How to Serve the Need of the Moment?


We are into the process of life, where every moment has its needs. We have to serve the need of the moment. At the same time, we have experienced a part of life which is hovering into our mind in the form of memories and not only that our mind also knows how to dive into the future imagination, which is yet to come in our experience.

This sometimes makes the process of life difficult and we find it hard to take our life forward. In the midst of all the chaos of life, there is a way where we can find our path and constantly move forward taking care of everything that comes on our path.

The way is to serve the need of the moment. The past memories are already gone by and the future memories are yet to come in our experience, and so what remains at the moment is the need of the moment.

If we can take care of the need of the moment, we can serve the life as a whole because life too is happening in this moment and passing from moment to moment.

When you keep your mind to the moment and live to serve the need of the moment, you take your life from chaos to clarity.

You Can Live Your Life or It Will Live You

When you see the present life from the eyes of the past memories or future imagination, it’s difficult to read whats actually present in the moment. When you only keep your mind to the moment and focus to serve the need of the moment, it becomes easier to see the present situation with clarity and move forward with life.

At every situation, events or experiences of life we get into the position where we have to make some choices or decisions with our life.

At such situation, you cannot negate the past instances or future events which are yet to come, but when your mind is present in the moment, it gets easier to evaluate the present situation considering the past, present, and future and make necessary choice out of it for the moment.

When you make conscious choice with your life, you don’t have to think about it over and over again, rather once the choice is made, you can confidently move in the direction of its execution and accomplish the task at hand.

Many people make mistake to sort out their whole life in advance.

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The life doesn’t work that way. The future life comes out the present moment that means future is uncertain. It depends on your present action. How you deal with your present situation, will result into your future. If you try to sort out your whole life in advance, it will be extremely difficult to move forward in life.

Try to understand how life works?

In the universe, nothing happens all of a sudden, but everything is build up slowly with the time.

You don’t have to sort out your whole life in this moment, rather all you need to do is, take care of this moment and simply move to the next moment. This way you will never get stuck in the moment.

Life is easier to serve when your focus remains in the moment. The moment is never complicated, but when you try to figure out everything in advance, you always fall short of life. You don’t even judge the capacity of your mind, which couldn’t hold more than what exists in the moment.

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It’s good to have the far-sighted visions for life, but to serve that vision you have to accomplish the feat at the moment.

Many people have a bad habit to get engaged themselves into too many things, and when everything over-powers them, they simply lose control on themselves. These are the same people who like to do everything on their own and don’t trust people and life around them.

With life, action is required, but at the same time, you also know how to take a pause with life. After a whole week, you get that Sunday. That Sunday has to be that pause in your life. You can only have a pause if you trust life enough.

When you take a pause, you should allow the life around you and within you to let go and embrace the moment of life. Only then in true sense you will feel connected with the life that functions as whole.

When you let go the life around you and within you, you develop an altogether a different perspective towards life. The perspective that doesn’t hold any individual perception but the perspective which is free from all the individual biased.

Yes, you have the power to experience life without individual perspective. You can experience life by completely dropping yourself. It’s a spiritual experiment which is very easy to follow.

A Buddhist Perspective on Wholeness

It’s hard for the people to believe that life is possible without their individual identity they hold in their mind. At the same time, the people who can successfully drop their identity from their mind can experience the very truth of life. Their perception expands to view life and they see the things which otherwise get missed with the biased perspective.

The life can be experienced in its natural form if you drop your individual perspective. There is no need for you to cling to life or to the self, as life still continues without your clinging.

If you learn to drop yourself from within, you come across the life which is far beautiful in appearance and you notice the beauty out of things, people, situations or experience which could be easily missed from the individual perspective.

Life is a blissful experience, and you can free yourself from all the pain, sufferings or miseries of life but for that, you have to connect with the life that is happening in this moment. The beauty of life cannot only be enjoyed in stillness and but you also enjoy every moment of life by serving the need of the moment and living your life from moment to moment.

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