How to Solve Issues with Astrology Predictions?

How to Solve Issues with Astrology Predictions

This post was most recently updated on July 28th, 2020

A lot of people carry common misconceptions about astrology and the kind of practice it is. Most people either presume that astrology is a complete scam or feel like it is the sole savior in their lives.

Astrology is a practice that brings in both science and spirituality, taking inspiration and meaning from those beings around them.

In some aspects, it could be a purely belief based process; however, practiced astrologers can point out precisely the kind of life and opportunities or misfortunes that you could have.

Astrology, in reality, is not what people assume it to be, simply a study of the intricate movements and positions of celestial objects. With the grouping of stars, the birth of the zodiac concept came into place.

Experts, in loose terms, calculate and monitor the movement of the celestial bodies amidst these 12 zodiacs or constellations for astrology predictions.

What are the Zodiacs?

In Vedic astrology, there are 12 zodiacs or constellations that are spread across 12 different points on the horizon. These points are what people refer to as Bhavas or houses, which is a constant reference point. The movement of these Raashis or zodiacs from house to house along
with a ruling planet, which is also moving around, form strong influences in the physical and spiritual world.

The 12 raashis/zodiac are:

• Mesh – Aries
• Vrushabh – Taurus
• Mithun – Gemini
• Kark – Cancer
• Sinh – Leo
• Kanya – Virgo
• Tula – Libra
• Vrischik – Scorpio
• Dhanu – Sagittarius
• Makar – Capricorn

• Kumba – Aquarius
• Meen – Pieces

Where astrology can help?

Astrology acts as a tool to allow you to have awareness and a more comprehensive, grateful life. Astrology can be used to determine circumstances in many different aspects of life.

• Career – With the help of your birth chart, a thorough inspection of the 6th and 10th house will allow predictions based on career. More factors, including the lord of both houses, karaka of planets, nature of zodiac, Saturn’s prerogative, and career Dasha play a noticeable role in career.

•Marriage – Many aspects of marriage, including checking compatibility, checking for stable relationships, and so on, can be figured out with astrology. The 2nd, which deals with marriage and 7th house, which is the house of all relationships and their respective lords, is inspected along with the 8th and 5th house, which handles the length of a marriage and children. Dosha and Dasha bhukti are also considered.

• Health – In Vedic astrology, every house reflects one part of an individual or another. The 1st house reflects on the mind, the 2nd on the voice, the 3rd on arms and chest, the 4th on the heart, and so on. The 6th house and the ascendant are also highly susceptible to the maleficent effects of planets, which reflect on health. Even bad karma from past lives could lead to health issues.

Astrology can give you solutions and remedies to most aspects of life other than the above, like wealth, spirituality, growth, impact, and so on.

Especially in times of confusion, it’s always nice to have some form of clarity that you can get with these astrology predictions.

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