How to Realize your True Self?



By dropping everything.

If I have to realize my true self than which identity I am carrying within, and what’s in me that gives me an idea of truth?


Unless you look for something that is beyond your very identity you can never realize the truth for yourself. Each individual savors the idea of God, Nature, life, or something that is higher than him.

It can be a father figure, role model, inspiration or anyone he looks up to. It’s not necessary that you believe in God, but even if you can imagine, anyone on this earth, bigger than your personal identity than you are looking for nothing but the true self.

Ignorance never allows you to look for the highest truth within yourself. Your very identity about yourself always remains small. Each individual carries a small version of himself, in his mind, and the time, you look into the personality that has been created over the time, and it’s no surprise that the personality of your mind, has to be the tiny version of yourself.

Your personality of your mind has been developed out of the experiences and impressions of your life, while the true self, is part of the existence, without which, your so-called personality, cannot hold itself.

Have you ever noticed that the personality of your mind changes with every situation, events, experiences, impressions and with different people?

The only reason behind the changing personality is that it’s been created out of the external circumstances and whenever you experience the similar circumstances in the external world, your inner personality, has to mold itself, accordingly.

You cannot hold your entire personality in the moment, but your personality of your mind shows up, according to the external situation and experiences of your life. How Hardware (Physical Body), and Software (Mind) works in Humans?

You know, what allows you to hold your inner personality, within?


The true self is the truth, because there is nothing beyond it, to realize. You reach to an end. You experience something within you, beyond which there is nothing remains, for you to experience. The self-has nothing to do with your different experiences of life, and it doesn’t even change, with the changing situation, events or experience.

The self in you is complete in itself and is part of eternity, but to realize the self, you have to prepare yourself, to drop everything that you hold inside of your mind.

Remember, you never hold anything outside. There is no way, to hold anything in the external world. The only place, where you cling to things, is in your mind. Unless you understand the nature of your mind and the way, you cling to life; you can never become free from it.

The life’s circle is not happening outside but within you. The realization of self is important because unless you know, what the truth is, you simply take round and round, around the personality, that you have created within your mind.

You have the self that is eternal. Your personality is limited to the experiences and impressions of your daily living, from the time of your birth. Now, your daily living will simply repeat itself, around the acquired experiences and impressions of life. Even if you think to create something new, your creation too will be out of the experiences and impressions of the past.

With the realization of the self, you look at life from the perspective of past, present, and future. You not only look at life with the limited dimension, but your perception expands into the eternity. Your very idea of the self becomes eternal. You no longer hold the idea of yourself, that depicts your mind, but you experience the self, within you, which is beyond the grasp of the mind.

The realization of the self is an individual experience and cannot be borrowed or given by someone.

The Essence of Self-Realization

No other person can give you something that you already have. He can make you aware. He can remind you, about your true nature, but you are the one, who has to go through, the entire process within. The realization of the self is the journey within. It’s the journey from mind to no-mind state. Imagine yourself holding no personality of your own. Simply plain inside your mind.

Can you stand to that, within you, even for a moment?

If you can stand within you, without the acquired personality of your mind, you can take a leap to your true self. The self is realized only when you are ready to drop your acquired personality. The Journey from Personal Identity to True Self

It’s not possible, to realize the self and then drop the acquired personality. The acquired personality is an experience and impressions from the past.

The life is possible without the past. You can always have a fresh start with life, at any point. Each moment millions of children’s are born to have a fresh start with life.

Starting Over: Your Life Beyond Regrets

Do you think they know everything about life?

You too can become as fresh as they are, if you are ready to drop, the acquired personality from the past. Remember if you drop your personality, this doesn’t mean, you cannot make use of your past or the past gets completely wash out from your mind. It’s just that, when you look for the true self, your mind doesn’t get stuck with the repetitive cycle of the past, but looks ahead in the future.

You can still make use of the past, as and when needed, but when you make use of something, you become conscious of it, and you utilize the things, but you are not taken over by that thing. When you make use of your past, you consciously pick, what is necessary and simply move forward with life.

Your identity wants you to repeat the same experiences of life. It only picks the things that you have experienced in the past. If the things are possible in the past, you feel confident in the present moment, and if you failed with something in the past, you try to escape, just to avoid the failure.

The life is viewed absolutely different from the self. Your interest doesn’t lie in the consequence of the action, but you look for the process in everything. With life, everything holds the process. All the success with life is possible, out of the process.

The true self before getting into anything look for the process. It prepares the mind for the process and then runs the mind through the process. Once the process is completed, the true self doesn’t worry about the consequence but simply becomes still in itself.

After the realization of the self, you don’t lose your identity, and the identity still remains. What changes with the identity is the identification. The identity that identifies itself with the experiences and impressions of life begins to identify itself with the true self. You become what you identify with. Slowly and gradually, as you go through the process of life, your identity begins to shift towards the self, and the time comes, when no experience or impressions of life, can create a blueprint on the mind.

The identity of an individual is developed when the subtle thread of the spirit, comes in contact with the brain. The identity is not developed in the brain, but it’s developed in the mind when it comes in contact with the brain. Your identity remains, till the subtle thread of the spirit, works through the brain.

Out of the spiritual process, the subtle thread of the spirit completely detaches itself from the brain, heart, and body, and resides in the self. Your identity too sheds away with it, and the true self is the only thing that remains.

The whole life along with the personality and different experiences and impressions are made up, into your mind. How does your Mind Look Like?

The mind is different and the brain is different. The brain is the physical part of the body, while the mind is the space, where thoughts and imagination get formed. You also have the spirit in the body. When you realize the mind as a whole, it appears in the form of subtle clothing that covers the body from within. When the spirit

When the spirit connects with the physical body, it results into the sensation with the mind which is subtle clothing that lies in between the spirit and the main nerves system of the body.

With the spiritual practices, sages can detach the subtle thread of the spirit, along with the cloth of sensation, from the body and still remain in the body. At this time, the sage experiences the self, completely free from the personal identity, thoughts, and imagination of the mind.

With the spiritual practices, sages can detach the subtle thread of the spirit, along with the cloth of sensation, from the brain, heart, and body and still remain in the body. At this time, the sage experiences the self, completely free from the personal identity, thoughts, and imagination of the mind.

When the subtle thread of the spirit, along with the cloth of sensation, again enters the brain, heart, and body, the internal process of life, is known to the sages.

No Self, No Problem: Awakening to Our True Nature

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