How to Stop Introspection and Start Observing Life?


No matter what happens to you in your life, there is only one person responsible and i.e. you.

To realize the truth of the above statement, you don’t need introspection rather you need to learn how to observe life.

What is the difference between introspection and observing life?

When you introspect any situation, event, person or any experiences of life, you always carry its pro’s and con’s in your mind. Both its pro’s and cons belong to you. This limits your understanding with the pro’s and con’s after introspection and you miss to see the truth of life.

At the same time, when you simply observe life, either outside or inside, you simply observe life, without interference. You don’t try to look for the pros and con’s rather you simply remain a witness to life.

When you play the role of an observer, your attention moves deeper and deeper within the self, and you slip at the level of mind, where no thoughts or ideas, or situations or any memories of the mind remains.

You experience the nothingness of the mind.

The mind has an empty space. When you observe life, from the empty space of the mind, you realize the absolute truth of life, both inside as well as outside.

Learning to Silence the Mind

Life is not limited to the thoughts and imagination rather life is very much possible, if you drop your thought process, and directly experience life.

All the illusions of life are carried by the memories of the mind. All your memories no matter how relevant it appears in the moment is a borrowed stuff from outside. Even the understanding you have about life too is borrowed from outside.

There are very few souls, who live with the spontaneity of life; rather everyone is busy chasing the tales of the mind.

The importance of the memories are no more than a signboard in the moment, but if you carry the signboard all the way to the destination, you simply miss to live the moment and burden yourself with the signboard all through the path.

Unless you know the truth of the mind, it limits you to your own ideas and beliefs of life, which has no relevance either with the absolute truth or with the natural process of life.

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The mind simply detaches you with the natural ways of life, and still, we believe everything of the mind, to experience life. On top of that, we make no effort to understand the nature of the mind that can lead us to the absolute truth; rather we go on living life that remains limited to our own ideas and beliefs of life.

Most of the memories of our mind are filled with our daily situations, events, and experiences of life. The same memories simply repeat the circle in our mind, in the form of thought process. To get ourselves free from the memories of the mind, we have to experience the state of mind, which is free from all the experiences and impressions of life.

With life, we have a choice. Everything that happens in our lives, knowingly or unknowingly attracted by us. You can shift your life in any direction at any moment and it all depends on your choice.

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This may not appear to be a big statement, but this shows your possibilities with life. When you experience life only in the outside world, it appears that everything is mystical and life just happens on its own.

When you take your attention inward and become an observer of your inner life, you will start to notice that, everything that has happened in your life, you had a major part to play in it, either consciously or unconsciously. You have absolute control over your life if you desired so.

We live our lives with little or no awareness. When we are unaware of what is happening in our inner world, we only live with the life that is happening outside, which is no more than the reflection of life that is happening inside.

To know life at the moment needs your presence. It’s your awareness at the moment that connects you with the true reality of life. With the truth, you don’t assume things; rather you see the truth, live the truth and become one with it.

To grow your awareness at the moment, you need to observe life. The simple act of observing life expands your mind. You see life with better clarity. The mind doesn’t expand with introspection, as it simply thinks and concludes his own experience; rather the mind expands with observing life.

The act of observing life happens with the mind. When you observe the outside life, you stay present in the moment, and the outside reality reveals its true nature. When you observe your inner world, you don’t get caught up in the experiences and impressions of the mind, rather you move deeper and deeper into the mind to know its truth.

All the activities of the mind take place in the mind. With the inner attention, you don’t indulge yourself with the activities of the mind; rather move deeper beyond the chaos of the mind, to experience its truth.

The Mind

The base of the mind is pure and free from all the memories and experiences and impressions of life. It’s only when you experience this space of the mind, you connect with the absolute truth of life.

If you remain engaged with the surface reality of the mind, you will always remain engaged at the surface level, and the truth of life will always remain far away from you.

When you consciously take your attention beyond the surface layer of the mind, negating all the activities of the mind, you come closer to the realization of truth.

Remember, when you take your attention inward, there is much more to explore that you can ever imagine in your life, and thus never stop but move deeper and deeper within the self, unless you reach at the end of the path.

At the end of your journey, you will not only realize the pure mind, but you will also realize the spirit in the body. The realization of the spirit will take you deeper to further realize the source of life within. With the source of life, you will realize everything that needs to be realized both within and outside.

All your introspection and memories of the mind will not take you to the end of the road, but a simple act of observing life both outside and within will serve you to realize the source of life within.

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