How to structure your life?


Before we see how to form a structured life, let us understand how structured life looks like. The structured life is a life-style that holds an order, and that can be analyzed, evaluated and can be worked upon for the better.

When you observe your daily life-style, you will notice it’s just happening. You don’t have any control over it. It’s not having a synchronicity to it. It’s moving without any plan, and even if you have a plan, those plans are not in order. No aspect of your life seems to be in control.

The structured life can be easily noted down on a single piece of paper. While it could be readable; even necessary changes can be made to it.

To bring those changes to your life, first of all your life has to be a handy to you. You need to know where you are going with your life.

Structured life is a life with clarity.

We have a repetitive circle of life of which we are part of. You have the same seven days a week, and twelve months a year. If you observe the process of life carefully, you can consciously structure your life and make most out of it.

The life as a whole is a process and we have to create our own process to get closer to the process of life that works as a whole. 

I have mentioned few habits that you can add to your daily life that can help you to give structure to your life. This habit covers almost your whole day, and as you develop this habits into your day-to-day life, you will not only enhance your experiences in life rather you will have more control over your life.

Morning meditation.

The first habit that can give shape to your life is morning meditation. When you wake up in the morning you notice that your mind is a blank space. No matter what you did yesterday, the life gives you an opportunity to re-write your script of life.

The morning meditation is useful in receiving clarity of life. In the morning time, your life energy moves upward. When the energy moves upward, naturally your thoughts become more positive and your mind expands for imagination and visualization. In a way, you can foresee your future. The only catch is, you have to act throughout the day, to turn your subtle reality into a physical one.

The morning meditation is magical. It connects you with the eternal possibilities of life. If you think your life is not moving in any direction, take some time out in the morning, and develop your visualization power.

Try to look into your future. If you can see it, you can achieve it.

How do you want your future be like?

If something comes to your mind, don’t be afraid to act on it. There lies the key to your future life. It’s true that visualization allows you to foresee the future, but it’s always your actions that manifest your reality.

If you are not comfortable with meditation, you can play soft music and just be relaxed and be with yourself. If you like, you can close your eyes, or else keep it open. Don’t push your mind to think, rather allow the thoughts to come to you. Observe the thoughts. Let lose yourself. Free yourself from inside. Allow the life to flow naturally in you. Don’t try to control anything. Surrender yourself for those 20 to 30 minutes.

You can consciously visualize your ideal life. It will help you to expand your visualization power. Try to connect with the music. Enjoy the music. You will start feeling good. Enjoy those feelings. Dive deep into it. Experience the life in the moment. Connect with the life that is happening in the moment. This is it.

The meditation technique serves you to arrange your mind in order. Trust yourself and trust your mind. If your mind can imagine something, you have the power to manifest it into your reality. You have to believe it, before you experience it into your reality.

 The next thing that can help you to put your life in order is physical exercise.

Importance of Exercise.

The one thing that you will find in all the successful people is that they exercise. They take care of their body and mind. They all know this secret of life. If the body is good and the mind is good, anything is possible in life.

If you are at your peak health, you can achieve the impossible tasks and after the exercise, you notice the energy flows differently in you. Your thought process change, you start perceiving life differently and your approach becomes more positive towards life. All it requires is one hour of exercise each day.

Your body and mind structures your life. If you kick start your day, by taking care of your body and mind, you stay in control of yourself throughout the day.

The exercise can help you to channelize your energy in a specified direction. If you have a problem with the focus and attention, the physical exercise is the best remedy for it.

If you want to overcome fear or want to gain more strength, exercise is the way to it. All the solutions to your problems are available in your body and mind. All the work requires within and you see the result outside. There is no problem exists beyond you. If you are looking for the solution you will only find in you.

The physical exercise serves you to create balance with your body, mind and soul. When you start your day with exercise, you put your body, mind and soul in an order and that order follows throughout the day.

The people who are not into exercise or meditation gets easily influenced by the society or get distracted in the outside world. They have very less or limited control over their emotions. Physical exercise and morning meditation gives you complete control over your body and mind.

Physical exercise connects you with the self.

Learning to Read and Reading to Learn.

We all are born with a certain kind of beliefs. This belief comes to us from our surroundings, from our up-bringing, and from the people around us. It’s been said that, if you live with the lion, you behave like lion and if you think your life is that of a sheep, you might know the reason why.

You have to learn to look beyond your immediate environment. Learning is the most important key to life. It’s the learning that shapes our lives. When you learn, your mind expands to see more. When you see more, you learn to take a leap in your life.

The process of learning can give you a perspective of other person.

Learning to read doesn’t come naturally to everyone. You have to have an interest in knowing life beyond yourself. If you are satisfied with the self and with your surroundings, you will not look for the ways beyond the self, but if you think there is so much to know about life, it’s easier to dive into the process of learning.

We all have a choice every moment to either pick entertainment or learning, and most of us are habituated to pick the entertainment. Unless and until the learning becomes the priority in your life, it’s difficult to take that leap into your life.

Over the time you have build the identity in you. This identity makes you fall into the repetitive process of life. If your perspective becomes limited towards life it’s only because of your attachment with the identity. If you are ready to let go your identity, you can experience your life from a higher perspective.

Life needs understanding and this understanding comes to you when you stay open to the process of learning. Life teaches you through different ways but for that you have to stay open to life.

Develop healthy Eating habits.

In life everything you have to learn. You have to learn to eat healthy and balanced diet. When you are uneven with your eating habits, knowingly or unknowingly you torture your body. Your awareness in the moment depends on the quality of your diet. Healthier you eat, better is your awareness in the moment.

Any form of disease doesn’t pick you all of a sudden, but if you constantly abuse your body over the time, it leads to one or the other form of disease. Just not to avoid disease, but to make most out of the life in hands, it’s necessary to inculcate healthy and proportionate food habit.

Many of our mind problems are related to our uneven food habits.

The structured life comes out of balance and this balance has to be in all areas of our life. Your diet has to be in proportion. The idea is of conscious eating. You have to be conscious of what you put in.

Nowadays many people complain about insomnia or stress or depression in their lives. They don’t even realize that the food they take is directly impacting their body and mind. The stress or insomnia is not a problem, but the actual cause is, how you manage your body and mind.

If your body and mind is dis-balance, one or the other dis-ease is bound to occur and you can give as many names as you like. The solution is to move towards balanced and proportionate diet.

More you move towards proportionate eating habits, more you will experience the healthy body and mind.

Balance your personal and professional life.

When it comes to understanding people, the mantra, “Unity in diversity” has to be clear to you. Whether it’s your personal life or professional life, it comes down to relationship. When it comes to the relationship it’s all about managing your feelings and emotions, and not only that; but also understanding others emotion.

You need to have sense of the situation.

When somebody is angry, why he is angry, when somebody is sad, why he or she is sad?

If you can assess the situation in the moment, you can create fine balance between your personal and professional life.

The personal and professional life is all about individual relationship. Whenever you come across people, you have to give importance to individual relationship. Not the relationship tagged as father, mother, brother, sister or even customer or colleague, but person to person relationship.

When you learn to develop individual relationships with everyone around you, you will never fail at any aspect of your life.

The life is structured at all the different levels and the time you initiate the process at one level, slowly it shows the impact at other level. If you consciously excel at one area of your life, you see the possibilities in all different areas of your life, and here comes the point where you consciously design your life.

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