, we go on assuming the problems, that doesn’t even exist in the outside world, and spend our lives solving them.

To understand the nature of your mind all you need is your inward attention. You don’t have to do anything but simply initiate your day, by observing everything that is happening inside of you.

Simply with the act of observing your inner world, you will learn to direct your mind inward. Before you reach to the space of your mind, it’s important to get familiar with the movement of breath and sensation and other things that function within the body.

You cannot directly jump to your mind, but slowly you have to move upward with the breathing process. It’s the process of breath that connects you with your mind.

Remember when you take your attention inward, and begin the process of understanding your mind, it’s not something else that understands your mind, but you are understanding your mind with the mind.

The mind that helps you to understand the outside life the same mind when directed inward, gives you the understanding about itself.

The true beauty of life can only be experienced by understanding oneself. The life is only lived in an illusion, without understanding the nature of the mind. The mind always lives in the past or the future or keeps you engaged in the thinking process or imagination.

You can never experience the truth of the moment or the ultimate truth of life, without realizing the truth of your mind.

The best practice to understand the mind is, as soon as you wake up, direct your attention inward and rather thinking or imaging about your day, precede your life with the inward attention.

Slowly your attention will move deeper and your understanding will grow more and more about life and your own mind. This is the real purpose of life and that every individual who walks this earth has to follow. This is the real goal of life that every person has to attain for him or herself.

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